Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tulips and Two Lips

Every Wednesday is date night. This week I actually took a half day off on Wednesday so it became a date day! Ben and I went and got my wedding dress altered (he didn't get to peek though), went to Panda Express, and then I took a much needed 3 hour nap. After I woke up, Ben came over to our little apartment and we decided to go to either The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point or the Tulip Festival. We opted for the Tulip Festival because it only runs for 2 or 3 weeks each year. The flowers were phenomenal--even better than last year! 

Pretty, pretty!


Mr. Van Leeuwen and the future Mrs. Van Leeuwen


The rolling hill. How awesome would it be to roll down? Pretty awesome.

  View from the top

 Lace in the sky

 The beginnings of a garden with sculptures of Christ.
I want to see the finished product because it will be absolutely gorgeous.

 Ben was impressed with the rumbling waterfalls. When we walked over a bridge we could feel the water moving beneath our feet!

2 moose, mooses, or meese
I get to marry this guy in 40 days

 Love the yellow flowers!

After the tulip festival we went to The Blue Lemon, one of our favorite places. This time however, we just got dessert. A sugar cookie and a vanilla wafer cupcake. From the picture, you can see,
 we devoured them both.


That's all folks!
(for now)