Sunday, January 25, 2015

Caroline at the park

This week for playgroup we met up at a park in Coral Gables. It was the perfect park and now that I'm a mom, there are certain criteria that a park must meet for us to love it. This park was small, just for little people, everything was low, it was fake grass, closed in and our friends were there--perfect park. We will definitely go back and I loved driving by all of the pretty houses and huge trees in Coral Gables. I am so glad we have a great group of moms and sweet friends to play with. The weather has been pretty nice so we have been soaking in lots of outside time. Anyways, here are some pictures of Caroline sliding, running, and playing.

Slowing it down ||January||

We had a pretty slow and calm week around our house. Ben has been studying a lot because of a test that he has tomorrow and with STEP 1 coming up he's putting in lots of extra time. We've also been pretty competitive with our Fitbit's this past week which has been fun both encouraging one another and then trying to beat each other at the same time. Caroline has been her busy bee self and I just love her. She has been talking more and more which is so fun to listen to. I've been trying to take lots of videos because I love her jibber jabber and want to remember it forever. I did a pretty awful job at taking pictures this week but here's what else we were up to.

Monday we went to the a previous blog post.

Tuesday we adjusted to having Ben gone. We love having him home so much that it makes it hard when real life calls back. We went to play group and ran errands that afternoon. (see, not much happening). 

Wednesday Caroline's runny nose got a lot runnier but we still went to the library and shared snacks with some new friends afterwards. It's nice to meet new mom's and toddlers that are Caroline's age. Caroline really took to the dog statue and gave it a hug. I sent Ben a picture and said this is my idea of a dream dog. He didn't think it was too funny. Ben had a late day and Caroline crawled in the stroller after dinner so we went on a long walk around our neighborhood. 

Thursday morning Caroline woke up super early and since Ben and I stayed up late it made for a slow start. Once again, my strollerphobic baby climbed in her stroller so we went to Target for some cleaning 409 stuff that we ran out of and a container to finally organize all of our medicines and drugs (and by drugs I mean, bottles of nyquil). We came back and the weather was nice enough so we went to the zoo. Caroline rode in the stroller part of the time, pushed the stroller, and walked. We were at the zoo for maybe an house before she tuckered right out. Before naps she had lunch and slid down her slide that she loves so much. 

Friday, we were worried about her nose because it had been running and running all week and it wasn't getting better. With a Texas trip approaching we wanted to make sure C was ok so we went to the doctor. She must have known something was happening because she chucked a stuffed toy in the toilet. I'm hoping that since she was really sad about not being able to play with it because it was gross that she won't throw things in the toilet again. It made me laugh. The doctor's office was fine...she said just to keep sucking and salining her nose and we watched Frozen and colored while we waited. Caroline was not very cooperative and cried more this visit than ever before. Why do they need to look in her nose anyways? Ha. Poor girl and poor resident that first checked her out.
Ben came home while we were playing with bubbles in the back patio. Caroline was covered in sticky dirt so we threw her in the tub and she loved the early bathtime. I had a sinus headache and sore throat so Ben put his girl's to bed and enjoyed some EPSN time.

Saturday Ben studied all day and my throat was still sore so I just took it easy. Caroline played and played and played. Thank goodness for all of the Christmas toys that she got--it kept us entertained. We also popped lots of popcorn and watched movies (and watched meaning we had them on while we played). Caroline loves popcorn or "pop-pock!". We all went to bed early and we also finished folding all of our clothing. Laundry isn't my fav.

Sunday was Caroline's first Sunday in nursery! We are so grateful for nursery! Caroline had a lot of fun...bubbles, singing, coloring, playing...all the things were right up her ally. I'm so glad that Lindsey is the nursery leader because Caroline already knows her and she understands toddlers really well. Hopefully it keeps going smoothly.

I love her waking up faces

Hugging the huge doggy

Stroller climbing

My favorite girl to snuggle

We love the dinos at the zoo!

The first pack-n-play

Look at those eyes just plotting the escape.

These are crocodiles but recently Caroline has been obsessed with saying "al-gador" and "chomp chomp" so we had to check out a look alike

Bears need to slide too

My new hairstylist

I love watching C brush her teeth...check out that toddler proof bathroom in the mirror (shower curtain tied up and no toilet paper on the roll...what has happened to me?!?!)

The poor doggy

Innocently playing with Mickey 

Waiting at the doctors office...peek-a-boo barn is a must!

My bubble buddy

She can blow bubbles like a pro (and she says the soap is "nummy!")


Talking with bubbles

Vacuuming with mom! If only I had a dyson ;)

The never a bottle baby bottle feeding a baby


So tired after nursery!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's 5 o'clock somewhere

After going to the Keys I have decided I am totally fine living by crystal blue water and tropical temperatures year round. Monday morning we had breakfast and jumped in the car. The night before I packed up all of our snacks, beach supplies, water bottles were out ready to be filled, flip flops out, and the ipad charged and loaded with movies (Thanks Matt and Kenzi!), and camera bag ready to go. We left just as early as we wanted too and Ben drove down while Caroline and I watched "Frozen" in the back. Our goal was to make it to Marathon and we did--easy peasy and Caroline was fantastic in the car.

Our first stop was Aquarium Encounters--it was really cool, not worth the price, but it was a great break to get out of the car. There were two huge tanks--one with a coral reef and fish and manta rays and the other full of sharks. It was so fun to watch the sea creatures in those tanks. There were small pool-ish tanks full of manta rays that were really cool. Caroline had a blast petting them and beckoning them with her splashes. Another small pool was full of hardshell rays and starfish that you could pick up and touch. Caroline spent sometime playing in the sandbox and walking back and forth on the floating dock. There were cool lagoons too and the whole place was new and looking like they were adding and expanding--so maybe in the future it will be more worth the value.

After the aquarium we went to the beach. We hadn't really planned on going (or much) just planned on being flexible and doing as much as we could with Caroline. But there was a fantastic little beach 10 minutes down the road called Sombrero Beach! It was perfect. The water was blue and crystal clear at the shore, no seaweed, and the sand was perfect. It was quite picturesque with sailboats in the background and families around us which I really loved. After about an hour we decided it was time to head to grab lunch/dinner on Key Largo and then head home. Traffic was really slow on the one and sometimes two lane roads so it took us a while to get back. We went to Mrs. Mac's Kitchen recommended to us by some friends and it did not disappoint! Ben got blackened Mahi Mahi and I got a Hogfish delicious and the key lime pie was by far the best thing. We haven't been eating out at all so this was a real treat--dessert and fresh seafood.

The ride home was smoother and Caroline and I watched Frozen for the 3rd time. We got home and unloaded the car, vacuumed it out, and then Ben looked at me and said "What do you want to do next?" Ha! It was only 4:00 and he wanted to get the most excitement out of his last MLK day off for a while. We did the whole trip for less than $100 but decided we would do it again just for the beach because it was so wonderful. Anyways. Here's a slew of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

Taking it all in.

Big tank. Little girl.


Daddy and C

The Rays were so friendly. Every once in a while they would splash us.

Cool sea star

I love this one!

Digging in the sandbox. The family next to us told their kids to enjoy playing in the most expensive sandbox. Haha. We couldn't have agreed more!

So much for a photo op.

The View

This bird ate a fish right in front of us and then flew off!

Caroline loved the floating dock

The beach babe.

Sand explorer

Seriously it doesn't get any better

The bathing suit bum

I don't know who those kids are but we sure liked watching them...a family with 5 boys!...must be entertaining!

My favorite shot...again.

She has him wrapped. Love watching how much they love each other. Ben is the best daddy.

Snack time...we went through lots of popcorn.

Roadtrip trooper

Doggy came along for the ride

I phone shots because they are pretty good too!

Tiptoes and a twist

The bridge to the beach


The water was a little cold but perfect for play

All tired out!