Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's all setting in!

This week was a fun one! My mom left Tuesday and we were able to go on a morning date to see Beauty and the Beast. We've already started collecting boxes for our move and finalized a move date. Whoo hoo!!!! We have a few things we want to do before we leave Florida and now I'm really wanting all the playdates with our favorite friends.

Ben is finishing up his ER rotation which he actually likes a lot better than some of the other things he has done. He's been scheduled to work Sunday's but shows up in his scrubs. The shifts aren't too bad but ask us Thursday morning when he gets home around 8 am from his overnight shift. ALLLLLMOOOOST done. Just kidding and then there is a shelf exam...because it's not medical school without another mini step 1 test and then he can seriously graduate.

ANNNND we really have a hard time containing our excitement and jumping on top of the roof to let everyone know how seriously over the moon we are about moving to TEXAS!

Grams treated Caroline to some fun yogurt in between going to the park and the yarn store aka Michael's for a blanket that Grams is making for Caroline

Beauty and the Beast breakfast date. It was early! But lots of fun to see a movie and then having the rest of the day left.

Caroline is very much into making smoooovies for us. And each night she's had everything setup for the morning to make smoothies. Nothing like a ketchup and mustard smoothie with some plums to start your day!

I've had a helper with some of my tpt stuff this week--and she's the best helper around!

We went to Barnes and Noble to collect some boxes and the person putting them outside to come back in an hour for more---so we did! Caroline loves the silly character books and said that she didn't need to put this back up on the shelf because she was going to read it over and over and over again. Thank you Barnes and Noble for the boxes and a community college for some awesome bigger text book boxes.

I just cannot keep my heart from exploding with her little hand on her sweet cheek and those big blue eyes. ah! I love this little girl!

Dishwasher pods were on sale at Costco but after Caroline picked up a few things it wasn't much of a sale. Ha! 

New favorite thing is to color and watch youtube videos of drawing and play doh creations.

We went to the dollar store to pick up some notebooks for drawing---we are all out! Caroline saw this wand and asked so sweetly for it. However Ben and I have gotten more use out of this because Caroline wants us to turn her into different things and animals. So we've just been laughing and practicing our magic!

When I was getting ready this morning she just sat and read books on our bed

Third hour of primary has not been Caroline's strong suite...she ends up on the ground moaning that she's tired and wants to go to her room. She hates naps and being in her room...meaning that primary is a struuuuuuuggle. To be honest, at 3:00 when we are still at church I feel like moaning and going to my bed too. This week we had a sweet surprise and talked allllllll weeeeeek looooong about being happy to go to sharing time, not crying, sitting, and singing. AND it worked! She did such a good job and Sister Hansen sent me several messages about how wonderful she did today. Hooray Caroline!

I had a good makeup day even though the lipstain I tested out was a lotttt darker than I thought and my hair was curly and not crazy.

See...Primary was a smashing success this week. A little bummed that it's conference this next week because Caroline already told us how excited she was to go to primary again! Thank goodness for Sister Lieber and Sister Hansen for loving her and being so patient with her. And thank goodness I'm not in primary hahahaha!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Three favorite...Caroline things

I really really really love three! Caroline has been a lot of fun and I wanted to snapshot three of her favorite things right now.

Owl Blanket
This blanket was made by Ben's sister (EMMA!) and after visiting when Caroline was little owl blanket became hers and we can't leave the house without it. Talk about a well loved's made many trips to to Disney, Texas, and a few to Utah. When Caroline doesn't feel good it's the number one thing she has to have...well, and its' the number one thing she has to have every night.

Sweeping Dootie (Sleeping Beauty)
This is the one little person that if it is ever lost we are in heap of trouble--not all little people are the same. Sweeping Dootie is the most popular toy of Caroline's and she does just about everything with us during the day. When I was pregnant with Caroline I had the dream about a little girl with bright blue eyes and blonde/brown hair that had beautiful curls and then we were told we were having a boy. I was so disappointed because I knew I was having a girl, I dreamed this amazing dream about a beautiful little girl after all. Then at the next ultrasound the tech was like "Oh, your little girl is so precious!" ????????? What?????? Cue me being soooooo soooo happy and Ben feeling like he got hit by a pink 18-wheeler. Anyways, after Caroline was born always sang "Once Upon A Dream" because I felt like I met her in a dream! I still hum it to her when she's still and snuggly but those times are pretty rare. It's silly but Sleeping Beauty means a lot to us.

Pink Zebra
This is new but Caroline has always been obsessed with zebras. She has a small collection in her toy bin and is always drawn to them. AND she always requests to see zebras at the zoo...and ours has none. BUT Caldwell Zoo we are coming for you and your zebras!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017


We matched and we are headed to TEXAS!!!
Ben will begin PSYCH Residency at the University of Texas in Tyler starting this SUMMER!
WE are so so so so so excited about our next ADVENTURE!

A few blogposts back I caught up on our Texas adventures and one of them was about visiting Tyler.
We loved Tyler when we visited and the more we thought about what we wanted in a residency program and in a place to live we kept coming back to Tyler. I instantly felt at home because it reminded me of my grandparent's with the tall trees and hilly roads and it has a small town feel but still has a Target ;) AND Ben was super excited to interview because it's part of the UT system because several of the faculty are from they knew him! He had a great interview and wanted to bring us to Tyler so we went up! 

Easily it climbed it's way to the top of our list and Ben has been searching for houses (just to get an idea of what's available) since January because we were so convinced it was the place for us. There were other programs that we loved but we always talk about Tyler. So we are thrilled.

Match Day was lots of fun. We are pretty low key people but opted to participate in he schools Match Day. We ran into friends and it was so exciting to see where Ben's classmates open up and announce where they were matched. We were totally at the end of the program and once Ben read his match was hustled out of Miami to beat Friday/St.Patrick's Day/Beginning of Spring Break traffic. We are soooo glad we went and got the surprise of finding out where we matched.

After a lunch/dinner at Cheesecake Factory--Caroline kind of dictates where we go because #corndogsandfries--and a stop to pick up a million dollar balloon for being the best three year old ever we made it home. And we are so so so happy to be headed to Tyler!

Hooray! We are so happy to have matched!

This balloon is equal in price to two half gallons of blue bell. ha! 

Keeping it real on match day

So pleased!

A bag of snacks and tricks!

It was a little loud at the beginning but towards the end as people left it was significantly quieter ha!

My girl!

Daddy and his girl!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Take me to disney one more time!

Because we really love heading to Disneyworld...because we can!
We had a fastpass for Pirates but the ride was closed so instead we went to do Enchanted Tales with Belle. It was absolutely adorable and at the end of the experience Caroline had her little people Belle and got to meet Belle. She was definitely entranced.

Waiting for breakfast with Pooh!

We woke up really early and Ben took Caroline on a walk before heading to the parks

Riding the can't get us there fast enough

All of the animal pictures are ones that Caroline requested I they aren't the best quality but I've got to post a few of the to the blog

It was my favorite safari ride that we've done! The sky was beautiful and the animals were super active. The giraffes were walking around and the lions were out where we could see them.

We are crazy about dinosaurs!

We had high hopes for finding Nemo but then the show was cancelled--maybe we will catch it some other time! Animal Kingdom was pretty empty so we were able to see and do a few things that we don't normally get to do.

Our Mickey Room! It was a real treat to stay overnight in our mickey room. Caroline absolutely loves staying over night and she showed Ben the ropes. We spent the morning at Magic Kingdom and left after we used our fast passes. It was a perfect trip to one of our favorite places.