Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy Week Before Spring Break

Last night I was in the midst of reading Allegiant and put off blogging about our week until tonight. I spent the week reading when I had spare time and finally finished the third book in the Divergent series. Ben got it for my birthday this year and I just got a around to it. It felt really good to add another book to my goodreads "read" list.

Caroline's top two teeth totally broke through! What a relief. Sunday night she just cried, and cried, and cried. I felt so bad--ah motherhood. While it was a relief, C's sleep schedule was totally messed up. While I love love love spending time with my baby girl, I prefer to not see her at 12:30, 1:30, and 4:30 in the morning. My preferred view is the inside of my eyelids. We both spent the week struggling to get enough sleep. Luckily, Ben had just recently had a test so he was able to stay at home all day Monday (I even got breakfast in bed!) and most of the day on Tuesday. We were able to trade off naps and keep Caroline busy.

Tuesday we went to Barnes and Noble and I cashed in one of my date night coupons. Ben let me wonder around the store and I picked out a book to read. What a treat. As much as I love Amazon and their cheap prices and free (prime) shipping, there is nothing better than going to a book store and being among the aisles of cookbooks, and chapter books, and picture books. I picked out a book called "A Code Name Verity"--I think that's the title and I'm excited to read it soon! I just finished Allegiant and I am starting "The Book Thief".

Wednesday our microwave quit working. Normally it wouldn't be that big of a deal but lately we love snacking on popcorn and we had just invested in a huge Costco box. The tray table stopped spinning, so order for food to heat somewhat normally we would have to stop the microwave and move the food around. Talk about lame. Luckily, we bought the microwave with a Sears giftcard when we got married and paid 10 bucks for an extended warranty because that was the only cost that was out of pocket for us...lesson learned...just buy the warranty because it comes in so handy. Saturday morning, Ben took the microwave in and it should be fixed by sometime next week. I will take a week without a microwave over buying a new one. Until then we are just looking at our huge box of popcorn.

Thursday, we were still in a lack of sleep coma. Ben's classmates came over that evening (Danyelle, Emma, and Charity) to watch Grey's Anatomy and Scandal--oh and of course, to see Caroline. Ben was the best husband and host ever and popped popcorn and made sure everyone was taken care of. It was so nice to have some girl time. It was also nice because they really liked how our little house felt like a home--I loved hearing that. It was a fun night and Ben got a taste of a full fledged girls night.

Friday Ben was finished with school for a whole week! I really like when Ben is home. Seriously cannot wait until he is retired--I know, I'm going to be waiting a long time--ha! He got out of class early and surprised me just as I had changed one of Caroline's massive poops. Wish we had timed that better. We spent the afternoon together, Ben grilled chicken for dinner, and we watched "Sweet Home Alabama". Also, we enjoyed cheesecakes from Cheesecake Factory! I've missed dairy so much. In short, Caroline is really sensitive to dairy--or has been so other than a brief stint of eating dairy over Christmas break (which was a spitty and nasty mistake) I haven't had any dairy since September. I've been slowing introducing it in small amounts to my diet and we decided to celebrate. Granted I love the Chris' Outrageous cheesecake which is more brownie than cheesecake. But oh, man. It was delish.

Saturday, Ben let me sleep in which I super appreciated. Ben worked at the Temple Open House that afternoon but his shift was done early so he was home by 8. He had a great time and I am looking forward to working there this week. We've driven by the temple so I am excited to see the inside of it...such an amazing experience. As soon as Ben got home he took complete care of Caroline so I could watch the General Women's meeting! Oh, I wish I could have been there in person. I love that all girls 8 and up can attend now and there were so many things that I needed to hear in that meeting. Each talk was so uplifting and I was so grateful that I got to watch it.

Sunday was such a good day. Fast and Testimony meet was really really good. There were so many sweet testimonies shared about the temple. One mom in the ward talked about going to the temple and standing in the mirror with her little girl in the bride's room and hoping and praying that she get to do that again someday. It was so so sweet. Caroline was a doll the entire 3 hours. I've given up feeding her at church--there are too many distractions--and she did super well. The third hours was combined with the priesthood so it was nice to sit by Ben for a few minutes before Caroline got a little too talkative and he went our in the hall with her. We came home and we all took 2 hours naps. Ah! How good it felt! Ben took care of dinner and we spent the rest of the day relaxing. Then Ben got a surprise phone call about choir practice for the temple dedication and went to that while Caroline and I just played.

The Caroline Update: She is a fast crawling, cord grabbing, talking, 4 teethed little girl. She loves playing with anything noisy (paperbags especially) and our shoe basket. I think we've spent hours each day playing and pulling on our shoe basket. She still loves our walks and loves to get out and craw around on a blanket. She's still not too sure about crawling on the grass itself though. But, leaves, yumyum, she loves trying to sneak those in her mouth. Food wise, she devoured pears this week, apples, kiwi, nectarine, and chicken. She loves her chicken and is extremely possessive about it when she gets it. Caroline is definitely aware that at mealtimes she gets to eat. Finally! She is also obsessed with our stairs and our "step down" into the living room. She learned once (and I did too!) that it hurts to go or fall down the step. We are working on baby gates but our stairs are super weird and have wacko measurements so we are looking into lots of options right now. We love this little girl. She makes everyday fun and I love her to pieces.

So far this week has been great and we are celebrating Ben's last spring break and Caroline's first!

Also, I used the DSLR camera--I didn't last week at all. And I think I might need to break up the week in two blog posts because we seriously take about 300-400 pictures of our child a week. Her life is going to be well documented

Goofing and Playing

Gotta get up the stairs!

That bum gets me every time! So cute!

Where the wild things are...

She might be tired but there is no stopping her from playing with the shoes!

That face

Yummy bag

Making teething look cute

Tired and snuggly girl

It was freeezing this week (I mean, below 70) so we opted for some patio play time over a windy walk


Exploring at the park

Melt down (ah! and I'm having one--seriously there is a disconnect between my iphots and blogger)

Ready, Set, Go.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two tests and a curious baby

What a week! This week Caroline mastered so many new tricks! I seriously can't keep and complete list of everything she has learned to do. I used to say to myself "She'll do something new everyday," but that has changed into "She will learn something new every thirty minutes." It was sure nice having my mom here the first part of the week but the rest of the week I just followed Caroline around and had so much fun.

Monday, Mom and I were going to the beach but Caroline woke up over three times that night and I was pretty wiped. I went on a walk with my friend Kenzi and her two boys at our park. It was nice to have some girl time and talk about our babies and Disneyworld. They were planning on taking a trip but then learned that it is Spring Break for all the school districts in Miami-Dade County as well as Broward. Holy cow! The worst time to go because of so many locals and tourists there. Mom finished sewing pillows for our couch and also finished Caroline's seat cover. We also changed Caroline's biggest poop ever. Normally I wouldn't mention something gross but it seriously took both me and my mom to get her cleaned up. I had poop all over my pants and I think we used about 20 wipes before she was nice and clean again. My goodness, I never knew so much could come out of a tiny baby! On a more pleasant note, my mom cooked for us! It was also nice to have my mom cook dinner--I had a night off. I really love cooking but it is nice to be treated to a home made meal.

Tuesday morning my mom got all packed up and we went to Target to test out Caroline's new cart cover! She loved it! Her head was constantly whipping from left to right to up and down. She loved looking at all of the big signs and of course, the lights. It was a whole new world and experience. I also grabbed a copy of Frozen and we went home and watched it. My mom hadn't seen it but we listened to the music the entire week and she thought it was really cute. Caroline really reacts to the music from the movie--she totally recognizes it and I love watching her reaction. If C is upset in the car and I start singing one of the Frozen songs she totally calms down (or if I play a Bruno Mars song...she still loves Bruno). We took my mom to the airport and stopped at Chick-fil-a for lunch and found out Hobby Lobby is coming to south Florida (insert Ben's moans and groans here). Caroline was a champ in the car.

Reality hit on Wednesday. After two weeks I did laundry and was all alone at home. Caroline really gained crawling speed so I just walked around with her a played. We went on a walk in the morning. My visiting teacher came by and I really enjoyed her visit--and she played with Caroline which was fun to watch. We didn't do much but the day really flew by. Ben came home that evening after taking his first test of the week and it was so nice to see hime in the middle of studying for his test. Caroline also discovered that she loves to eat nectarines and boiled eggs. She can chow down on both of those. She still refuses to eat anything that we try to feed her with a spoon. She is incredibly determined and independent.

Ben had been studying for two weeks and this was the night before his last test until May. We both stayed up way to late--he was reviewing and I finished my book. We crawled in bed at 11:30 and Ben set his alarm for 3:15 to wake up and study before his test. Caroline woke up three times inbetween then. I felt so bad for Ben and Caroline. Ben had a test and really loooong day ahead of him and Caroline just wasn't sleeping regularly. 

So Ben woke up extremely early to study at school, took his test, and then had to wait until 1:00 for a meeting. He didn't get home until almost four. I felt awful for him--a long stressful day and no sleep at all. He handled it so well and felt really good about his test. I went visiting teaching and Caroline screamed most of the time which was totally unlike her. The entire day she seemed so off and then we discovered she was cutting her top two teeth. Poor, poor girl! We went to Costco and stocked up on some essentials and grabbed dinner at Wendy's. Ben came home and crashed and Caroline and I hung out. I started reading the last book in the Divergent series which is so good--I had a really hard time remembering what happened in the first two books because I read them almost two years ago. 

Saturday was awesome! We never have Saturdays with Ben home and I loved it. I was able to steam the floors and get so much picked up with his help. We rested, played, and chased Caroline around. She also learned how to pull her self all the way up on the couch and chairs. Her face was beaming with excitement. I also got a new swim suit--I love it. After having C, I just had been in a funk about finding a swimsuit that I loved. We went to Marshalls and found the mecca of swimsuits--I found 5 modest ones that I loved--who finds 5 swimsuits??? I chose my favorite and was so  so excited to finally have a new one. One of the best things about Miami is that no one seems to want one pieces or modest ones so there is always a huge selection and they almost always clearanced too. We attempted to go swimming once we got home but almost as soon as we got to the pool black clouds come over and the wind started blowing. I snapped a few shots of our girl in her swimsuit and we bundled her up and came home. Ben and I both took naps and we went on a walk around the park and the Falls that evening. Also, we (I) started watching Gilmore Girls because our mysteriously free cable mysteriously went out--we don't know who pays for the cable--but we have it, I mean, had it. I forgot how funny that show was and that Melissa McCartney was in it. I'm enjoying that while Ben is enjoying Dexter. 

We discovered Caroline was getting her two top teeth and had such a rough night. She was exhausted so we let her sleep and went to church late. We got there and it was packed so we sat in the hall with the Irvins and the Jarman's. We taught our class--plus the other class--so basically 15 kids and it was a challenge. The girls totally were helpful and the boys were definitely boys. I went to Relief Society and Ben went to Elders Quorum and Caroline was so so fussy. She was screaming and we decided to bring her home--it was past time for her meds anyways. She came home and took a two hour nap and so did we. We skyped with Ben's family, facetimed with my mom, and enjoyed a calm evening. Caroline discovered our DVD's--uhhh...and had so much fun tasting them and taking them off the shelves. It was so fun to watch her. I am going to miss her being a baby but this crawling stage has been fun so far. 

Walking time!

Box sliding!

Rinsing off in the sink after a messy dinner!

Thanks Grams for the Cart Cover! 

Selfies for Ben

Tub time is way more fun when you can pull yourself up apparently

I realized I may never pee alone and that Caroline is a sucker for toilet paper

constant entertainment

Walked in to find my baby had pulled her self up! 

Morning smiles

Tasting the shoe basket

Pulled up on the chair and she was wanting to climb up and have a seat!

New suit

Matching shades


I don't know if she has enough toys...

DVD mess madness! They all tasted really good too!
Let the fun begin!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crawling by Quickly!

This week was the best! Sometimes I feel like its hard to juggle having guests staying for a long time but we have really been enjoying this visit. On Monday, Caroline got the second half of her flu shot and she just let out a little whimper and then was totally fine. I always am afraid our day will be--no pun intended--completely shot but she didn't let it phase her. Ben came home early and we went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch (a yummy salad bar) and Nordstrom Rack to get Ben some new shoes. While I might never shop at Nordstrom, I am a total fan of Nordstrom Rack. Any store that Ben can find shoes at I am a fan of. 

Tuesday Mom and I went to Pinecrest Gardens and got strawberry shakes afterwards. Miami weather has not let me down! Caroline loves looking through the gardens and even decided that she wanted to take a plant home. While walking down a path, Caroline grabbed a fern leaf and would not let go! She thought it was magical. She also made a new friend at the Market where a old woman came up to her and just talked and talked baby with C for about ten minutes. Caroline is so captivated by people and loves grandmas and grandpas. When Ben got home we basically went to Target 4 times. The biggest news is we got a new rug!!! Ah!!! I love it! I saved up my teachers pay teachers money and was expecting to have to save for a lot longer because rugs are so expensive. But one that I really liked was on clearance at Target and so we loaded it up in the car. Also, Caroline's room receives so much sun that it is seriously fifteen degrees warmer that the other rooms in our home. When I put her down for naps and if she has a blanket on her she sweats so much during the day. So we got the adorable purple curtains. First we got 2, then, 3, and made one last trip to get 4. Each panel was originally 25 dollars but we got them for $7.48 each. I don't have a picture but once her room doesn't look like a disaster zone I'll post her super cute and shaded room. So all of my bargain scouring at Target paid off!

Wednesday was a total bust. I had a huge headache and my mom just played with Caroline all day. I was so grateful that I was under the weather while my mom was here. Last time she visited I got super sick the day after she left. I was just so so grateful that she was here. After lots of ib profen and dr. pepper my headache was better. Ben and I went out on a mini date to BJ's--one of our new favorite places to go. We walked around the Falls Mall and enjoyed some time together while my mom played with Caroline. Later on Ben got another new pairs of shoes from my mom--an easter surprise! 

Thursday, we didn't waste anytime and packed up and went to the beach. There's a park that is 15 minutes from our house that has a lagoon with shallow water and is absolutely perfect for Caroline. We got to Matheson Hammocks Park and could not find the beach. We didn't get a map and the girl at the welcome counter gave awful directions. We did find that the park offers an awesome view of down town Miami. So after going in circles we finally found the beach! We loved it! Caroline is a total fan of the beach, the water, the sand, the trees, the birds. She loves it all! Having my mom there made it so much easier! Afterwards, Caroline took a two hour nap--another reason why I am a fan of the beach! We missed Ben but I was so glad to find another fun place for our family to go!

Friday was so fast! Ben came home and we went to Bobby's Burger Palace for dinner. Seriously. The best burgers and sweet potatoes fries! It's one of our new favorites. Caroline is also a fan and everytime we go the wait staff is obsessed with her. Her favorite thing is banging on the tabletops and making lots of noise. 

Saturday, Mom took me to get a manicure and pedicure for one of my late birthday presents. The ladies were so nice but much older than the typical nail salon employee. They got my colors mixed up so I am walking around with pink nails and orange toes. It was so much to be pampered. Ben went to study after that and then Caroline and I picked him up to go to Caroline's first (to be attending) birthday party. Mia was turning one so we had to go and celebrate. Balloons were everywhere and Caroline was obsessed with them. It was so fun to watch her watch the other kiddos that were there. It was way fun to meet other moms and also get some ideas for Caroline's first birthday--August will be here before we know it! We had homemade Sonic breakfast burritos for dinner and Ben cooked. My neck was stiff the entire day so it was nice to relax and have my husband cook. Ben and I stayed up way to late talking and watching tv (him) and reading (me). I am in the middle of "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society" and I feel like I am 6 years late to the party--I love it!

We so enjoyed Sunday. It's been soo nice having extra hands at church the past few weeks--first Ben's parents and now my mom. She has taken Caroline the entire three hours. I actually got to listen to the Relief Society Lesson today--who knew church could be so spiritual? We came home and took a nap. After our naps Ben grilled chicken and Caroline feasted on lots of food. She has discovered that food is not evil and is actually scrumptious. She loves kiwi, oats, banana, cheese, grilled chicken, and lots of other stuff that we have experimented with her. FINALLY. She has been quite the hoot this week. Also, we are officially crawling--not fast--but shes got the motion and we are just anticipating the speed. We are hiding our cords--her favorite thing and have already baby proofed lots of things around our house. There's a step down into our family room and she has learned how to climb up it to get close to the door and where we keep her stroller. Also, she is talking. Basically we whisper at home and yell at church. It makes things exciting and her whisper voice is so. darn. cute. It melts my heart. After a mini photo shoot with Grams, C assisted in some pillow making to update our pillows to coordinate with our new rug and we skyped with Granny, Grandpa, and Co. Crazy week and we are ready for another busy one!
Seriously one of my favorite beach pictures

Goof at the beach

Balloons, Balloons, and more Balloons at the birthday party!

Cute decorations!

The adorable birthday girl!

Caroline more interested in the trees!

Cute picture with grams!

Our blue eyed lady

Flu shot aftermath

Munching on bread at Sweet Tomatoes

Grams and C at Pinecrest Gardens

She didn't want to leave without it!

In mid sentence of a story
The beach!

My girl

This view! Not too shabby at all

Oats. I promise some got in her.

Daddy time!

This table is awesome!
So so awesome!

New whale pj's!

Skyping with Granny and Grandpa! (I'll and to reverse this picture later--lame iphoto and blogger)