Sunday, November 18, 2012


Ben has a fabulous family. His uncle, Joe, is a potter. He teaches pottery at a high school and also makes pots that have appeared in church movies--so cool! Sometimes Joe hosts pottery nights where you can throw clay around a potter's wheel and we are hoping to go to one soon. This weekend, Joe hosted a pottery show at his house with lots of pots, cool cups, bowls, and spoon rests. I was so amazed with his talent. Also, Julie, made the most delicious brownies ever.

He had shelves of canisters, vases, and teapots.

Ben found his chalice! Wouldn't it be fun to have a set of those at the dinner table? I feel like we would need to have a medieval feast!

Joe and Julie let us pick out a pot of our own as a wedding gift. Joe told us a story about this pot and told us that this was one of the newest of his creations. I love birds and so we picked out this sleek and cool vase. I really like the two white birds at the top.

This pot cost two months worth of rent for us. Holy Cow! It was incredible and unique. We called it the curly vase. But it could probably hold a human.

We also walked away with a few other Christmas gifts and a new spoon rest for our stove top. We have one but I always feel like we need another one.

Monday, November 5, 2012

25 Blows

This is a much belated blogpost and I have to apologize because I wrote it when I was still under the influence of meds :)

This weekend Ben and I celebrated my 25th birthday. It started out pretty rough. Basically for some reason my nose and throat completely freaked out. That's why my birthday blew, in one way. Ben had planned to go up and stay in Park City but because of my inability to function we postponed our plans. However, Saturday, was great. I woke up very tired and woozy but to pancakes and eggs in bed! A dream come true. Then I opened up packages from my mom and Ben. Around 12:30 Ben got really antsy and insisted that I get out of the house. So we went to his parents where we ate the bday cake that he made me. I blew out my 25 candles! Also, I opened my gift from Ben's family which was a super cute camera bag that I wanted. I loved spending some time with them. After that, we went to City Creek where Ben treated me to Cheesecake Factory. We also stopped by Scheel's and it was quite the experience. Sunday--I was completely worn out from the day before and very tired but happy that I have a wonderful husband, an awesome mom, the best in-laws who all helped to make my birthday great!

Ben wrapped up a large pile of presents. He did such a good job! Each present was definitely a Ben gift. He notices little things that I need, like a soup cup, or a movie, or a cookbook. It was so fun to see him excited about my birthday. He is the cutest!

Cathy and Neil got me a camera bag that I have been wanting for almost two years! Love it! Also, it was fun to celebrate my birthday with them!

Ben and I went to City Creek and had a discussion about bathroom design. City Creek was nice enough to give us women a nice shelf for things. However, why would anyone take a drink into the bathroom? Ben couldn't believe that I took this picture, but I had a point to prove.

Cheesecake Factory for dinner...yum! It was such a treat to go with my husband. You can't go wrong with the chicken stuffed tortillas. Delish!

Ben really wanted to stop at Scheel's and I have to admit I was really curious. I heard about the aquariums and the ferris wheel.

How crazy is that? Also, I tried on a pair of FRYE boots, let's just say they are $300 dollars worth of comfort and beauty. After wanting those boots for 3 years I decided to try on a pair to make sure they were worth wishing for. Saving up my nickels and dimes for those boots and I'm one step closer to becoming like the The Pioneer Woman.

Brown paper packages wrapped in cupcake tape! My Mom is the best! I loved the packages and card that she sent. One package had a Pier 1 theme! Love that store and glad that my mom shops there for me!

I love "All About You Packages! Mom added to my Pandora collection. 

One package she stuffed every wal-mart, hobby lobby, and kroger bag she owned to get the contents to me safely! She sent me a pie basket from Longaberger. Now I just need to make a pie so I can utilize it.

My Husband made his first cake ever! And it was delicious. Loved that it was double layered and covered in sprinkles!

Sunday to Tuesday Ben left me for Miami. Seriously should have gone with him. However, after being sick, I naturally started to rearrange our living room. Together, we have quite the collection of books and movies. Our home is always a work in progress.

I went to pick Ben up at the airport and had some flashbacks to my BYU Guest Services job. I have made many a trip to the airport but this time I was picking up my favorite person!

This Halloween, I went witchy. It was so fun and I was able to prance around my classroom in a tutu again. If I could wear it everyday, I would. Halloween was great and ended with a cruise down the river! However, that is probably a post in itself!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Ben and I are taking full advantage of fall! We have been consuming a lot of pumpkin this week.

Case #1: Ben finally got back home late Tuesday night. Wednesday, I was talking to my mom on the phone about how I needed to make dinner. And then I had a stroke of genius...pumpkin cookies = the best dinner ever. So I made the simple can of pumpkin plus a yellow cake mix. Talk about delicious. Then Ben came home. I informed him that I made dinner. PUMPKIN COOKIES. He started laughing so hard and then we made dinner together.

Case #2: This event...Ben does not know about. So, I will confess via blog. I went to Sam's Club and of course it was Sample Saturday and they had out their delicious pumpkin pie. Oops. Consumed.

Case #3: One of my students is on a baseball team and they are going on some big trip. Therefore, they are having a fundraiser of pumpkin pies. So I supported his team and our pumpkin addiction.

Case #4: Ben loves Dairy Queen for the sheer, simple fact that they have pumpkin shakes in the fall. Thanks to the Pioneer Woman, we made pumpkin shakes tonight and devoured them. And they had crumbled graham crackers on top--the cinnamon kind.

Basically, I married the right guy because he loves pumpkin just as much as I do. That's not the only reason but something that I love about us. We will probably consume a few more cans of pumpkin before fall is over. We are both looking forward to Thanksgiving break and Ben in almost done with school!