Sunday, July 26, 2015

Still eating lots of ice cream

Woof. What a week. On Tuesday, I had 12 texting conversations going on and by the end of the day I thought my thumbs were going to fall off. We sat and watched "Call the Midwife" and I iced my thumbs. This has definitely a week where I have been so so grateful for cell phones and texting and also a week where I want to chuck my phone in the pool and then run over it for good measure. It's so nice to send a text or text while my light sleeper is sleeping but sometimes I just want to be unreachable and give my full attention to Caroline and Ben.

I got a lot done on the Primary front this week. Texting a million people paid off with all the info and tips that I got. Throughout the week I got in contact with most my teachers, found subs for all the missing callings we have, got things organized, visited all the classes, and taught sharing time. I'd call that pretty successful. This week I'm getting binders together, organizing primary materials, and just general organization. The kids are fantastic so I'm just excited to have fun for two hours of church instead of sitting in Sunday School and politically and spiritually draining Relief Society lessons. As much as this calling make me nervous it's exactly what I needed. I love music, organizing, and moving, and teaching--so yup, I'm doing all that and a little more. It's a good change. Somethings will have to wait until January (new year organization, decorating--we have the saddest bulletin board and since I am the self proclaimed bulletin board queen it kind of kills me to look at it) but for the most part things are going well.

Ben worked geriatrics this week and learned a lot about old people, diapers, and nursing home love triangles. He's not feeling the geriatric vibe but their schedules are really laid back. The other students said they only worked half days the entire week. Ben didn't but he did get Friday afternoon off which was a nice start to the weekend. We also bought a lawnmower this weekend. Our landlord agreed to knock our rent down, buy a lawn mower (it comes out of our rent), and pay for Ben to buy fertilizer an rent any tools he might need. Ben offered a flat rate off the rent every month or to itemize things each month. Our lawn was only mowed twice since we moved in and the landscapers were charging our landlord for coming 3 times a month--which didn't happen. He was pretty upset about that and since his contacts seem to be shady people he was glad to have someone reliable doing things. Also, from now on we get to pick handyman guys and take care of everything. Huzzah! So now our lawn looks fantastic, Ben really enjoys mowing, and I like being in charge so it's a winwinwin.

Caroline is so sweet and she's had a week where we've gone swimming every day. Sunday's are kind of sad because she begs all day to get her soup and go swimming. Because we are in this rainy season it rains every afternoon so we've been hitting the pool every morning.  We also went to the Schoolhouse for story time and it was packed and fantastic. I also learned that once school starts story time is less packed--which will make it even better. There was this super mean kid that was 5 or 6 terrorizing all of the little kids and chasing and screaming at them. It was kind of scary/disturbing how crazy he was. Anyways, we also went to this super cool park but once we got there the splash pad was closed for maintenance. There were several playgrounds all in a row for big kids, little kids, special needs kids, and a cool pirate ship to play on. So the park redeemed itself. It was super super hot though and there were homeless people hanging around and asking people for money. So maybe it didn't redeem itself after all. There was also a lost little kid  that hung around Caroline and me crying for ten minutes as we walked around the playground looking for his family before his dad showed up. The little boy was probably two and half ...maybe even younger...and it really shocked me that no one cared! There was even a dad and another mom looking for the little guys family--so it's not like his parents were close or keeping an eye on him. I guess my pet peeve is when parents don't parent or just aren't parents. Not that I'm perfect at all (Caroline jumped off a pew today but geez!) Poor little guy. And I want to go back once the splash pad is working. I've liked the park on facebook so hopefully I'll get an accurate update before we drive all the way there again.

Caroline's new trick is jumping into the swimming pool which is awesome but it also translates into jumping off the couch. We are just waiting until she hurts herself despite all of our efforts to stop her. She's pretty darn fearless but a little caution wouldn't hurt her. She was thrilled to make cookies today and was a big helper this week. She also kept herself occupied while I was busy with primary stuff this week. Insert mom guilt here. We are prepping for her birthday. I've collected a few things over the last few months and I'm excited to wrap it up. I'm going to make her a banner and solidify birthday cake/cookies/or cupake/or doughnut ideas this week. I can't believe my baby is almost two! She walks around the house singing happy birthday to herself so she is ready to party!

We spent a whole morning this week at Barnes and Noble. It was completely empty and there were no escalators so it was a great place. We played with the trains and blocks and the dinosaurs and read lots of books. There was this sweet grandma named Dottie who told me all sorts of fun things to do around our area and also Siesta Key, Sanibel Island, and Sarasota. I 'm ready to go back now that she planned an entire trip for me! It was the perfect morning! We'll have to buy a book for two from Barnes and Noble since we found a good one to play at.

Caroline is so cute in nursery! I made the rounds this week and stopped in nursery and she grabbed my hand and had me sit right beside her. The nursery leaders would ask her questions and she would respond with her cute jibber jabber and it was ADORABLE. I love that Caroline loves her nursery leaders and that they are smitten with her. Ben picks her up from nursery usually and this week she ran in Primary room and gave me the biggest hug. Ah! That girl!

We've been watching "Call the Midwife" this week. Ben was really skeptical about my girly show but since we are on season 3, he obviously doesn't mind. It's pretty fascinating how far health care has come in the past 60 years and my gratitude for epidurals has only increased. Our favorite shows are on hiatus so we are scouting out what to watch next so we take recommendations. I'm really just ready for January so we can watch Downton Abbey, September so we can watch Cinderella, and October so we can watch Aladdin. I swear I don't look forward to things because of what shows or movies are coming out but I have some things to look forward too.

And as much as this is going to kill my picture loving heart I'm posting this without pictures. I've done all the updates but the new photos and I are just not jiving no matter how many updates I have gone through. Hopefully Apple gets everything sorted out because it's one of those "it's not me, it's definitely you" things. (pics added!...finally got everything in order!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eating lots of ice cream

This week was a great one and a doozy. The doozy part is I got called as Primary President--totally came out of no where and I've been super overwhelmed all week. I'm really excited about it and grateful that it is a smaller primary but the learning curve is steep. There are some things that need to get organized and most importantly I need to get to know people. The kiddos are super cute and there seems to be a good system already in place so I'm super grateful for that. Anyways, we've had lots of ice cream this week. Oh, and there was this crazy electrical boom that happened with our stove so we got that fixed but that's a story in and of itself.

Caroline is in such a fun stage. She comes up and hugs me and says "Ohhhh, so sweet" and it is the most darling thing. Stuffed animals and mini toys are coming with us everywhere and she insists on bringing a blanket so she can "cuddle" everywhere. Can I just say that whenever she wants to cuddle I totally am ready--I've waited two years to cuddle with this girl because she really hasn't been cuddly--she's more of a mover and shaker. She really doesn't like shopping unless she can run and touch everything but we make it through the store even if employees stop and ask if I need any help. This may have happened more than twice this week. 

We played a lot this week because that's what Caroline requires. We've spent a lot of time on our porch blowing bubbles and watching the rain. Rain is so much fun! Caroline doesn't really like to play in the grass because it touches her and she's tells us that bugs are getting her. Well. There goes playing in the yard a lot. To get out from the rain we went to the schoolhouse and to Gumbo Limbo. Gumbo Limbo was sooo cool (sea turtle rescue place) but it started to storm so we headed home. It was kind of a bummer. Ben had the whole weekend off and it was so nice. I think all mom's require a Saturday with the husband home. 

Speaking of Ben he has finished his first month of rotations and has really enjoyed being in the hospitals. He's headed off to the VA for one month and then working with a doctor for a month. I love that he is getting a lot of exposure to things. There's some pressure to start figuring out what he wants to do so he is working on narrowing it down. I think the pressure is mostly what he puts on himself and he still has the rest of this year to really pick something. We've also been brainstorming doing an away rotation next year--or maybe two. I'm excited for that because it will probably be in Houston or Salt Lake and I'm all up for being near family.

That's about it. I'm still trying to find a sunbeam substitute/teacher so if you want to sub and move to Florida, let me know! My goal is to find a sunbeam sub and actually take out my camera this week because I really miss it. And to find photographers for my birthday--I had a dream we took family pictures at a carousel so I want to make it happen. Or at least find a carousel where I can get pictures of Caroline. So much scattering this week. We have just a few boxes hanging around--I'm trying to figure out where the last few things need to go from our move and I rearranged our front room. When we looked at the house they said it was the dining room which made no sense to me. Anyways, it's a fun place for Caroline to play and she is really loving it. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

This past weekend was kind of a whirlwind. We got news that Ben's mother's cousin passed away and that family was going to be gathering in Tampa. The Woolley's are all super close--we have the Nosy Notes and family reunions to keep everyone connected and Ben really felt that we needed to be there. Also, it's so rare that anything family-ish happens close to us and Tampa is a totally doable distance for us. We decided 7 hours in one day was too much for a quick weekend so we opted to drive up Friday and come back Saturday after the memorial service. We wish the circumstances were better but we really enjoyed this quick little getaway.

To keep busy Saturday we drove around and to St.Petersburg (we want to go back) and made our way to the zoo. Ben and I both did some crash research and found out that it was supposed to be incredible. That sounded promising so we went and opted to get tickets to both the zoo and aquarium. We figured a good morning activity and a good air conditioned activity for the after noon would be a good plan. Well, the zoo was FABULOUS. I feel slightly guilty because we love the Miami Zoo so much but this one was so much better! So no guilt at all! We were so close to all of the animals and because the zoo was smaller we were able to see a whole lot more in a short time frame which was great for us. 

The bonus part was there were rides, mini rollercoasters, water rides, splash pad, and a carousel and everything was free! Genius. If Caroline had her way we would have spent the entire time on the carousel. We checked out the adorable baby elephants and the baby rhino and we basically wanted to bring them both home. It was a great if we find ourselves back in the Tampa area ever again we will definitely want to go back.