Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cold Cold Go Away!

We are gearing up for Valentine's Day! We did a lot of Valentine activities this week. The weather still hasn't come around and we are seriously SO COLD ha! After living in Florida for four years I never realized how much I loved constant sunshine and warm weather...definitely miss that. This afternoon we had a light dusting of snow and the forecast for the week is pretty dreary. I've teased Ben that maybe we are meant to live by the beach in Florida after all. ;)

This is Ben's last week of work before taking a week off to study for boards. He's been super diligent about completing question sets every day for the past few weeks but he's ready to buckle down and get boards out of the way. 

Caroline. Oh, Caroline. I am so proud of her! She finished up her first round of swim classes and I love re watching videos of her swimming and seeing how confident and strong she has gotten in the water. The cold and rainy weather has been bumming her out--she wants to play outside but we just haven't been able to do that every day. She is so excited for baby boy to get here! I hope he knows how adored and anticipated he already is.

This was an art project that turned more into a free play thing-- shaving cream and paint and glitter work wonders all together.

Bedtime stories with dad

Jake's fiance has bangs and when Caroline saw this filter she said that she looked just like Natalie. We are so excited for them to get married this summer.

We've had a red bird that hangs out in our backyard and Caroline wanted to go see it. Of course it flew away as soon as she stepped outside but with a break in the rain a few minutes outside was just what this girl needed.

Caroline loves Wee Sing--80's kid song videos--and I watched them when I was little. Anyways, her favorite one "Sillyville"--the DVD totally quit working this week and she was totally bummed!

Fresh stop! I just love the way she is looking at Ben...and I wonder where she gets her goofy faces from! There was a stocker that stopped us and got Caroline samples of candy from the candy about a dream come true (well, Caroline really doesn't eat candy) but it was so nice of the worker to stop and chat.

One night it was thunderstorming so we let Caroline fall asleep in our room and then transferred her to back to her bed. I just loved walking in and seeing her asleep before getting ready for bed.

After helping put up a few piles of laundry Caroline said she was tired and made a little bed and tucked her self in. Sometimes I need a nap after laundry too! ha!

We were driving and Caroline went "look at those astronaut trees!" Poor palm trees have been so cold! These are just a few in town--and to think we lived somewhere with palm trees everywhere.

Making sugar cookies. I made up a small batch of dough---well, this was round two...after I used the wrong recipe and things just weren't working out. Caroline helped roll out and cut out a few shapes. I'm not eating sweets right now and Ben doesn't eat sweets and Caroline doesn't eat sweets. BUT here we are making cookies ha! That no one will eat!

Watching her cookies bake. 

Silly smiles while waiting for her cookies

All done---see...super small batch!

My favorite girl...and her crown obsession!

Friday night we decorated cookies with Ben home. Even though Caroline had it all covered herself. The plan was for me to frost and she sprinkled them--quote the team we made!

My cookie artist!

Last class of swim!

The got the kiddos in the big pool and had them swim and jump in and make it to the wall...Caroline was allllll about this! So glad we got her resigned up. 

Ben was on call this weekend so he couldn't make it...luckily he only had to go in Saturday and then spent the afternoon and evening studying too.

Getting her certificate from Ms Gay! This lady is the best cheerleader and teacher for these kiddos! Caroline learned so much from her...good thing we will see her again :)

After swim lessons Caroline came home and had two servings of chicken salad! Ha! She must have been hungry.

We got a new dresser that we are going to redo--and by we--BEN is going to redo. They went to Home Depot and Lowe's and Caroline came home with about 50 paint samples. I was so shocked at how many she selected...and she is quite serious about her paint samples.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Just Making It

What a week! I feel like we started out strong and then the end was just pure survival. But we are making it. Ben has boards at the end of this month so until February 26th we are pretty much in survival mode. He started a rotation in Terrell which is about an hour and a half lots of driving each day on top of lots of study time and early wake ups. We are just really thankful that his program provides a car for the longer commutes and gas money--win! I'm just a little jealous of all of the books Ben is going to go through (also thankful for some audible credits!)...but then I think about that drive and maybe I'm not so jealous.

I guess the funniest story of the week was Caroline accidentally flooding our bathroom. I was cleaning up dinner and Ben got her in the bath. We usually get clothes ready for the next day, move laundry along, and fold clothes too during this time. Ben looked away for like 20 seconds and in that 20 seconds Caroline put a bowl on her head (one for toys and rinsing her hair) and stuck her head under the faucet...water went EVERYWHERE. Ben wasn't too happy but I thought it was hilarious! So Ben was grumpy, Caroline was crying, and I was dying laughing. So we had all the emotions hanging out while we cleaned up the mess. Our rugs, towels, and floor all got cleaned--well, I'm calling the floor cleaned. Caroline was super upset because she made a mistake but it wasn't too big of a deal--she just can't do that again. 

And the pictures this week are all jumbled...meh! and I'm too tired to get them in order

Selfie sillies. Caroline took these before school one day and I loved finding them on my phone while she was at school. The best.


Ben had a few late nights (dinner with co residents and driving back from Terrell and switching cars) so in order for me to get my lesson done I needed about an hour Saturday morning by myself. I suggested he take her to Home Depot and they had so much fun. Glad Ben was able to squeeze this in before heading off to study. I got my lesson done and a few projects around the house. Caroline had swim lessons that afternoon so she had a full and busy day.

Crafting is her favorite. And my favorite--most days.

So in gospel doctrine we've had "You're a Poet Don't You Know It" sessions where we just write little poems about what we are learning. I found Ben's and I really love his family poem. For a doctor he does pretty well ;). It's one of my favorite things to do is gospel doctrine--people bear their testimonies is the best ways and it's way more relaxed than a regular testimony sharing time and everyone does a really phenomenal job or writing little poems. It seems silly but I figure it shakes things up from the regular hum drum of gospel doctrine.

We had some sun this week and I feel like Caroline spends more time in her playroom when there is sun streaming in. She plays and plays and plays in that room.

After school on Wednesday we went to the park and Caroline rode her bike. It was a gorgeous day and she hasn't had a lot of outside time because of how cold and rainy it has been. Totally looking forward to seeing her bike more this spring and summer.

Nothing better than a girl and her daddy snuggling up and reading books.

We beat the crows to the dollar store and picked up some Valentine decor and fun things. Caroline has been a "heart alien" all week. She even has a sweet little story about how her "heart alien" came to earth. So funny.

Thursday was gorgeous so we stopped by Sonic to play. Another little girl came and she and Caroline got along famously. This fancy Sonic is just the best. We could use a repeat of this weather!

Decorating with heart clings

After I did a back massage, Caroline needed one too. This little thing has been such a relief. It doesn't really make my back better but for a few minutes it feels ok. Caroline is a sympathetic little girl--her back hurts too!

Caroline makes the biggest messes but she is THE BEST at picking up. She's very thorough and fast and has been the best helper recently. She's always been a great helper but seeing her step up with taking care of her things has been awesome. If only she could stay 4 for forever!


Play doh time. In the summer the sunny afternoons are pretty brutal but this cloudy winter makes us appreciate the sun. I just loved how the sun was streaming in the windows and how content Caroline was just playing with playdoh. I think about our kitchen table and how it's really the center of our home all day--between meals, coloring, crafting, and's a busy little place in our home!

Walmart grocery fail this week. I was laughing so hard--is this for real?! The saddest pineapple ever. I stopped back by and returned this...we had a Sam's club trip coming up so I could pick up a pineapple there. Also mushy grapes...and we also got those at Sam's--the most delicious grapes we've had in a long time.
BUT Walmart pick up is still one of my favorite things ever.

Doing so letter work with some Valentine stamps. We did tot school and this year it's fun to pull out so activities and things that we did in the past and do them again. It makes all the work worth it. Caroline and I scrolled through pictures and it was really sweet to hear her talk about all the tot school activities that we did when she was two and three. We had lots of fun...and still do!

Sam's trip! Caroline loves the fig bars and they were on sale so we stocked up.

So we had a great week!

I'm doing pretty well--just still really bad lower back pain. I had my glucose test on Monday and Ben's program coordinator just gave him the day off. I had to do the test twice with Caroline and told my doctor I only wanted to do the 3 hour test because i hate that drink! She was totally ok with it but in order to get Caroline to and from school I needed so help...SO THANKFUL that Ben had off so I could start my test at 8 am and Caroline could get to school...and afterwards he got to study...lucky Ben ;)

We have a pretty long to do list for baby boy but we are slowly chipping away at it. Ben found a mamaroo for a super good deal so I'm really excited about that. Anyways, just surviving this month!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

S is for Smush and Sparkle

We were facetiming Madeline and Ray when Caroline ran up with a little box with a few bottles of glitter. AHHH!!! She somehow found a -highly controlled substance- in our house. Rather than hiding it away I decided to just roll with it. I feel like we have a pretty mess proof system with crafting and art stuff (thanks to old baking trays) so we did some letter work (this week is letter S at school) and made an experience out of it.

The first part of the project we squeezed paint onto paper
Then we grabbed some sheets of wax paper 
AND SMUSHED the paint all over the page
Total success

You can totally tell how awesome Caroline thinks this is from this picture. AND I love seeing the water colors in the background that she did this morning.

Deciding to add more color to her art.

Then we added "sparkle" which was adding all the glitter. I just used our water color trays to separate the glitters so she could just go to town.

Just a fun little art project to help...that also involved glitter. I'll have to pull the pictures from my phone and add them to this post later. BUT this was a total hit this afternoon!