Sunday, June 17, 2018


Our little science museum has a new dinosaur exhibit here for the summer so we had to check it out. It was really simply and Caroline loved it...once she went it. At first the noises were so loud and scary that she said she only wanted to look at the fossils. Eventually, she warmed up and loved the whole thing.

SOOOO excited.

The unsure moment.

APATASAURUS...her favorite dinosaur and she just talked to the dinosaurs.

This was super fun and she spent easily 20 minutes just making and making dinosaurs...I just wish there were more because we had to share! ha!

Jam Packed

This week went by so fast! My mom came up for part of the week before heading to my grandparents. She did two big fun things with Caroline and it was so nice to have some time with just Tucker. Caroline enjoyed some one on one attention and going to the zoo with my mom. 

Ben is officially a second year resident--and that feels so good. He has his schedule all set for this year and scheduled some --vacation days--haha! I feel somewhat adultish getting that calendared. This next week should be super busy because like 4 other residents are taking Step 3 and he is going to be the only one working. 

I got a few things accomplished this week--one was figuring out how to send pictures from my big camera over WiFi to my phone. Just wondering why it took me almost 10 months with the new camera to get it figured because it is THE BEST THING EVER. I played around with it this week. We paid off Tucker--haha! So that felt really good! He's paid for! There's just one medical bill we are waiting on but other than we are even! Totally adulting.

My skin has gotten worse and I got some new prescriptions to try before I start accutane next month.:/ 

Just excited for a busy week with two days of summer camp for Caroline!

Make up is now kept up high because this little girl sneaks off and "does her make up"... I have a few brushes that need some major cleaning.


Perfect park day! It was about 85 degrees and just perfect with a breeze. Caroline played and played. I'm a little bummed that it's supposed to rain all week--making getting the wiggles out pretty tricky.


We fixed her kitchen and she loved that it was down on the ground...made for the ultimate hiding spot when playing hide and go seek. Tucker and I would hide together and he would give away our hiding spot everytime ;) Caroline just was so tickled that he played too.

This boy had such a good week. He slept through the night a new time and the other nights just woke up one and quickly went back to sleep. Except last night. Tucker just wanted to chat.


Ninja baby and Caroline was super proud that grams braided her hair.

I cleaned out a random bin from our move last summer and found our Vicksburg map. Tucker was heartbroken we went without him.

SUMMER GRILLING at it's finest. I've gotten to the point that if Ben is grilling anything hot has to be cooked on the grill so I don't heat up the house at all. It's a win/win. Pork. Zucchini. Potatoes. And a fruit salad my mom made. Perfection.


Backyard time.

That belly is EVERYTHING.

Her zoo souvenir. Caroline has played with this for DAYS. I'm surprised that it survived this long but it's still going strong.

Rest time with grams.

Tucker just wiggled himself to sleep! Who knew babies did that?! Ha! He was moving and playing and then completely Tuckered out.

Reading with Grams. We have flown through this series. I'm excited to read through it again together and once Caroline is reading to have her go through it on her own.

Saying goodbye to grams.

My best helper.

LIVING for these sweet smiles.

Those cheeks! Ah! Tucker really has just the calmest and sweetest personality.

Cute girl.

Caroline...she is a hot mess when it comes to sleeping. One night was just had her fall asleep in our bed before taking her to her bed. 

Tummy time...he'd rather not...or sleep.

Pretty typical site.

We got a wagon for blueberry picking and some upcoming events, needless today that it is already super loved. It was the prettiest evening and we had a fun little walk around the neighborhood.

If we were going downhill...her arms were up in the air!

Such a pretty sunset--of course they are always better in person.


A few months ago I found this game on clearance for 3 dollars and thought for that much it could easily provide a little bit of fun. Caroline is obsessed! ha!

We went to Aiden's birthday party and it was so much fun! The hammock was the biggest hit with Caroline.

We got a few more books in the mail and she immediately flipped through them! The Princess in Black is a hit.

Father's Day caused lots of excitement around here. Caroline wanted Ben to open up his surprise ASAP. We framed a picture of Caroline and Tucker for him to take to work...just something simple!

2 months of Tucker Neil and we are all obsessed with this sweet boy.


Father's Day dinner--Steak, sweet potato fries, berry balsamic salad, and chocolate chip cookies--Ben's favorite things!

Skyping with family and Tucker wanted in on all of the action.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Preschool Scrapbook

I just want a digital record of Caroline Preschool Yearbook--it's not all of it...just a few gems that I absolutely loved. Her teacher had these books made up for EACH student plus a photo album with pictures that she took through the year. My photo loving heart just treasures these. Her little school had a playroom that they went too each week and they would totally transform the room including dressups--which are a what a lot of the pictures are from (and isn't that the most amazing thing ever?!). Ah! She had such a good year and we love her teacher and school so much. So grateful that we were able to get her in!

Also, every day before school we said the same little thing to start her day off right--and I want a record of that too. I'm debating on keeping it the same or doing something new for kindergarten! Either way, we said this every day in her preschool parking lot in the car pool line. She has the whole thing memorized and taught it to my mom and Ben's mom while they were taking her to school after Tucker was born. Hopefully she'll always remember and we've been saying this every morning at breakfast this summer. After not saying it a few days, I realized what a difference it made in how Caroline acted throughout the day...small and simple and something I love that Caroline and I do.

I am a child of God
I'm a leader
I'm a learner
I'm a listener
I'm a friend
I am brave
I am smart
I am kind
I am beautiful
I can make a difference
And I'm going to have the BEST DAY EVER!