Sunday, August 24, 2014

We Just Got A Little Cooler

Literally! Monday we spent (I mean, Ben!!! He's the best husband ever) sometime on the phone explaining to our realtor that it's not realistic or financially logical to put 1,000 dollars into a 20 year old ac and to have maintenance guys come every 3 days to put oil in it to keep it working. Our electric bill was sky high--as in not a hundred but hundreds of dollars! Finally she spoke with our airconditioner repair angels who said it would last maybe another 12 hours and then die all together! Hooray! They worked everything out with the owner and Tuesday we spent the day cooped up in our living room and watched them haul out the old and install the new! Air conditioning is a sweet, sweet thing! Our owner called us and apologized for how long it took. What??! So Ben crafted an email saying how grateful we were that it was so fast! We felt so lucky! Once it was installed Caroline and I had to get out of the house. We ran a few errands once Ben got home and we arrived back at a cool home. I don't think our house has ever felt better.

Monday we also went to story time at the library--it's our new favorite! Caroline loves the songs and stories they read and is working on participating and being attentive (ha!). Who are we kidding. She loves singing and crawling around during the songs. I figure the more we go the more she will get into it. Also C got her first pair of shoes. There was a sign for buy on get one free at Target but apparently it was an old ad but they still gave us the deal. We got four pairs of shoes and she only likes one. Oi vey. Shopping for this girl is going to be a feat. We also enjoyed an evening in the park--one of my favorite things ever.

Wednesday I had a major headache. I haven't had one like this in a looong time. It got better and C and I went over to Kenzi's to watch Liam and Luke. It was so easy and Caroline had so much fun with Luke. They play so well together and just follow each other around which makes my job really easy. Luke got tired and fell asleep in my arms! It was the sweetest thing ever. I got home and Ben sent me to bed to sleep off my headache. Ben snuck off to get things to make dinner. That night Ben made dinner himself (I got to choose...what a treat) and he rented Spider Man (the newest one) which was one of my favorite movies that we've seen recently. It was nice to have a date night sponsored by my man.

Thursday we went to the zoo. I met Camille there so she could get a zoo pass for a bargain. I decided C and I would walk around and we had the whole zoo to ourselves!!! Including all of the lions that were out. It was so cool! They haven't had all 7 lions out since we've been going to the zoo. It was quite the site to see.

Friday I can't remember anything big that happened. Ben came home early from school and Caroline was adorable. We went swimming around noon and the water was perfect. It wore Caroline out and she took a good and much needed long nap. We went to Red Robin for dinner and the lettuce wrap Banzai burger was the bomb. I think its my new favorite at Red Robin. Oh, we also started our dogsitting gig! We are watching Charger--he belongs to our neighbors and so far so good.

Saturday Ben went to study for his test the Friday before Labor day we also prepped for Sunday dinner with the Clarks. It was a relaxing day and nice to not have a lot going on.

Sunday was a little wild. I had a presidency meeting at 10:30 and then we had church. Our friends blessed their sweet baby and Caroline had fun reverently playing with Ruth and Will during sacrament. Sunday School I went to the new member class because the ac was out in the regular room (which is also the relief soceity room) Then we found out we were going to Relief Society for the third hour. That's when the mama bear in me came out. The Relief Society room is super small and packed and with so many people in there plus young women there was no way I was taking my child in there---or wanting the girls to go in there. So we working it so everyone came into the air conditioned Young Women's room. It all worked out! Afterwards, Ben drove Caroline and I home and then he drove back to church for a Elder's Quorum meeting. Talk about crazy. He was gone and I finished getting dinner together. Once he came home we worked on a few things together and then Mia came over! It was fun to have adult conversation with some friends and watch our girl's play. Caroline really wants to play with Ella! So bad that she crawled in her carseat! haha! Someday soon she will get to play. Caroline also decided to walk with a ball in her hands and go backwards down the stairs. She grew up so much today and this week!
Barricaded from the air conditioner

Climbing the stairs with Luke!

I got a baby to go to sleep in my arms!!!

This goofy girl!

The lions!!! This is real life!!!

Gotta have a snack while watching the big kitties! And her shoes! The only pair she will wear!

Otter time!

Apparently I wore her out

Trying out chairs at Target

This series is so Caroline



Haha. She is so funny. That bottom lip

Coloring at Red Robin



She was mad at the grocery store because she wanted to lick the cart.


Staring contest

Eating cheese

Strawberry Cheesecake Bars.


Oh. Just walking.

Oh. Just trying to be a baby again.
What a girl.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Yo-Ho to the Park We Go

Today was perfect! We found out our air conditioner is getting replaced (insert backflips) with an energy efficient air conditioner (insert summersaults) tomorrow (insert confetti). They also added more oil--whatever that is for and the guys working on it said it mayyyy last until they replace it at 8 am tomorrow. So until then we are running on fumes and gratitude for our landlords. Whoo-hoo

Also, the weather was glorious and mosquitoless today so we went to the park. There was a breeze that was just the cherry on top. Seriously the best. I took out the fancy camera and played around a bit. It is so fun capturing Caroline's personality. She really got the hang of the slide today--it's easy to tell because she is smiling and her tongue is sticking out. We had a fun family home/park evening together.
She's in between sizes and her shorts are too big. Makes us giggle.


Testing out the slides

She also enjoyed going Up the slides.

Seriously love this girl

So fun!

Add caption

And we are back to the slides...

Those cheeks

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Whew we have had a week! It has started and ended with a broken air conditioner! We are just lucky that today we had church so we could escape the heat! We are extra thankful for fans after being without ac. Hopefully it all gets fixed or replaced really soon!

Monday we went to the zoo! Caroline had blast at the zoo and responded to seeing the animals it was hot but there were clouds which definitely kept it cooler. Caroline was so worn out that she fell asleep in the car on the way home. It's a pretty rare occasion but it was super adorable. Caroline took a nap and then we had to take her to the doctor for her one year check up. Talk about heart breaking. She had an awesome morning and then got shots. She was sad and so was I. It seems that she is aware of what is going to happen and was extremely heartbroken after her shots. She kept touching her "OUCH" after wards. That night Ben and I went to go and see "Guardians of the Galaxy" which was fun. It was a good mix of super hero, sci-fi, and humor. I don't think I would buy it but it was a nice evening with Ben. Ben had taken a test so he was pretty beat. To add to it our friends had a baby!!! and he went over and slept while the two older children were sleeping so Lindsay and Sterling could go to the hospital. It all went well and they have a sweet little girl! We were just glad that we answered our phones at 2 am!

Tuesday we woke up and got Chick-fil-a for breakfast and headed to the ATT store so we could get my grandparents a hotspot. My mom reworked her plan and even with adding their hotspot on it is now cheaper. So excited to be able to send them pictures of Caroline and movies so they can watch her grow. We also went to Joann's and Caroline decided she really liked her stroller and didn't want to get in the car. It was slightly traumatic but we got home and she immediately went down for a nap
Tuesday was much better.

After a great two weeks with my mom here (parties, cleaning, babysitting) we got her packed up and took her to the airport. I ran errands and took some more things to Goodwill and it was so fast! I was so glad that I was able to get a lot of things done while she was here. She treated us to Fudrucker's before she left which we loved and so did Caroline. We miss her but it is nice to have more room in our living room.

Thursday and Friday were slow family days. Ben had the day off! He skipped lecture and we picked up the house and went to Costco to stock up for the month. We also made a poster for the Med-Peds group at his school--he was so glad he married an ElEd major. I also was able to sell and get products ready for my teacher pay teacher store--so excited for the new things I have posted.

Caroline had already had a friend party but we decided to do a brunch to celebrate her birthday with Ben's classmates. I made cinnamon rolls and we cut up a delicious watermelon. It was so fun to have them all over! We love Ben's classmates so so much and it was fun to entertain in our little home. Emma made the most adorable doggy cake--it was so hard to cut because it was so darn cute. I told her Caroline would never have a cake this cute. Caroline was spoiled with attention and it made for a really long afternoon nap. While everyone was over Ben and I were sweating. Big time and we knew our AC must not be working. Since it was the weekend and chances of someone coming out and being able to fix it were slim we just emailed our realtor to let her know we would call on Monday to have someone come out. She was a little shocked because someone was out on Monday to fix it and we were shocked that she was shocked because its twenty years old and dying. We are looking forward to our electric bills being less than $170 for a small apartment--and we don't even turn it low (lowest is 75 degrees). Ben and I had somethings to get at Target (like milk...and whole tomatoes...and bananas). Caroline had a ball in the cart and we rented Muppets Most Wanted. I was expecting it to be like the first muppets and was slightly let down but it was entertaining.

Today was the first Sunday that I didn't feel so tired I could pass out! I had my young women's lesson together and Caroline took a nap before. We were ready to leave 25 minutes before church started. It just doesn't happen that often at our house. Ben and I are really bad because we like to talk and work on our lessons together during Caroline's nap even though they are already done...and getting ready gets put until the last minute. Church was good but we really miss our class. We really like young women's though and the girl's are THE BEST. I started the lesson and then I found out Ben was getting set apart. So I went to Elder's Quorum and Ben got set apart--so glad I was there. After church Caroline and I took naps and we both woke up sweaty! Gross! To prevent heating up the house we had leftovers---thank goodness for beef stroganoff and burrito bowls!!! We went over to visit baby Molly and the Haws family--and their air conditioning was a welcomed bonus! Molly was adorable! I can't believe that Caroline was ever that small or light! It was fun to visit with them. After that I went to the seminary fireside and Ben skyped with his family and put Caroline to bed.

Fingers are crossed for a fixed/replaced air conditioner soon!!!

The DOGGY Cake. Caroline was so excited about this and Ben and I were floored because of how awesome it was. THANK YOU EMMA!

Med School friends! We seriously are so so thankful for everything they ALL have done for our little family. Caroline is the most loved 1 year old there is! Caroline was so spoiled and we are so grateful that they came to celebrate her birthday!

See. Obsessed with the CAKE.

She inched her way closer and closer! 

She loved the oranges Erin brought her--and the AWESOME BOOKS too!

Nemo! She's watched snippets of the movie and the fish mesmerize her!

The 22 pound babe and the best nurses ever! We love them so much!

Loving the sunglasses

Keeping Caroline entertained before the shots. And she is the little stink that walks more at the doctors office than she does at home.

She loved shopping at the AT&T store. It is one of the biggest ones! Lots of crawl space!

She even did some inventory and rearranging for them!

Enjoying the cool hallway! 

Waiting to get in the car...her least favorite thing.

Sleeping after the zoo!

All she wanted was a red cup! 

Enjoying a Home Depot trip for a bucket. Hellooooo 25 pound bag of flour!

While I was at Tuesday night activities...these two played!

Wind in her hair

Just imagine this turned around. Look at that poster designed by my husband. ;)

Reflection time


You've been warned. This chef taste tests everything before she serves it!

My helper

Water was everywhere! But she's so gosh darn cute about it all. 
Loving her new books. Love my book baby :)