Monday, February 23, 2015

Splash Pad and Friends!

Today we went to the ZOO! We went through a spell of no-zoo trips for a while but we are really loving going and having fun with friends. Caroline is so independent that it helps to have other toddlers and friends for her to chase...when it's just me there is no mercy and she is off and running. Ruth and Will are so much fun and it's nice to have mom time too. The weather was PERFECT today. Miami, stay like this forever and I will love you forever. It wasn't humid, the sun was shining, and the temperature was 75. I figured Caroline would want to splash and just let her go in her clothes--we changed in the car, had lunch, and then went down for a nap after. We are going to miss the zoo when we move and our friends!
I'm pretty sure the hippos are her favorite thing to climb on. 

It's even more fun when Ruth and Will join in!

I love it when C runs like this. She's a lady on a mission and serious about it...while wide hands and moving arms.

She was sooooo happy to splash!

Then she decided her goldfish needed to splash. Well, they got a little wet but she didn't seem to mind.

She's checking on her goldfish and will is totally posing for the camera...he's well trained!

I can't get over that smile!

Happiness! Pure happiness!

Ruth was with the rest of us "Your goldfish are wet!"

Zoo Date with Daddy and the Dinos!

Before our trip to Texas, Ben took a weekend off from Studying and played with us. He came home on a Friday early enough for us to hit the zoo! We had seen the dinosaurs and wanted to check them out with Ben. It was basically the only way I would get pictures of Caroline haha. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed our long walk checking out the animals and the dinosaurs.
Caroline is a big fan of most of the dinosaurs. Most of them move--and a few of them--like the t-rex, frighten her a little bit.

Saying HELLO!

Telling Mama and Dada all about the dino


So curious about these strange animals!

The elephants were also pretty engaging. They were moving all around!

We ran into the Zoo Squad. Caroline wasn't too interested but when they walked away she was really sad. Gotta get her prepped for Disneyworld...someday.

Not so sure about that high-5

Freezing in Florida

We had a great week! It was pretty darn cold for Florida! It's fun to get all bundled up but sometimes it is just not as much fun. Caroline would agree that it is too much fuss--socks, shoes, jackets, long sleeves, and leggings--all too much work. We didn't see too much of Ben but we saw him allll day on Sunday and even had a whole afternoon to hang out as a family. We sure miss him but know he is working really hard.

Monday, was colored and played at home. We didn't do anything too special. Just relaxed, folded laundry, played with bubbles and went on walks. I love low key days where there isn't anything on our to do list--or I just ignore it and we do our own thing!

Tuesday, we went to playgroup and Caroline just blows me away with how brave she is. She was climbing the rock wall and going down the big slide and had so much fun. There was a little girl that just doted on her which made it even more fun. It was nice to catch up with Lindsay and Julia and play with their kiddos. Caroline is quite the social butterfly and loves playing with friends. 

Wednesday, we went to story time. People here are so funny! When it is cold and rainy they don't leave their houses. I would say the attendance was 1/3 what it normally was! On rainy days I'm running to do indoor things so we aren't cooped up at home. Maybe it's a cultural thing? I don't know but it's so random. Caroline loved library as always and was happy to be back in the groove of things. 

Thursday, Caroline had her 18 month appointment and we were in and out of there quick! It was our last appointment there unless we get sick which the chances are hopefully slim. Caroline was in the 80th percentile for height and 75th for weight. She's healthy, smart, and cute according to her doctor and very strong and a firecracker. Caroline was a pretty difficult patient since she knows what the doctor is all about. She only needed one last shot and we were good to go. Ben took his break early and we ran to Target for some essentials before we went real grocery shopping. He treated Caroline to popcorn and for $1.00 we were able to shop in peace. Ha! Caroline has been quite the shopper recently and keeps us on our toes.

Friday, Ben was finished early but stayed and studied. I made a loaded baked potato salad for an Elder's Quorum activity at the Hadley's that night. Caroline and I played and went to the Garden's with Julia, Peter, and Lila. It was so much fun even though we were freezing the first little bit we were there. The butterflied weren't super active but were much more cooperative than the toddlers when it came to taking pictures. That night we went to the Hadley's and stayed for an hour before Caroline totally melted. It was nice to have some adult mingle time and Caroline loved playing with the big girls.

Saturday, was kind of crazy. There was a young women's car wash that I went to in the morning. Ben and Caroline came to support too. Then Ben and I switched places so he could go study and he didn't come home until ten. That boy. He's such a good studier. 

Sunday, was Stake Conference and I got a call an hour beforehand to interpret ASL. That meant Caroline had Ben all to herself haha. After stake conference Ben and I were asking each other about the talks--which none of us remember because when your interpreting you literally don't remember very much because your brain is going 5,000 miles an hour and Ben walked 2 miles chasing after Caroline! Ha! We came home and took blissful 3 hour naps and Ben made Italian chicken for dinner. It was basically the best Sunday! I miss morning church! It was nice to have an evening together and Ben prepped for his test on Monday after Caroline went to bed. We could use more Sunday's like that.

We don't skimp on the crayons in this house!

Dino love!

This was a crazy day. But toys are everywhere, popcorn spilt on the floor, Caroline rolling around like a crazy child.

She loves "Goodnight Moon"

Library happiness

She is totally fascinated by puppets!

And she loves them!

Watching Aristocats with Daddy before he studies

If I stopped for too long Caroline would start dropping goldfish through the holes in the cart. Crazy girl.

Keeping ourselves entertained at the doctor's office.

Shopping bliss for us all.

Caroline hit me and I told her "Ouch. That hurt mama." And she totally broke down with full fledged crocodile tears. How tender.

Cool butterfly at Fairchild

They were hard to spot but were so coopertive when it came time for pictures

We got a shelf just for Caroline's toys! It's all organized so it's easy to clean up...instead of loose in our bookshelves. Ben got a great deal (as in more than half off!) and knows that it makes my heart so happy. Baby toys, tobbles, tea party, small stuffed animals, balls, dress up, puzzles, small animals, and grocery shopping supplies all have a spot. LOVE it.

We spent several afternoons on our patio playing with ice, bubbles, and chalk.

Sadly the chalk ended when she kept licking it. We will try again.

Can't get over how big she looks in her new keds! We found then for dirt cheap and Caroline loves them. I think that they are tied makes her feel like a big girl.

Can't get over my little girl. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Full of LOVE

We've been busy this week and last night (when I normally blog) Ben and I were fully immersed in the last two episodes of Downton Abbey for this season. It's one of our favorites and is totally worth waiting an entire year (almost) for the next season. 

Monday we flew back from Houston and had a fast flight (minus little bit's ears hurting as we were descending) and I was sooo happy to see Ben we both really missed him. We got home around 4 and I realized I hadn't eaten BREAKFAST or LUNCH. I was starving and begged Ben to order a pizza of which I think I ate half of--I usually only eat a slice or two so Ben was really shocked but I was starving after flying and skipping two meals. I learned my lesson but Caroline and Ben enjoyed having some junk food since we've been eating pretty darn clean since the new year.

Tuesday was playgroup and we exchanged Valentine's which was so fun. Caroline had no clue with what was going on but it was sweet to get together with our little group. I rolled my ankle when we first got there--flip flops, mulch, and playground equipment, and chasing a toddler aren't the best combo. Anyways, we got home and it swelled up--like double the size and I had a serious ugly was awful and ankles are supposed to heal super fast. Right? Ben came home and saw my ankle and grounded me to the couch he took care of dinner and the dishes. I had church and then we watched some of our favorite shows while Ben did some reviewing and notes organizing for school.

Wednesday I was on the couch the entire day icing my ankle and taking it easy. Caroline got whatever she wanted so it was probably the best day of the week for her. She ate probably 2 bags of popcorn, watched every show she wanted, and colored. We played with blocks and I organized a lot of her toys which was something much needed. Even though we didn't do much and I felt like a lame mom it was a fast day. Ben had a test Thursday so he came home for dinner and took Caroline on a long walk and got dinner together before he went to study. 

After a lame day I decided we needed to get out. We met Jewel, Brittany, and Julia at the zoo and went to the playground. My hopes were Caroline would be totally worn out and she would sleep but she didn't she just screamed for 45 minutes straight which was so strange! So no nap and no ankle rest but we played and she had an early bed time and Ben came home early which helped. I skyped with Jessica and we picked a new book to read and caught up. Good friends are the best.

Friday morning...dun..dun..dun. Well, remember how Caroline couldn't sleep for her nap on Thursday? I found out why! I opened her door and it stunk--like not dirty diaper smell but like reeked of poop. Yeah she had a huuuuge stinky diaper and got curious what was in her diaper and there was poop everywhere. On her clothes, fingernails, blanket. It wasn't too bad but the washer and dryer were really busy. I cleaned her up and everything was fine bit it was seriously so stinky and so just POOPY. Anyways, she took a great nap and Ben was done early. He came home early than I thought with a huge bouquet of roses and lilies for me and a brightly colored bunch for Caroline. It was perfect! We didn't do anything to special, just hung out together and relaxed.

Saturday, we had a hot date cleaning the chapel but we got there and two families came early and did it all so we went to lunch at VooDoo BBQ and I picked up a new shirt at Nordstrom Rack. Ben had let me sleep in and made breakfast and then insisted that I take a nap and he watched Caroline while  I went to Trader Joe's alone---the best treats ever. Trader Joe's was super busy and I grabbed somethings for dinner. We did "Sweet Tomatoes" at home--basically just a huge salad bar with our favorite toppings. Ben and I stayed up late watching Downton Abbey and just enjoyed being able to have an entire day together.

Sunday, we were juggling meetings and Caroline woke up tired and screamed a ton during her nap, so I skipped my meeting, Ben went to his, came home and helped with Caroline, and then we went to church, nothing too exciting. We skyped with Ben's family and got to see Amanda, David, Joey, and Lizzie after it had been much too long. Our crazy church schedules and time differences make it really hard to skype when Caroline is awake...Amanda and David are done with church right when Caroline goes to bed! Ben grilled chicken for dinner and we finished Downton--now onto another show!

Here's some pictures from the week!
Got our Texas photos back!

We played with ice one morning. It's so funny to me how Caroline can hold onto ice cubes for so long!

Gotta watch her like a hawk now!

She's been wearing funny!

Saying hi to the allgador

This tunnel was by far her favorite at the zoo playground. I promised her the splash pad next time we go...hopefully it stays warm!

Gorilla encounter

My funny Valentines

Caroline told us all about her flowers and properly inspected them. Ben was relieves he passed the test.

Can't get over those shoes--size 5! They are still a little big but I can't believe she's getting so big!

If you aren't shopping, Caroline is the best entertainment. If you are shopping, well, that's another story.

Wall of LOVE. Ben's family heart attacked us and my mom helped with the heart garland.

Making heart shaped cookies Sunday morning. We didn't get to it on Valentine's but hey...we believe in partying alllll month long.

She loves it.

Bottoms up! She's climbing and into everything. Sometimes I pickup messes only to have her distracted with making's hard to find motivation to clean up sometimes!

Ben seriously got the most gorgeous flowers...our house smells sooo good. 

A new favorite toy

The valentine's

Caroline enjoyed another week of sugar!

The crew
We've been spending A LOT of time playing with little people and Mr. Potatohead. I'm loving it!

Caroline is still figuring out what to do with Mr. Potatohead but she loves all of the pieces!

Favorite treat time.