Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Swimming in February

Now that it's Miami--and it's February (what???)--it's time for swimming. Our pool had been closed and we were itching for it to open. On Sunday we drove around and saw that people were splashing around and Ben decided the one thing he wanted to do after his test was take his little girl swimming. I think the pictures speak for themselves--Caroline was was basically is heaven.

This is the best!
The sweetest face!
Who's having more fun--Ben or Caroline?
A delicious float

And now comes the splashing series
Have I mentioned I love my husband? He doesn't know I'm posting all of these pictures of his silly faces.
She could have done this all day.
So fun! 
Can we stay at the pool forever?!?
Success! I splashed my dad!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Week

This week has been so busy at our house. Monday was a regular day. Even though it was President's day Ben still had school. Rather than having regular class they had workshops and he went to meet with a hospital administrator which he found really cool. C and I went to the park and spent time at home. I've been working on a few projects like cleaning out Caroline's closet. It really is a disaster. It's one of those things where I would share a picture but just the thought of it makes me cringe because it has been so bad. When we moved to Miami we literally just stacked all of my old school stuff in here. Now, six months later I am ready to get rid of all of that stuff--all the sentimental feelings have completely faded. So Ben brought down boxes and boxes of books that I am sorting through to donate to local schools. So that's been my project. We also watched a new Mormon Message for FHE and enjoyed the Olympics. While I lovelove the Olympics I am going to be so happy to be getting more sleep--why do they always save the best stuff for 10:45 at night? We have been waking up very groggy and pretty exhausted because of our Olympics addiction (and the commercials--love the commercials too).

Ben has a huge test tomorrow that he has been constantly studying for. Usually we see Ben a lot during the week and on the weekends but he has really hit the books hard. Tuesday, we decided to go park hopping at check out a new park. It was pretty late in the afternoon and by the time we got to the park the sun was setting. Out of all of the parks to go to they actually announced they were locking the gates. So our walk turned into like a ten minute stroll. I am looking forward to going back sometime because there were lots of paths, ponds, and bridges. So hopefully we will go back this week or the next--just earlier in the day. 

Thursday I woke up with a bad headache and neckache so I took some aleve and by 10:00 C and I were both itching to get out of the house. We went to the park but didn't stay for long--I was a little to ambitious in trusting the aleve. We hung out at home and Caroline really started to work on sitting up without any support. It has been so fun to watch her develop this skill and she is extremely proud to be so independent. 

Friday we were thinking we wouldn't see Ben until late in the evening but he decided to come home early! It was a treat. We ran errands and played with Caroline until the evening. Ben watched Caroline while I went to a Relief Society fondue party. I gave our neighbor Kenzi a ride and we stayed for about an hour talking to sisters before we came back home to our babies. It was really nice to just have some girl time and find out that certain things about Miami (especially the moving part and having babies) was a challenge for someone other than me. I love Miami but moving here was a huge hassle and the hospital where I had Caroline was really rough. That's a whole blogpost in itself--but basically the only pain relief I got in the hospital and after I was discharged was tylenol--and let me tell you, the tylenol did nothing. So recovering was hard and getting to know a whole new place at the same time was really overwhelming. It was nice to have someone to relate too that had similar feelings. When I got home Caroline was all smiles and Ben was too! I was so appreciative that I got some time to spend with with friends from church.

With Ben's test approaching he studied all day at the undergrad campus. Caroline and I just played and played and played at home. We were thinking of going and visiting Ben and some of his classmates but C was refusing to nap and pretty grumpy so we opted for staying home. However, after she decided to take a nap she was a dream baby. I also caught up with my old roommate Amy and talked about our cute babies and life. It was so good to catch up with her--I can't believe we are kind of grown up! Ben came home around 6:00 and we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner and BJ's to get avocados for our sweet baby. 

Sunday was so much better this week. Everything was calmer at church! Caroline however, just wanted to play, smile at people, and look at lights. Sacrament went smoothly and so did Sunday school. Caroline was having a melt down by the third hour so we just came home. The mother's room is packed in our ward which makes it almost impossible to feed Caroline or get her to sleep. We came home enjoyed a calm afternoon, park visit, and we skyped with our families. We are getting excited because everyone is going to be coming into town soon!

Box of toys and sitting up
Her face just makes me laugh in this picture

Pictures at the park!

Smiley lady

I love this picture for two reasons--1 Caroline is so happy to be up high on her daddy's shoulders 2-Ben's face of pain because she is yanking on his hair! haha

Gimme that camera mom!

I'm done.

Blank stares and chubby cheeks! ah!

One Goof-Two Goof
Curious girl

Mom and C goofing around

Oh my goodness!

Thanks Grams for the Cuisinart to blend food that I refuse to eat! 


Keeping it real. My baby cries too. 

If only she folded laundry too!
Sweet sleep of a Sunday nap!

I'll have to get better at narrowing pictures down--she had over 400 taken this week---we are just slightly obsessed with this child.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Week

We've had quite the week. Caroline and I have been continuing our daily walks to the park! On Tuesday we got a new (to us) jogging stroller so the rides to the parker are not only faster but also smoother. It worked out really well that we were looking for a stroller and our friends Tyler and Brittany were selling theirs. We got a good deal and it's really nice and easier to handle than our regular stroller. I love it. As part of the deal with Brittany and Tyler, we also made dinner. Ben grilled pork chops and we had fruit salad, cornbread, and Texas Sheet Cake. We enjoyed having them over and watching their little girl Mia--she gave us a good idea of what we are in for in a few months. We also went to Costco and Ben picked out flowers for both me and Caroline. We were able to enjoy them all of Valentine's week.

Wednesday Ben came home early from school and wanted to go out with his girls. It's been really warm here in Miami and I have been wearing the same pairs of capris over and over so I wanted to go shopping. We went to the Dolphin Mall--it's a very loud and bright mall--but the closest outlet mall to us. Luckily I found one pair of shorts and 2 capris--I was worried there would only be winter stuff still in the stores. It's so nice to have a few more options. I also got a few more shirts and felt that I got some good deals with my Christmas money. Caroline loved looking at all of the lights this time--we had gone in October and it really overwhelmed her. 

Friday was a great day! We had both gotten surprises for each other and Ben gets soooo excited about surprises--like a kid on Christmas morning. At 8:00 am he texted me to ask if we could exchange cards and gifts as soon as he got home. It always makes me laugh when he gets so anxious and excited. Ben came home and we went to the park and had a picnic. I told him I am a-okay with this being a Valentines day tradition because it guarantees we will always live somewhere warm. We will see how that works out for us...we'll probably end up living somewhere really cold!

Part of Ben's surprise was a Texas Roadhouse Dinner at home. The closest TRH to us is 4 hours away and it's the one place that we didn't get to go to over Christmas break and he had brought it up every so often. Ben grilled steaks and I made salad (which we didn't even eat!), loaded sweet potatoes, the famous delicious rolls, and cinnamon honey butter. Everything turned out super well. In Ben's words I "knocked dinner out of the ball park." We've been enjoying leftover rolls and the salad as well. I got Ben some grilling trays, a coupon for a batch of HIS favorite chocolate chip cookies (they aren't my fav so he doesn't get them often...or ever), a date night for sushi, and dinner. He gave me the cutest date booklet that came with stickers to put in a new planner that he also gave me. I loved it--and I've been wanting a planner so it was the perfect gift. After dinner we watched "Gravity" which we really liked and stayed up way too late. We had a perfect Valentine's day.

Today was really good. We all got a two hour nap which was really needed. No one tells you how hard church is when you have a baby. C definitely makes it more fun--but man, sometimes I wish I could just wear sweats and running shoes. I usually count it as a work out. Either we are bouncing her or walking with her out in the halls. Today was ward conference and Ben taught both youth Sunday School classes with 9 stake leaders also attending--talk about intimidating. I also was interpreting ASL for a guy that has been coming to church. So between interpreting, teaching, and Caroline, our hands were literally full. We survived the second hour and Ben was fabulous and took Caroline during the third hour so I could enjoy Relief Society. Our ward is gearing up for the Temple Open house and everyone is getting so excited about the events leading up to it. 

This week Caroline also decided to try avacado again. After devouring it one night she hasn't really shown any interest in eating it again but is sure delighted to get it everywhere. We pulled her out on the porch while we were grilling in hopes of minimizing the mess. We are hoping that someday she decides to eat real food. What a silly girl. She also spent the week reading--she is mesmerized by books still. Her favorites are a color book Granny gave her, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. It's so fun to look through books with her. Also, after not sleeping through the night for a long time her schedule is getting a lot better. We keep bedtime super calm and she has been sleeping from 9:00 to 5:30 and sleeping until 8 which is super nice. She tried to start a habit of waking up at 6:30 but was so cranky and fussy the entire day because she wasn't getting the nighttime rest she needed. Ah! Sleep is sweet and we think she is discovering it too. We love her so much and I am so glad she is my partner in crime.

Avacado Hands!

Yummy Books!
My funny Valentine

Eating avacado on the back porch
Sweet Sleep
My walking buddy
Loving her bouncer
Goofy face before a raspberry
Selfies that we send to Ben. This one is a gem.
Valentine picnic
On our walks!
A package from Grams
Tired shopper

A page in the date book!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pinecrest Gardens

When Ben doesn't have school or studying we like to play! Lucky for us, after he takes a test he has no new material to study so we get him for a day or two. We decided to check out something in our own backyard--Pinecrest Gardens. It sits right next to the library and every time I've gone to check out books and return them I've always wanted to go. We found out it is only 3 dollars to go in...what a bargain. As we walked around Caroline loves looking at everything--the trees, the koi fish, bridges...there was so much to see!

 There were so many cool pathway and bridges. It reminded us of Thanksgiving Point--only a jungle version of one of our favorite places.

 Hands are so delicious! 

 There were so many things to see around us! The views above us were awesome!

 While most of the garden feels like a jungle theres a part that opens up to this pond/lake area. It is so incredible peaceful. There were swans, ducks, and turtles scattered throughout the lawn area. There was a look out point where a yoga class was being held--we found it really hard not to stare. Talk about a prime spot for any yoga class!

 We also found a really cool playground area and splash pad--I think Ben is more excited about playing than Caroline is!

 It's hard to tell but the brick looks like a koi fish. There were lots of interesting little fountains scattered throughout the paths.
 One of the few flowers--so many trees--so few flowers

 C bracing herself for the ride!

 Everywhere we looked there were huge palm trees.