Saturday, October 20, 2012

If you want FREE Red Robin, just go with us

We love Red Robin, it's probably one of Ben's favorite places to go. We frequent this yummy eatery about every other month and when we go we are usually celebrating something. With that being said, we have the best luck (or worst luck) there sometimes because we have received two free appetizers--here's how you do it:

Incident #1: August 2012 Provo Location
To commemorate the end of the first week of school we went to Red Robin. Feeling good about our survival and our monthly budget we ordered an appetizer---we NEVER do this. We also ordered food and waters and were patiently waiting for our food to arrive. Our burgers came first and I guess we had a really confused look on our face. The waitress who brought our food was not our originally assigned waitress. She asked us if it looked okay. We told her that it did but we had ordered an appetizer and we hadn't received it yet. She went to check and brought it out. However, she said that since we did not get to enjoy our appetizer as our 'appetizer' it was free! Totally awesome!

Incident #2: October 19, 2012 Jordan Location
We arrive at Red Robin and wait for five minutes. We get to our seats and the arrangement looks like this:
Old lady               Beth                SOMEREALLYBIGFAMILYTHATISLOUDEATINGFOOD
Old man               Ben                 SAMEREALLYLOUDANDBIGFAMILYSOMANYPEOPLE
Chair                    Chair                  Chair    Chair    Chair    Chair    Chair    Chair    Chair     Chair

So we were seated between two parties. No one seemed to notice that we had been seated. The old man and lady couple beside us even offered to trip a waiter to get them to stop and look at us. The managers even walked by us twice! Still no service. We waited for 20 minutes before someone even noticed us. 20 minutes! There were parties seated after us that had drinks, their order taken, and their food. We just watched them and the clock. We were so hungry too--it was about 8:00 at night and we were heading up to Ben's parents home for the weekend--and very thirsty.

Finally a waiter came by and we could tell that he thought we were going to be mad customers. He asked us how long we had waited and apologized a lot. The waiter felt so bad and gave us another free appetizer and let us try different lemonades because we had to wait too long. After that, the service was awesome and the manager was also waiting our table too--our drinks were never empty for the rest of the night.

So, we have learned that Red Robin really cares about their customers and also that we are pro's at getting free things! Just let us know when you want to go with us! We also have similar luck at Kneader's too!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

I have always wanted to go to an real pumpkin patch and get a round, fat, and bright orange pumpkin of my very own for my porch. Today, I was very surprised to come home for work and have my husband let me set my school stuff down and then rush me back outside. Ben kept saying we were going on a field trip. We ended up at a cute little patch. We found our perfect pumpkin and brought it home!

Ben was the actual finder. He spotted it on the other side of the field and picked it up so I could approve it. Look at how orange it is!

Pumpkin success!

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yeah, the band was that cool

Last week, Jake had a band competition at BYU. It was so cool to watch his band march and remember ingwhat being in the marching band is all about. After all of the high school performed the BYU band put on quite the show...fireworks and all! Ben and I were quite impressed. Who know marching band and pyrotechnics went so well together?!? It was a great show and a great night out!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blown Away

Right now life is pretty crazy. I spend everyday with 34 children and Ben is swamped with 18 credits and interviews. However, as crazy as it is, we always find time to have fun. This week at school one of my students asked me "When do we get to meet Ben?" I just told her hopefully in January. She asked why they would have to wait so long. I then went through Ben's schedule. "He has class until 6 every Monday, Tuesday's he is on campus until 7, Wednesday's and Thursday's he's home at five, and Friday's he gets home at 6 from his mowing job." Then, my student just said "So, you don't see him very much at all and you're married!" I laughed and she laughed. I do miss my husband a lot. He works incredibly hard and tries to keep school stuff at school so we can do things together in the evenings. I absolutely love every minute that I get to spend with him. Here are some of our adventures:

We often go up to Ben's parents house in Kaysville. There was a fantastic display of a double rainbow. 

I had never picked apples before. But we were given the job of picking apples off the tree in the backyard because it was bending over. Way fun!

I got a haircut--6 inches! Ben did too--but just a few centimeters! 

Sometimes we struggle to keep up our windowboxes. But with fall here Ben and I spent a Saturday morning sprucing up the yard. These mums just make me smile!

We got a new lamp and this was our receipt! I wish I could always save this much money every time we shopped. Ben and I are great bargain shoppers.

This is our picture wall in our home! I love it. Ben was super good about putting it up. I couldn't have done it without him. Also, there's our new lamp!

In the middle of September we went to the Utah State Fair. It was one of those things that I feel like everyone goes to and raves about. I'm glad that I went but it's something I don't feel like I need to do again. I had a really bad headache so unfortunately this was one of the only pictures that we took. It was really fun to look at the animals. We saw a 2,000 pound steer--it was huge. I also never realized how fluffy some steers are. The pigs were absolutely disgusting. I told Ben we would neven hang out with pigs again until we have kids. Also, we went to an auction--I had never been before but it was really just a crazy as it is on tv.

There was a science center at the fair and Ben realized how electrifying he was!

The last weekend in September I took a Thursday and Friday off of school. We drove to Oregon to visit with my friend Emily and her husband Kurt. Thursday we drove to Boise and then the rest of the way to Stayton, Oregon on Friday. It was quite picturesque once we got to Oregon. There were trees everywhere. Also, Kurt and Emily now own a J. Dawg-ish hot dog place in Corvalis. I enjoyed visiting their business and a eating a delicious hot dog! Thanks to Emily and Kurt for letting us stay there. Sunday we drove the whole way from Oregon to Utah--it reminded us of our summer roadtrip.


Emily took us down a backroad that was literally like a rollercoaster. Not sure if I would drive down it again...but it was quite the ride! Ben really had fun testing his car out on this road. I think he would drive back just to do it again.

I went to my first real concert! Ben left to go to two interviews in Iowa and Missouri but he did leave me with one ticket to go see Carrie Underwood. He's clearly a very awesome husband. That lady is the real deal and is great live. She really knows how to put on a good show...look at the crowd! When Ben asked me how it went I told him "She sounds the same in person!" There wasn't much change from all of her songs on the radio.

I met up with Lauren. We went to Chipotle beforehand and browsed through DSW before we went to the Maverick Center. We learned to get there early. For part of the concert we were waiting on 215. Lesson learned for the most definite next time! We missed Hunter Hayes but arrived just in time for Carrie Underwood to begin. I always thought that I would spend the entire time standing at a concert. After working, all day I was a little tired of being on my feet, and worried a little about the concert. However, we were able to sit most of the time and enjoy the show. 

In the middle of the concert, the stage floated up above the cool?!? I don't know how she did it. Singing and Swinging about a crowd. It was totally awesome though. I really liked her Duet with Brad Paisley---they made it seem like he was there.

Every part of the show was amazing. Especially the finale--Blown Away! There was smoke and confetti flying all by the stage. I would totally go to another concert! I was even home by midnight and got to talk to my husband before a he went to sleep. I miss him but I am sure enjoying Fall Break. I have been able to organize our cute little apartment.

I finally found a place for all of our cool kitchen things and then we got a Bed, Bath, and Beyond package in the mail. Oh, well! It was a great surprise!

That's a list of our adventures!