Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We all scream for ice cream.

Whenever I talked to my mom about our trip she remarked on how every other picture was eating ice cream. I laughed because at first--no way--we didn't eat that much ice cream! But as I've scanned through pictures we definitely enjoyed our fair share of treats. Shave ice, Swig, Sweet Tooth Fairy, Aggie Ice Cream, BYU Ice Cream, Ice cream Sundae Bar--yup, looks like I have lots of pictures of treats! We were totally spoiled with treats and it was fun to catch some snapshots of the kiddos being kids and loving ice cream! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Playset Fun!

Right before Ben and I got married Cathy and Neil got rid of their play set. With grandkids coming this summer they decided to get a new one! Lucky Joey and Lucky Caroline! These kiddos played and played outside every time they got the chance. It was especially fun when Mimi would swing them, Emma would twist them on the tire swing, and when Caroline learned that she could face-plant off the slide over and over and over. It was quite the show at Jake's homecoming Ice Cream party. Caroline loved the new audience. I wish I would have gotten more pictures of these kiddos playing but I know they are going to have even more fun next year playing together! Such sweet summer memories.

Listing it!

Once we knew we were going to Utah this summer I began a list of things that I wanted to do--granted it will take a lot of trips to visit everything on my list! But since we know we are going back it's okay to just knock off a few at a time. One of the places was the Ogden Dinosaur Park and boy it did not disappoint. I just thought it was a playground but this place was Caroline heaven. She loves dinosaurs and she was so interested in all of them. I know we didn't see all of the dinos so it just means that we will have to go back next summer! From the actual dinos, to the park, to the digging this place was basically made just for us! Joey and Lizzie made the whole adventure even more fun. We really loved our time with them and miss them a lot!

Playing and Playing and Hukalia

One of the little people adventures involved going to the Children's Museum at the Gateway. Sometimes I think I missed my calling in life because I would LOVE to design a Children's Museum. So much fun. Earlier we had gone down to have lunch with Lauren and Maureen and dropped my rings off to get cleaned and some diamonds replaced. We just love Lauren and Maureen and we find any excuse to see them. It was good to catch up but we did not spend nearly enough time in Provo. 

We made our way back up to Salt Lake and met the rest of the family. Caroline had aunts and uncles to dote on her plus Granny and Bampa so Ben and I really got to sit back and watch her play. From the mini house to the water table to the helicopter--she was completely entranced and played her little heart out. I'm a huge fan of this place and can't wait to go back again.

The next day we played around the house and in the evening we planned on going to the splash pad in Kaysville. We had been running late and didn't feel too much pressure to get the kiddos ready to splash because the website said the splash pad closed at 8. Ben, Caroline and I got there at 6:50 and off went the water at 7! Ha! It was the best ten minutes of splashing and Caroline didn't mind because she knew she was getting a treat. So instead of meeting up to splash we went to Matt's awesome shave ice shack and got shaved ice. It was DELICIOUS and since Neil treated us he put "Daddy Warbucks" as the order name and got a lot of chuckles from people. If med school doesn't work Ben and I are open to starting a shave ice chain in Miami...because there isn't one which is the wildest thing in the world to me. The shave ice was delicious and it was so fun to see Uncle Mimi hard at work!