Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our car smells like sunscreen

This week flew by!!! I've been a delinquent blogger! My posts are always written via gmail and are ready to go but uploading pictures by my phone and mashing it all together takes more time than I think. There's some disconnect on my Mac where all of my pictures import the opposite way (lands scape and portrait) that I want them to. Luckily blogger has a nifty app but it still takes time. Hopefully, I'll be able to have enough patience to dump my phone and fancy pants camera photos on my computer soon! Just for the record I looooove my Mac. I still feel like it's new, until I remember I got it in 2008. It's a kindergartener by now! 

Monday was our anniversary!!! Whoo hoo! I had a headache which was super lame. Ben and I ran errands with Caroline and went shopping for clothes for family pictures! Nothing makes you feel more like a family than family pictures. Ben had an appointment at the apple store so c and I shopped! I bought some stuff and it was so weird because I realized I hadn't paid for clothes in a long long time. When I worked I shopped all the time...because I wore real clothes and went through them (projects, holes, stains) super fast. But now I don't have a need (not that I don't like shopping) for new work clothes so I don't shop. After C and I took an afternoon nap Ben surprised me with favorite! My headache was still super bad so we had dinner at home but went and got cheesecakes for dessert date night. Caroline made our day even better. We reminisced about our wedding day and marriage and all things mushy. We watched "One Fine Day" and enjoyed cheesecake after C went to sleep. It was a fabulous day and I love my Ben!

South Florida weather is tricky! We went for a walk at Coral Reef park and it dumped on us! We were soaked and Caroline I'm sure was very confused. We came home and showered and changed and rested while the weather was crazy. We met one of Ben's old coworkers from the bookstore at Scotty's Landing and had lunch. We for lot that it's super hard to find but everything worked out and lunch was delicious. Caroline loved meeting Steph. Steph is here because he husband has an internship and they have done so many fun Miami things! It was fun to get recommendations from her. 

Wednesday and Thursday were just regular errand running days. We went shopping for family pictures and went  to Chickfila. We love Chickfila. Also we made homemade Oreo heath bar shakes...all I have to say is we are addicted and can't buy the combination of vanilla, Oreos, and heath bars again because it is so delicious. 

Friday we went to surfside!!! It's our favorite beach yet. Clear water and whiteish sand...paradise. We went with Lindsay and Sterling and it was so fun to see their kids play in the water. Caroline was not hesitant at all in the water this time. We loved it because we could walk out really far and the water only came up to a little past our knees. Also it wasn't too busy. Another miami must do to put on our list. I didn't get enough sunscreen on my back--I was so excited to get into that water--so I am a little red. Ben and I watched monster in law for a Friday movie night! 

Saturday was fabulous. We went and cleaned the church and Caroline was in heaven. She crawled laps around the building and was the best helper. We came home and all of us slept. I think our family loves summer. After naps we went to return some shorts we had gotten for Caroline and went shooing for me and found some things for family pictures. I need to remember that New York company is a great place to shop. Also charming Charlie. We had fun walking around and Ben and Caroline had fun together. Ben worked on preparing two lessons for Sunday and I made cookies for our class. We are going to be gone for a few weeks so we are leaving them with a treat. 

Sunday was regular. Ben passed the sacrament and Caroline just didn't understand why he would come stand by our pew and then pass things around to other people. She was so confused. Sunday school went well. Relief Society was a little crazy because I had Caroline and the third hour of church is the hardest for her. I still had an awful headache--I'm thinking it might have to do with dehydration. It really is so frustrating. Ben let me sleep. We had chicken and rice for dinner and we went over to Haws' for dessert. We are really loving our neighbors. Caroline loves playing and watching and learning. from them.

Summer is the best. Our car smells like sunscreen and I quite like it.
Anniversary flowers

Swinging happiness

Apple slices at Scotty's Landing

Me and my girl

Playing with doggy and company in her crib

Her new fav is standing in front of the fan and letting her hair blow like a model

Crazy rain!

Her new way to sit at Target

What a babe

The shake

Daddy's phone...

The beach

Seriously love it

As long as she's in charge all is well


puppy love

She could have taken this one home


Reading all about colors during church

Talking with daddy
I love being a mom and I love my family!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lazy Summer Days

We have been busy enjoying Ben at home. I love it. He's my best friend and my favorite person to spend time with. Caroline is still adjusting to having daddy home all day. She loves it but looks at him sometimes like "Daddy, what are you doing here?". We are definitely going to miss him when he has to go back to school but we are going to make the most of every day during his summer vacation

Last week was busy and exciting. Sunday the Haws family got in at 1:00 am and we has set up mattresses and the porta -crib. Sterling stayed with us when he interviewed and I had been talking to his wife Lindsey for a few months so it was nice to finally meet them...even if it was so early in the morning. They spent the morning at our house and we watched their kids while they did some cleaning. It was a fun and crazy day. Ben still had some school things but helped them move in that evening. Some people from church came over and got them moved in. We are excited for more neighbots!

Tuesday Ben has a small test at school but we got to see him most of the day. Nothing really crazy happened. We watched Ruth and Will and Caroline really enjoys playing and watching them.

Wednesday we went to the zoo!!! There was an exhibit area that we went to and we loved! Right by the temporary entrance is the wings of Asia exhibit and I just thought it would be super lame. Birds in cages, stinky, and waste of time. Wrong!!! I love surprises like that. It was awesome. When we entered the building there was a huge aquarium with fish and turtles that Caroline could actually see. Then it led outside to where the birds were. It was amazing. A zoo worker came up and told us where to look for nests and some information about the bird. I love when they tell us cool things about the animalsThere were nests and cute birds everywhere. The big and cool ones were in designated areas and bridges connected everything. It's our new favorite and I never thought I would say that about birds!!! While we were in there a Latin family was taking a picture of Caroline and just loving her. So since they took a picture of her, I took a picture of them taking pictures. Pretty random and silly. But it's important to document how much other people love my baby. Ben wanted to see the lions but they weren't there. Later we learned that a lion had babies and they were bonding and were released on Friday into the exhibit so we will definitely be going back to see them. We love the zoo.

Thursday after Ben went to school we went to Costco! We were out of paper towels and picked up some graham crackers....which Caroline loved to play with. When we got home she decided to turn the paper towels into a walker. She pushed and pushed them across our bottom floor. What a great toy! 

Friday, Ben had a meeting at school and then came home. Basically he met with someone and talked about his year and plans for next year! I am so proud of my medical student husband. He works so hard! We all took naps once he made it home and then we went to see the Wynwood Walls. It's in a crazy part of town but during the day it feels totally safe. There are art galleries and graffiti and art walls to look at. It was blazing got but the walls were awesome. Ben and I want to go back on a date night or something and explore more on our own. We rested most of the day and went to Red Robin for dinner because Ben had a coupon for a free burger. All I have to say is the Bonzai Burger is my favorite. We walked around the Falls Mall and attempted to find somethings for family pictures this summer. 

Saturday, we went to Trader Joes and target to get things to take to a BBQ with Ben's classmates. Caroline took a morning nap and we drove to the Vizcaya area where Ben's classmates live. It was fun to see them all before they scattered for summer break. They are doing some really cool things so it was fun to hear about that. Caroline loved playing with Erin, Emma, and Katie. We love it and I can't emphasize how much we love Ben's classmates and how highly we think of them all. 

Sunday, Caroline had the best time at church. Ben translated so she and I were the dynamic duo during sacrament. She loves entertaining everyone and eating. Oh, how she ate. Snacks are my favorite and her favorite. As well as ice water. It kind of drives Ben crazy that she is snacky and picky like me--oh well. Our Sunday school class went well and Ben took Caroline while I was in Relief Society. The sweetest lady who got a prosthetic leg and was really tired from walking around church came up to me and said "Your smile keeps me alive" She is seriously the sweetest lady. We came home and napped--I love Sunday naps and Ben knows that I basically can't function without one. We has breakfast for dinner and the Haws family came over. Lindsay made caramel popcorn and it was delicious! Way better than my recipe It was nice to hang out with them and their sweet kiddos--we are really loving neighbors! 
Caroline is so independent and loves to do things how we do them. I love this little girl so much!

People taking pictures of Caroline at the zoo.

Building a fort!

The perfect box for Caroline

I can't believe my baby is 10 months old.

Caroline and Erin. Best. Friends.

Wynwood Walls. I have more pictures on my real camera. Blogging via iphone is how I am currently rolling.

We had the slowest waiter at Red Robin so Caroline and I walked over to the Falls while Ben waiting for the check. It still took forever. Commence the selfies!

Sunday School Star. The girls have warmed up to her.

Go big or go home. Caroline doesn't do anything half way. She started drinking like this.

Caroline and Ben watching the Jungle Book.

Ice water addict twins

Ben got a package from my mom! Toothpaste for Caroline. He was a little--scratch that--A LOT--disappointed.

Caroline's new trick at Target. Not fun.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Chasing Caroline

What's week! Whew! That fact that I am blogging is proof that we made it! 

Monday and Tuesday are a blur! Ben geared up for his final two tests of his first year of medical school.
Wednesday Ben had his anatomy final. He went to bed early and woke up early to go in and study. He came home and crashed and spent the afternoon with us. We went to the park and Caroline loved the swings again. There was a baby her age and Caroline was like twice her size and Caroline was ready to play and wrestle. Someday we will find the perfect playmate for her! 

Thursday Caroline and I skipped our walk because it was raining and super super humid. We went to Trader Joe's and picked up lots of fruits and veggies. I didn't get a single snack...that is so hard to do! I've been working on snacking and grazing I guess that is helping me out. Lunch is my least favorite meal of the day. I'm not a big sandwich lover (unless it's kneaders) deli meat isn't my fav, and count me out of a pb&j. I don't know how my mom packed my lunches when I was a kid. Well, she packed a ziplock of Cheerios, apples, carrots, and things like that. Now I just really could skip lunch all together. But I've actually been have lunch with my best girl Caroline and snacking less.

Friday Ben has his test. He woke up at 1:00 and came home after a rose ceremony for the anatomy cadavers. He was exhausted. Even though it was a long day it was a good one. 

Saturday we slept in! Thanks Caroline! 7:30 was absolutely blissful. We got lots of stuff done around the house and Ben grilled burgers for dinner. In the obeying we had something's to mail and picked up a car charger for our phones. My battery has been draining really quickly and wanted a back up charger for the car. It was a relaxing day and it was sooo nice to have Ben home on a Saturday. We enjoyed a nice walk around the under grad campus. I love walking around the school! 

Sunday was great! Caroline loved sacrament meeting. We sat I front of a sweet baby that is a month tougher than her. The other couple of the pew entertained Caroline and played peekaboo with her. Our lesson went well and Caroline started to melt down the last few minutes of relief society so we left early. It was past naptime and she was exhausted. We had braised short ribs for dinner...they were so good! Caroline was the best entertainment and we enjoyed Facetiming with grandparents. 
I love this picture

Elder's Quorum Snacks

Sitting on the desk swings at UM

Looking at the cool trees!!!

Love this so much!  Ben is the best!

Walks with Caroline

The discovery of the toilet paper

The biggest smile at the swings

Kindle curiosity

Playing where's Caroline???!!!

She will do anything to grab laundry

I just love this diaper baby

Moving and Shaking