Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I have to do a little celebration jig...


Ben and I have only 100 thank you notes left to write! 

ONLY 100! 

Every time we do laundry at the laundromat, I sit a plug away at the thank you notes. It's fun to look back at all the gifts that we have received and friends that we were able to see at the wedding and reception down in Texas. We are so grateful for all of the support from family and friends. What a great summer we've had! 

The Bear Lake Monster

After the Van Leeuwen camping trip it was time for a fantastic family vacation. Ben and I drove up to Bear Lake to meet his family at the cabin. Sadly, we got there and did not have the address and there was no cell phone service. So we were able to drive around Garden City and explore. Luckily the cell towers aligned and we were able to get the address of the cabin.

We loved it! Amanda catered just about every meal and we were able to enjoy the lake. I had been there before but during April--when the lake is cold and just pretty to look at. The water was perfect and we found the best beach. Ben has decided that someday we'll get a boat. I'm looking forward to that someday and living somewhere with lots of water!

The view from the cabin. Could not get enough of this. On Tuesday, next week, I'll definitely wish I was here. (Ahhh! School starts next week!)

The prettiest water. Thank you Bear Lake for being so perfect.

B-squared on the boat!

Brave Emma-she was a fearless tuber.

Tubing fun! Again, another flash back to my girl's camp days. I think every girl that went to Camp Liahona loved going on Bishop Hope's boat. He was my bishop and would mistakingly let the girl's from his own ward go tubing more than once. I had so much fun doing this again!

Matt flipping over! 

Cathy was smiling the whole time!

Oh, Matt! After tubing for a while, we all decided that we just wanted to swim in the middle of the lake, so we all jumped off and enjoyed the cold water and worked on our sunburns.

It was so nice to float in the lake--life jackets are the way to go. In some spots it's 200 feet deep.

While Neil was tubing, Ben got to drive the boat. He really liked it!

Looking out on the lake

After spending the morning out on the boat. I took a nap on the shore. Thank you Ben for documenting this :)

Emma, Spencer, and Matt built an epic sandcastle with some lake friends.

We stopped at La Beau's to get their fresh raspberry shakes. I could use one of those right now. It's a cute little stop that also has very delicious burgers and onion rings. Can't go wrong here.

I had to take a lick before I could get a picture. You can actually see the raspberries!

One night we had a grilled pizza bar. An ultimate summer meal! Amanda blogged about our other yummy meals too.

Jake enjoyed his pizza and I enjoyed him sitting by me at dinner! Oh, and this picture of him smiling!

Baby Joseph hung out with us too! He is getting so big and is quite the charmer.

Ben and I would have no problem going back to Bear Lake. We also enjoyed the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, a game or two of Bang or Putsy, and I also got to make raspberry bread pudding--the Kneader's raspberry bread pudding. It was so delicious. And now that I know that almost 2 quarts of whipping cream I don't know if I will ever buy it again--but oh, boy, with fresh Bear Lake raspberries it was the best way to end our trip. Ben and I drove back to Provo and took a long nap to recover from our marathon of trips.

Oh, July, Where Did You Go?

The second half of July too fast. We literally hit the ground running again after we got back to Provo.

1st- The Van Leeuwen Family Camping/Cabin trip

The entire Van Leeuwen family gather up at a campground close to Heber. We were snuggled up in the mountains. So snuggled we had zero bars on our phones. It was so nice to disconnect and hang out. We talked a lot, stayed up much too late, and played lots of games. I love Bang and the new game Putsy--I feel like it's the cool thing to do in the Van Leeuwen family. We also went on a ropes challenge course (felt like I was back at girl's camp) and went on a mini hiking jaunt with Megan and Bryant.

I love this goofy face!

Watching the deer around the campsite.

 Megan and Bryant. 

Cathy and Sarah Jane. Love this picture!

On our walk.

Playing putsy!

Cards and rules--it's all you need.

Amanda and David came on their hiatus from BYU-I. Baby Joseph is so cute!

McCall and Aubrey also came up on Saturday morning. My favorite girl's to hang out with.