Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February is so sweet.

Lately we've just been playing. Caroline playing with her castle for hours each day. It's funny to hear the stories she makes up and everything that she does for her princesses...they regularly get baths and occasionally go see the doctor for bandaids.

She looks so grown up!

Caroline is a morning lark so we often accomplish a lot before 9am. We washed the car a last Saturday morning and she loved it!

We drove my Air Force One. Since President Trump visits often we decided we might as well drive by and see the presidential airplane. He's visited a few weekends in a row. Weird fact: Mar-a-lago is across the street from the beach by this weird round about. And it's hidden by lots of bushes...so there's not much to really see and with how often.

Tower building all day. Every day.

Surviving stake conference

Usually it's Caroline attacking Ray...such good friends! 

In looooooove with this dressup!

Park date with friends

Magnatiles all morning

Ben surprised Caroline with a carriage to take her princesses to the ball. MAJOR hit.

I just love this girl! Caroline is looking so much older recently. It makes me so sad that she's growing up!!! She's so beautiful!

We met my friend Jessica and her husband Chase at WDW!

We even stayed the night...it was a real treat!

Turtle Talk with Crush

After riding Ariel and the rollercoaster (aka Barnstormer) we went and met Daisy and Minnie. Look at that girl...smiling for the camera!

On our way out we watched the Main Street USA performers...they sing songs from Enchanted...the best! Afterwards a few of them came up to Caroline and sang songs with her and chatted. It was so adorable and Caroline was just beaming.

On the way to the park the monorail was PACKED but on the way back to the car we had a whole section to ourselves.

These two are buddies...even when they aren't...hahaha!

We made it to Hollywood studios and Caroline needed a nap after telling everyone that the stormtroopers were the bad guys. The stormtroopers just march around and it was hilarious.

We went and watched the sneak peek of Beauty and the Beast---I can't wait! AND they had Emma Watson's dress from the movie...so beautiful.

On Saturday we cleaned the church. Totally shouldn't have been a big deal our building was trashed....literally. Trash everywhere. Poop in sanitary napkin bins (at least we are laughing about it now). I'll stop the details there. DOOZY, I tell you! It was really disappointing. However, the windows were super clean thanks to Caroline.

Pooh's House

Meeting Minnie. Seriously such a fun trip!

These stickers are seriously the coolest ever! We've played for hours ordering food...Caroline calls it "Be Our Guest"

I guess we need a silly selfie every once in a while ;)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Take me to the zoo!

Thank goodness for Monday's off! Well, this weekend was packed with fun but today's theme was still all about having lots and lots of fun. Or maybe distracting from match decisions and having to wait. We made a last minute plan to go back to our old stomping grounds and go to Zoo Miami! Ben and I have been talking about it for a few weeks...mainly because we go to the Palm Beach Zoo and I really miss our old zoo...so much about Miami I just miss. So we braved the crowds and went! It was such a perfect day...seriously. The animals were out and about. We fed giraffes. Caroline splashed. And we loved seeing all of the animals and checking out the changes at the zoo. If we ever vacation in Miami I tease Ben that we will have to go back to the zoo...because it really is THAT wonderful.

Ben took Caroline out for fro yo at the end of the day

Caroline was telling me "mama, I am peeking"

This gorilla was quite the sight!

So excited to feed the giraffe

I mean seriously. They are a pair.

And this was the coolest thing ever. It was super crowded so I went through the tunnel with Caroline.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Three Favorite...Cookbooks

We've had a busy week but I wanted to do a different post tonight because my brain is fried. 1:00 church just really takes all of our energy...and today was a busy one ha! I feel like most people know that I really love to cook...bake a little...and basically cookbooks, Williams Sonoma, and fun new places to try are my love language. Anyways, I just wanted to share some of my favorite cookbooks right now...because in five years I'll look back and want to crack these open again.


This cookbook is a total guilty pleasure. AND I LOVE this cookbook. I've read it front to cover multiple times and it oozes Chrissy Teigen from the writing from the photos--the food photography was spot.on. I really love that it focuses on savory items and there really is something for everyone. Favorites so far are the mac and cheese, dutch babies (cast iron makes them soooo much better), stovetop pork chops, rotochick chicken soup, and her BLTP sandwiches. 

But really. The mac and cheese is EVERYTHING.

I love Skinny Taste and I was super anticipating the release of this cookbook. It's cheaper at Costco...just FYI. There are so many recipes that I always have EVERYTHING for them so it's just my speed and my style. There are also fun new things to try like egg roll bowls, korean beef tacos (theeee best), and the magical toast combinations. The smoothie bowl was something else too. I love when authors throw in lots of variations with a recipe. Even though I'm afraid of blowing the top off of my instapot...we've been able to use it several times with a few recipes from this book.

This soup is the thing dreams are made of. It's like a cousin to broccoli and cheese soup and so yummy. I made it while Ben was out of town for interviews and would have leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day. I literally lived off of this!

The Dude Diet

This is the newest to my collection but I really love the tag line "Cleanish food for people who like to eat dirty". Every recipe screamed BEN so I had to get it...and it's a running joke that it is his first cookbook.  Ben tried the Cherry Garcia milkshake (I don't really like cherry garcia) and we made this amazing bean dip. There a few other things we tried that were amazing and I have several marked to try and a few up on deck for this week. Everything is pretty darn healthy and several fish recipes are in there that make me want to actually eat fish...so that's a really good thing right?!

I don't always have the ingredients for seven layer bean dip but I always have this stuff on hand.