Sunday, November 30, 2014

Counting and Having My Husband Home

This week was a fabulous one. I hope I can squeeze everything in!

Monday I was still a little under the weather and Caroline woke up with a temperature. She just wasn't herself but she was extra cuddly. We spent the morning at home and by the evening her temp was under 100 and she was acting more like herself. Ben was able to come home early and take care of both of his girls. Major shout out to my awesome husband for keeping the house together while I was sick...the dishes were done, floor swept, meals made. He's the best. Frozen was played at our house probably 20 times (we skip the scary snow monster parts) and enjoyed being in our pj's most of the day.

Tuesday we were both better and Ben had some school things but came home. He went to Costco and Publix for our Thanksgiving groceries which I was so grateful for because I didn't quite feel good enough to go to the store. Caroline was the silliest and spent the evening pretending that she was talking on the phone and taking selfies by holding the phone up to her and saying cheese. It was so silly and since I take her picture all the time its funny how quickly she had picked up on that. Maybe we need to use our phones less...even though we've been working on that. I deleted facebook because I never post but spend a little too much time on it...I have this like/hate relationship with it and have been tossing around the idea of deleting it.

Wednesday Ben stayed home! He took us to IKEA and we got one of Caroline's Christmas gifts and the store was empty so we danced, ran, and went spinning down the maze-y aisles of the store. It was so much fun and the perfect morning for it. Afterwards we went to Chik-fil-a for lunch which was a real treat. The weather was cooler so Caroline wore her jacket and ended up getting soaked in some puddles. Oh to be a toddler. That night we made pies and cranberry sauce and cream of mushroom soup! I seriously love all of the holiday cooking and planning it all out. It was pretty stress free and I am even more glad I didn't have to do the grocery shopping for it all. Basically lucked out!

Thursday was pretty calm. We watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade a frozen in the morning. It was nice to just spend time with my little family. I love them so so much. Caroline required a few walks and I made green bean casserole and rolls for our Thanksgiving Dinner with friends. This year we started a small group and it became big and it was AWESOME. The Hadley's hosted and their sweet girls would watch after the babies so we could talk, they had a ginormous and poop-free backyard so Caroline ran and ran, and there were so many people there that it was a party. We really enjoyed ourselves and we didn't realized how little Caroline actually ate until she was in bed, not sleeping, and I went up and she wanted a go-go. Haha. We sent her to bed without supper. She had a gogo and roll before getting really tired and she went back to bed. It was just funny that we totally forgot to make sure that she ate.

Friday was Christmas tree day!!! We got down the Christmas tree and tidied up our down stairs. Caroline was so mesmerized by the Christmas tree, lights, and ornaments. One of the moments that you wish you could bottle up and revisit it any time you want. We setup the tree and during naptime Ben wrapped the lights so the tree glows...our 12 dollar tree looks like a million bucks. That morning I also took family pictures for Sterling and Lindsay. Afterwards we went to Target and there was NO ONE there. It was eerie and weird considering it was black friday and last year at the same time it was packed with people. All of the cashiers said it was a slow year. We didn't get anything other than a few necessities and we stayed away from all of the other stores.

Saturday we went to the Zoo! C and I hadn't been in a long time and it was nice to go with Ben! We went and saw a whole section of the zoo that we hadn't before and loved it. The Amazon section was huge and the otters and the big fish were our favorite part. We also got to see them feed the sting rays which was so cool. The zoo girl was telling us all sorts of fun facts about them. We basically had the place to ourselves and were the first people in that day. As we were leaving there were herds of people entering the zoo. We went at the perfect time. That afternoon we went to a park and then to Barnes and Noble. Caroline toddled off and we found her surrounded by books and reading. It was the most adorable thing ever.

Today was perfect. We slept in and got ready for church. Caroline was hilarious at church. She wore her sunglass-less sunglasses, played the piano, and drew on chalkboards. Church is entertaining and a work out with that girl around. We came home a little early because they were discussing how to clean the church (use the blue chemical on windows, use the yellow on everything else) and Caroline was just not having any of that. Ben and I made a mini-Thanksgiving of our own complete with a perfect oven roasted chicken, the best ever sweet potatoes, homemade green bean casserole, and my familiy's tradition...and we are keeping it going because it's so gosh darn delicious...dirty rice...a few of our favorites that we didn't get to enjoy on Thanksgiving. We have leftovers for the entire week :). Caroline enjoyed facetiming/skyping both my mom and Ben's family. Saying we miss them is an understatement but we get to see them all THIS MONTH.

She loves the hippos!

Love my girl

Monkey watching!

My favorite. Monkey calling.


Sick Caroline

Caroline at the park watching the tennis players

We still love Target

Especially all of the balls outside the store

Ikea love

Puddle exploring in her signature jacket. Walmart. 1 dollar. Even Better.

Testing out the big glass window. A few kids walked right into it. Sad but so so funny.

Crazy lady

Daddy and the girl


Ruby! We love her!

So much open space. Thank you Hadley's!

This is awesome.

Loving the lights

This lights up too, Mom!


The happiest girl around

Some turkey.



Loving the Amazon!

The otters put on the best show...lots of bubbles to catch too!

Isn't this gator thing the coolest?

Book reading...or adding to her Christmas list

Ben WAS worried about too many decorative pillows. Now he's worried about too many stuffed animals. Carolin. Doggy, Ellie, Pink Kitty.

Church entertaining. She danced during the hymns today.

Those glasses.

I seriously can't not laugh when I look at them.

Playing with Clarke. He's the best sport in the world.

Piano Baby.

Chalk fun.

Frozen watching.

The PERFECT chicken. I don't normally post food but this is seriously the easiest one hour chicken ever.

We don't always go all out, but when we's dang delicious.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Well. Last week was kind of a blur, I may get to it, I may not. The armageddon sinus infection hit and Friday I was beggggging Ben to come home because I it hurt to breath and I could only see 3 feet in front of me and my curious little toddler has this things about never being 3 feet in front of me and I felt like a bad mom, individual, and wife because I was so useless, so yeah. Husband of the week award.

Ben basically took care of me and Caroline all weekend. And he took care of the house. I don't know how much he understands that taking care of the house also deserves an epic amount of thanks. The dishes were done every night, the floor swept, the floor vacuumed (and the vacuum cleaned was in desperate need), trash taken out, every meal taken care of, the works. I know I am one lucky lady. And I also know I crumble when I feel bad. By Sunday were planning on going to Urgent Care but then got some sweet doctor hook-ups from our favorite friends and picked up a prescription instead of waiting an hour and a half to wait another half an hour to see a doctor. So grateful.

Monday, I woke up feeling better but then Caroline was not herself and she was radiating heat. We snuggled all morning and were eager for Ben to come home. That girl is something else too when she is sick. We all crumble for her and just doted on her every need...if that's even possible. We stayed up way to late watching news unfold and relaxing because Ben's half week of school was only full of lectures and meetings and no tests. It was so nice.

After almost 14 hours of sleep the little girl was better today. Not all the way herself but she was walking around in the morning making sure we had locked the cabinets to see if there was any mischief for her and asked for "eggies" and "gogo" for breakfast. Ben came home asked me what groceries we need for the week and then headed to Costco and Publix (only after he scoured the ad's to check prices and guarantee the best deal) while Caroline and I slept. He's the best. We celebrated my ability to eat and that I was starving with In-n-Out night and played with Caroline. Simply the best way to spend an evening.

We have NO SCHOOL looming over us for a few days and there's just this nice balance. I like it but I'll wait the 7 years or more before I really get to enjoy it for a little bit longer. But it does exist and that is one thing out of millions of things I am so so grateful for.

Snuggling the baby girl. Doesn't get any sweeter or sadder when she is sick. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hopping Parks and Horses

This week was great! It went by fast and I am so so grateful for all of my friends that I got to do things with and Caroline who keeps life fun and entertaining. Ben was studying but spent as much time as he could at home and let me sleep in on Saturday AND Sunday. He's the best

Monday we went to playgroup at the church. Lindsay planned a cute little turkey craft and games. Caroline loved running around the gym and following the bigger kids around. It was nice to play and let Caroline just run where ever she wanted. We also took a few laps around the building and stopped in the nursery to play with the horsey. That night after dinner we went and walked around the Falls and Caroline just walked back and forth across the bridges and I scored some 3 dollar gymboree shorts for her for Christmas. Because it was a weeknight the mall was pretty empty so we just let Caroline roam on her own. She's so independent now.

Tuesday Caroline slept in until 8:00 but by 10:30 she was down for a nap. She was so so tired and she slept until 12:30. After we had lunch we went to Coral Reef Park and took a lap before we came to the park. Caroline walked the whole way and helped push her stroller. It's her new way of helping and it just makes me laugh. A trip to the park is made even better if we run into a puppy...and we found a fluffy one! We played on the swings and slides and then walked back to the car.

Wednesday was library day! One of my favorites! I love the songs that they do and Caroline just dances, bounces, and directs along! Afterwards, we went to the back of the library where there is a track-ish loop and a really cool/artsy statue of a dog. We snacked and then went home. Caroline sometimes just really doesn't like getting in the car and I feel awful for forcing her too while she is screaming and twisting but she has to be safe. I've found a few tricks that work sometimes to make getting into the car easier. We came home and napped and then started for our family pictures! Ben had a doctors appointment and school and rushed home so we could all get ready and prepared for family pictures. We met at a park and our photographer was perfect! She would seriously take a pictures and say "ok, I've got it!" So we would "pose", she would snap a picture and then Caroline would run and play. It was perfect. Afterwards, we went to VooDoo BBQ for dinner and then came home. We were all tired but I stayed up to look at some of our pictures that Nicole sent us.

Thursday morning we ran some errands and then went to Fairchild. They have started setting up for their Chiluly exhibit. So we would walk and watch them setup these glass blown sculptures. It was so so cool and we will probably never get to see that again--it's so expensive to get into the places that usually host them. Caroline was mesmerized because the sculptures were being assembled in the little lakes and people were in waders just walking around...I'm sure she just wanted to join them. We went to the butterflies and one of the volunteers adopted Caroline and showed her where all of the puddles of water were so she could splash. It was kind of nice so I could take a look at some of the butterflies and fountains. That afternoon we went to the park and played for over an hour. Ben stopped by and we played some more before going home. We had dinner and then Ben went to go study.

Friday we went to the library and on a walk. We found some horses and Caroline had a long conversation with them. We also went to Trader Joe's and hung out at home because I had a headache that got a little worse that afternoon. Before Ben came home we went and played and went down some slides at a park close by. Ben came home and Caroline went to sleep and we had a little date night and watched "Maleficent". I really liked it and thought it was really well done.

Saturday I woke up to waffles with Caroline and Ben! The sweetest surprise ever!!! Ben decided to study at the undergrad and couldn't go in as early. After he left, we went over to Julia's! Her husband is always busy and my husband is busy so it was nice to let our kiddos play together and have the day go by faster. We went to the park and there were so many nice mom's there. There was a little girl named Caroline too there so our kiddos were a little confused because they kept hearing their names. Another girl also came up to me and said "Your baby is so cute! Can I hold her?" Then she picked her up and Caroline loved being toted around. Caroline also got really brave and can now go down the slide all by herself...where is my baby going??? We went back and had lunch and just played with our little kiddos and had some good mommy chats. Peter doted on Caroline and Caroline loved playing with Lila! We came home and Caroline slept and slept. I made a new recipe for dinner, talked to my mom, grandparents, and cleaned up the house a little. Ben came home and we caught up on some of our shows and watched football.

Sunday I woke up at 8:00 in a panic and Ben and Caroline were playing downstairs! It was so nice to sleep in two mornings in a row. Ha! Caroline had an early nap and we got ready for church. Church was good. I did ASL and Ben was the best and chased after Caroline for me. During Sunday school she played with Aly and they had a grand time together. Afterwards we came home, put together dinner and took naps while Ben studied. We skyped family and had a calm evening...those don't happen too often.


Isn't that gorgeous...super pretty in person

That's my girl!

Watching! Watching!

Oyster Cracker Snacks

So the boat with balls is a big problem because Caroline wants to play with them!

Crunch crunch 

She is a pro!

Cheering on the races and chasing after balls!

Favorite horse!

Ruffruff love!

At least one bathroom looks like this on a daily basis.

That face--like--Sorry mom for the mess I made that I get to watch you pick up.

Ruff ruff! 
I asked C to hold onto her soccer ball and she found it rested just fine in her cup holder.


Relaxing and watching other kiddos

I'm telling you...oyster crackers are the thing to snack on.

Puzzle solving.


Telling me all about the doggy!

Annual family picture selfie

My best friend. 

I'm a retired stroller mama! Ha! She does all the work!

Looking at all of the fish!


Testing out the cafe chairs. We are thinking Ben will treat us here after his test tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

Snuggling with my sleeping baby. THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

Lunch time! 

So we went to HOBBY LOBBY and pick out Christmas wrapping paper. Anyways, this girl POSED for the pictures. LOVE HER.

Picture for study daddy

After bath snuggles

If only I looked this good in the morning with my sunglasses on. Jealous.


Seriously my favorite cheesey girl!

Testing out all of the parking spots in our neighborhood.


Caroline treasures--love them

Horsey rides

Park + Doggy = Caroline bliss

Gotta color. Gotta color.

Bless this sweet girl who toted Caroline around for a little bit.

Soccer ball!

Resting before returning to playing!!!

Playing dressup!