Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Six Weeks

Caroline is six weeks new! As much as you can read about babies--there is nothing that can teach you more than the actual experience. I always thought they would sleep a ton. Well, Caroline does pretty well at night but she is so curious during the day.

Caroline was born weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces and she now weighs 10 whole pounds. What a chunk.

She loves eating. Just take a look at her adorable cheeks. However we have found that she is sensitive to dairy and onions--so I am eating pretty bland stuff.

She loves bath time. Love is probably an underestimation. It's probably one of her favorite things and starting this week she stopped screaming once we took her out of the tub. She now enjoys getting all lotioned up and new clothes on. We are looking forward to taking her to the pool since she has 4 bathing suits and loves to splash!

Going along with loving bath time...water is the trick to get her to run down. Listening to the washing machine, the dishwasher, or water coming out of the faucet calms her right down (or she takes it as a challenge to scream louder than the noise if she is really mad) and often with a little walking around, puts her right to sleep.

Everyday we go on lots of walks, whether it is around the living room  (I think we are wearing down a track), the kitchen, up and down the stairs, or outside. She loves being outside and is one thing that can instantly calm her down or make her super happy.

Caroline only wore newborn sizes for about three weeks. We were told to not buy any newborn outfits at all but honestly it was super nice to have clothes that actually fit her. We just washed the same little onesies over and over again. Now she is in 0-3 month clothes and hopefully she will be for a little bit longer.

Legs. Let's talk about her legs. When she eats they are straight out and when she sleeps...same again, straight out. It makes for some interesting wrapping and swaddling with blankets. 

There is a love/hate relationship with the car. Caroline loves it when we are moving, but when we are sitting in Miami traffic, forget it. At first she would take binkies and calm down but now she honestly spits them out so far there are probably one or two lost in our car. So far the only thing that calms her down in the car is Bruno Mars--so we have a Bruno playlist just in case. 

Little lady loves daddy time. I love when Ben comes home because for a little bit of time he is able to play and talk with her. They are so cute together and I love just watching them. He has a way of just being able to calm her down so quickly and get all the smiles out of her.

Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. All in all she does fabulously and I am adjusting to getting less sleep as well as interrupted sleep. Usually she only wakes up twice during the night. Usually around 2 am and then 6 am. We try and stuff her before bed time so we can have some time together at night and with the hopes that she will just sleep soundly for a big chunk of time. 

We love our little Caroline!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Resurrection of our blog...hopefully!

I have been itching to blog--there has been so much going on that I have been wanting to document. I think we have had an epic amount of life changes this year. Anyways, I have dusted off my laptop--I haven't used it really at all since May and finally plugged in my iphone--a little nervous to plug in my camera because of the massive amount of pictures on it, I know I'll find some treasures once I do though. Well, here's the update for now (taken from family and friends newsletters): 

We have been really busy--moving, med school, and a brand new adorable baby girl!

At the beginning of June, Ben and I packed up our apartment to move to Miami, Florida! Ben and his dad drove a moving truck from Provo to Miami and I flew to Houston to spend time with my mom and visit family. I was so grateful to not spend 45 hours in a moving truck! Once Ben got to Miami he found us a fabulous place but we had to wait to move in. After about a week I flew out to Miami and Ben and I lived in a hotel for a month (it was definitely not as dreamy as it sounds--but the pool was nice:). We were awfully anxious to get out of the hotel and it was definitely worth the wait to get into our new place--we really ready to upgrade from our small and old apartment. Our cute new home is bigger, newer, and comes with a lovely Miami price tag. We definitely miss our cheap Provo rent and friendly neighbors!

So far we love Miami! Every one speaks Spanish here--except for me! So I am trying to learn as much as I can. Also, we have tried lots of new places to eat and discovered that Cuban food is delicious! It's not nearly as hot and humid as we expected and we live about 15 minutes from a beach. Also, we love our ward! Every meeting is done 1/2 in Spanish and 1/2 in English. So everyone wears the headphones and every meeting has different translators. Everyone hugs and side kisses and is so friendly. It's quite the experience and every Sunday since we have been here there have been baptisms and confirmations--crazy awesome! Also, we have been able to see the progress on the temple--it's stunning. 

So why in the world MIAMI?!? Ben started school at the University of Miami (and I am so glad to have a sunny winter:). He is going to med school but working on a masters in public health during the summers. There are 50 students in his program and it has been fun to get to know them. We have been surprised at how "family oriented" the school has been and flexible. Ben is super busy with lots of homework, group projects, and in general--studying--but he loves UM. I feel that it was such a good fit for him and for us. Ben has been learning how to do some real doctor things--blood pressure and fun stuff like that. However, starting after Labor Day, his time consuming classes are beginning.

I finished up teaching this year and sold my classroom to the teacher taking my place--definitely a win-win for both of us. I am so glad that I am not teaching this year because I get to stay home with our sweet baby girl. Caroline Joyce Van Leeuwen was born on 8/5/13 (cool birthday! 8+5=13). We are completely smitten with her. Everything she does is cute, breathe, poop, pee, burp, sneeze,'s all adorable! My mom was here two weeks after she was born and then Cathy and Neil and crew flew out to help take care of Miss Caroline and also help us unpack. Ben and I are really enjoying being parents (we miss our sleep, but it's worth it!) and taking care of Caroline.