Monday, September 29, 2014

Up! Up! And Away!

Flying this time with Caroline was a breeze! We found out at the airport that southwest no longer uses plastic free bags to wrap carseats but they sell them for 15 bucks. We were bummed but once we got a bag it was the best deal! We had looked at several bags but the quality was really not so great. So we were so pleased with our 15 dollar purchase that we can reuse and reuse.

On our way to Texas the flight attendants announced that the plane would be full--bummer! I was crossing my fingers that we could at least manipulate having a middle seat to ourselves too. Well, before we knew it the doors were closed and Caroline and I had our own row!  JACKPOT! When does that happen?!? Caroline loved looking out the window. We read lots of books, ate lots of snacks, and watched Curious George. Caroline played peek-a-boo with one of our seat neighbors. She was the best little flyer. Caroline did however find that she really likes the "yogurt" off of yogurt covered raisins. She would eat off the yogurt and started to place the leftover raisin in my hand. Disgusting. So we switched snack gears really fast. It's so funny how she decided to snack on the plane.

On the way back the airport was crazy because all of the flights going to Chicago were cancelled and people were being rerouted. We sat on the very last row and this sweet couple sat next to Caroline and I. Caroline adored them--and luckily it was mutual. They would play and read with her. The husband pulled out his iphone and let Caroline play on apps that his grandkids would use. I couldn't have gotten luckier. Also, they had gone through med school and residency so it was fun to talk to them. Caroline fell asleep in the wife's arms and they carried her off the plane for me. It was one of those times where you think---the world isn't all that bad! They gave us their contact info in we ever have any questions. We lucked out yet again--I think even better than the first time that we flew.

When we got out of the terminal and saw Ben he was shocked that Caroline was still asleep. We walked over to baggage and Caroline shot up and smiled so big because she saw her daddy. It was the sweetest thing ever. She helped--well, "helped" him grab out bag and car seat and was so happy to be home. I am so glad we had awesome flights--I'm always a little terrified flying by myself because it's just me and Caroline but we made it!

Saying goodbye to Houston! Right before this there were workers on the ground waving at Caroline and she was waving back. So cute!

Look at this girl! She was out after that flight!

Getting her wiggles out

She found the best snack machine ever--the ice cream one!

So fascinating! 

This is one of my favorites! We were playing peek-a-boo and she gave me this face. Love it!

Curious about everything

She loved her new book that got for her plane ride! Something new to explore!

Curious about landing

So much hair now!

So excited to see her Grams!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back in the saddle!

Caroline and I just got home from a trip to Texas (the blog absence) and we had a blast! I am going to be catching up this week on our recent happenings. Caroline was adorable as ever and we loved the airplane ride, visiting my mom, spending time at my grandparents, Caroline meeting her Great Aunt Kay, my 4 hour nap, Caroline getting 4 molars at once (ok, maybe not love this one), a little bit of shopping, and then returning home to Ben (we so missed him!). These are a few of my favorites just glancing at the pictures that we took.

We went to lots of parks

And Caroline just had a ball
Swings some more!

Dirt on her hands, face, and knees

Watching my Grandpa on the tractor

Goldfish snack and kisses with grams!
My mom had a real hard time letting us on the airplane!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Pad of Splashing

So we went to the Zoo today and we also visited the splash pad! Needless to say, Caroline loved it so much! She was such a busy bee that I had a hard time capturing her face of giddy excitement before she moved on to the next thing (I've been go through lots of wet bum shots). When I found this gem, I just had to post it! Thank goodness summer is year round here because we will be enjoying the splash pad!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Simply Caroline

Caroline really is our whole world and we are really loving this stage that she is in right now. We are constantly playing, learning, and exploring. We are also constantly cleaning up the trail that she leaves behind, sweeping up crumbs, and doing lots of laundry--but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Caroline loves muffins, so I make banana chocolate chip muffins just about every week. She really loves rice and if she sees it--we might as well not give her anything else. Gogo's go fast around our house and yogurt covered raisins. C still likes her water on the rocks.
On Monday when I got out of the car she turned to Ben and said "Mama-ByeBye" and then melted into tears. BUT she put two words together which is awesome. She says shoes, mama, dada, bye bye, gogo, book, doggy, kitty, Jesus, amen, and grandpa (bam-pa). There are others but those are the ones that stick out. C also points at anything that she wants.

Caroline loves playing. She loves peek a boo and hiding under blankets to surprise us. Book are her favorite. She can sit and read her books for 20 minutes at a time which is so impressive. Another favorite is when we read together. Pat-a bunny has lost two pages and she really loves books that she can touch and feel or lift parts up. It is easily her most loved book so far.

She loves music and dancing and clapping and giggling. All of those seem to go together really well.
She also loves trash and trying to stick her hand in the trash can (ewww). We invested in child locks this week to keep her out of some of the cabinets. Caroline loves to walk and follow me around the house and push things--it makes her giggle when she does that. 

Caroline is very particular when she does to bed. She has to have a binky in her mouth and then one in each hand. If only they sold them in pack of 3 instead of 2. Haha. We are working on breaking the habit...most days. She loves the stairs and can go up and down--and she usually goes up when she wants to play and explore upstairs or if she is extremely tired. 

She's adorable. We get hugs and kisses and I am so so glad that I get to stay home with her!
We went to Ikea yesterday and here are some pictures of her fun time exploring.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

On Top of the World

This week was so much fun! It was busy but that makes life fun.

Monday I felt like we were getting our groove back. Ben felt better and so did I. Instead of a regular Monday I had a doctor's appointment so we all went into downtown. Ben dropped me off at my appointment and took Caroline to school with him. Once I was done the plan was to meet Ben at his school--it took me so long to find them and then the building security officer wouldn't let me through until Ben came down. Caroline was having the time of her life pacing the halls and distracting everyone. To calm things down we went and played in the student lounge--which was HUGE. Caroline loved watching people and playing with the pool balls. Once we left, C was exhausted and passed out in the car. Once she woke up we went to Hobby Lobby and a Party City for some home and Young Women's things. So excited to have a Hobby Lobby closer. We all rested when we got home and had a relaxed Family Home Evening.

Tuesday was busy and great! We went to a new park called "Wild Lime". Google Maps didn't quite have the directions right so we made a few circles before calling Kenzi and getting correct directions. It was a cool park but was just wet from raining earlier in the morning. I love our mom's group and watching Caroline play. I also had young women's and we went and did visiting teaching with some sisters in the ward. It was really fun and I met someone knew that I didn't know. However, once it was over it began to rain so hard I couldn't see the road. Gotta love Florida rainstorms(they remind me of Texas so I really do love them, but not so much driving in them). 

Not too many weeks can go by before we visit the zoo. We met Lindsey, Kenzi, and Julia and their kiddos and explored the zoo. It's even more fun with friends. Caroline loved the animals and it was probably our longest zoo trip yet. The best part--letting her do some of the walking. Once we got home Caroline napped and we did a little bit of everything in the afternoon. We emptied bookshelves and read all the books, played with water, played on the ipad and lots of other fun things. I have "Fun things to do" list on our fridge and it definitely helps to keep Caroline busy and the tv off. That night we had a girl's night and it was much needed. We went to a fancy bowling alley called "Splitsville" and ordered yummy food and had lots of girl talk. I didn't bow because of my nasty toe nail tear off from last week and I'm kind of a germaphobe about sharing shoes. It was fun and Ben took care of Caroline while I had some "mommy time".

Lately I have been in this clean out mood. I've been getting rid of lots of much stuff. Ben has been warned that he and Caroline may be the only things left. We no longer have CD drives so I want to get rid of all of those and books and things that are cluttering our house. I have a huge box to take to goodwill--if I can lift it. Caroline and I just played and read books and cleaned up clutter. Ben came home after studying for his test and then I went to the temple with the youth. The most awesome thing was (other than going to the temple) is that my temple dress is getting bigger. I've been eating only one dessert a week and gosh darn it it better be working! I made it to the temple and back but really missed Caroline and Ben. 

With his upcoming test, Ben had to study Saturday morning. Caroline and I went and dropped him off at school and then we went to Fairchild Gardens! We just got our official pass so we went and explored the rainforest train and the palm pond trail. It was so fun and we were alone! In the Florida Wilderness--it's probably the most alone I've felt since we've been here in Miami. People are everywhere but Caroline and I got to explore without another human in site. I'm pretty sure we were the only people under 50 there too. I've been practicing with our point and shoot camera so I can train Ben up on how to take pictures. It in now way compares to my Nikon but it's fun to have a camera that Ben isn't afraid of using. Caroline napped after and Ben finished early. We watched some football games and enjoyed a calm night. Oh, I made cinnamon ribbon bread--easy and so delicious. Ben enjoyed his treat :)

Our stake had it's 5th stake conference this year down in Homestead. It was a fun little drive down to the chapel. Ben watched Caroline and I did ASL interpreting which was a lot. But I met two sweet ladies and it was fun to interpret. I miss Sign Language. Caroline was a riot and played a lot with the people around her. After stake conference we all napped and relaxed. It was a nice Sunday and we really enjoyed the earlier church. We skyped with our families, fixed dinner, and went on a long walk. Caroline was so exhausted she couldn't stand up. We had a great week and are looking forward to having more adventures this week.

The regular look I get

Hanging with the chimps

Cool animals

Whooshing water and blurry faces at Fairchild Gardens

Our Sunday Walk..or...RUNAWAY from Mom and Dad. 

Playing in the student lounge! 

Listening to the anatomy wisdom of the first year students

This girl.

Deciding how to spend her $1 at the "dollar-ish" store. She decided to save it until next time.

The girl and her books

Caroline loves Luke

Going downstairs--No problem! 

Reading books in diapers

Waiting for Ben at the train station

She's just as much a morning person as I am!

At the ZOO!!!

Giraffes! Giraffes!

The giraffes and chimps wore her out!

Book and Belly

The zoo is way more fun when you can walk!

Water playing!

This week she learned all about accessories!

"No" is really hard on this girl. 

More Fairchild

We are working on this selfie thing.

Spotting butterflies


Camera contraption

Help me. Not her. Me.

Adding color to my skirt.

Our walk!

Finally getting a coveted tennis ball