Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Well. Our Christmas is the most exciting ever. On our way to Houston, Ben got violently ill on the plane. I've never seen someone so sick in my life. He was shaking, vomiting, and breathing really hard. We had an awesome flight attendant that helped us out so much. Once we landed in LA Ben wanted to keep going but I told him no way. I told the flight
attendants to call the medics and 30 minutes later we were in an ambulance to the hospital. They stopped LA Friday night traffic for this boy. We spent the night in the er and we have been in the icu since. Please pray that Ben can get out soon.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Now the my camera is working again, I feel like I have lots of blogging to do. At the end of August, we went to go see Wicked! I loved it and listen to the music all of the time now. This play is a Van Leeuwen family favorite and Ben and I were so glad that we got to go and see this!

If you haven't seen Wicked, the plot is so creative. It is the back story of Glenda and the Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba). Through this story we learned that the Wicked Witch was framed and that she also had a really good heart. 

Outside the Capital Theatre! This theatre has such a fun feel to it. It felt like I travelled back in time a century or two when we walked in. 

Dark shot outside.

Amanda and David came too!


What a night! 

I have been a Wizard of Oz fan my entire life and I can't wait to see Wicked again!

Stayton, Oregon

Way back at the end of September we went to Oregon. Ben had an interview at a school in Lebanon...a super small town. My friend Emily and her husband Kurt live in Stayton, Oregon, so we stayed with them. I got to hang out with Emily while Ben went to the school and Kurt was working at their business.

Emily and I went on a walk around Stayton, I had been there twice before but never walked around their idea of 'downtown'. We also went to a high school football game--so different from Texas football.

The river that runs through the town.

Kurt and a friend recently opened up a J. Dawg's style hotdog place, call Roxy Dawgs. It is right across the street from Oregon State. It was such a treat to go there--the dog was great and the cookies were delish!

Emily and I walked around campus a little bit. I love the BYU campus but OSU was definitely greener.

Shortly after these pictures were taken my camera fell on the ground and the lens was basically destroyed. However, I am back in business with a new lens. I wish I had been able to take more pictures on this trip. We loved staying with Emily and Kurt!

Festival of Trees 2012

Oh Thanksgiving break! I miss it so much! My mom flew into town and stayed with Ben and I for almost 2 weeks. Ben went out of town for a few days, so I convinced my mom to extend her stay to keep me company. Right before she left, we went to the Festival of Trees in Sandy. I had never been before, but it is something I would love to do again. The Spirit of Christmas is alive!

The Festival of Trees is a charity event for Primary Children's Hospital. People donate trees and other people pay hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for them. Also there were wreaths, mini-Christmas trees, and decked out gingerbread houses.

I loved this wreath and just made one like it previous to going to the festival.

I loved this wreath. It's made out of a tin that used to hang above a chandelier. 

Any themed tree you could imagine was there...check out all of the cars.

Ben insisted that I take a picture of this list because he was on the "good" list.

This was a game tree. Check out the domino garland and scrabble letters.

I loved this tree! It was so unique. They had another tree that was upside down and how they got to balance it, I don't know. It slightly reminds me of a tree that Ben's boss has at her house...its a ladder with lights wrapped around it.

Isn't this so cool?

What little girl wouldn't love this?

Totally pink tree based off of the book "Pinkalicous." I don't think Ben would like having this tree though.

Someday we might have a tree like this. I love red, white, and silver together as well as the snowflakes.

Much like the Parade of Homes, Ben and I made a list of somedays. Other trees that we loved were the Tangled Tree, the Dr. Seuss Tree, and the Disney tree. There were literally crowds of people around them. We loved our trip to the Festival of Trees. Happy Christmas!