Monday, August 31, 2015

WE are HERE!

So things have been crazy at our house still...will they calm down...we may never know!!! I have been awful at uploading my pics (both iphone and dslr) but my plan is to remedy that this week. No. Matter. What.

Our Stake had a 1 year celebration party at a high school! So many people! We got two dinner but then Caroline took her own. So Ben and I shared. Things we do for our child. Also they threw a huge party. What fun. What fun.

We have been making it through sacrament meeting every week. We had stake conference and can I just say it's kind of a joke. I struggle to make it through so a 2 year old? ha! We stayed for exactly two hours...we just happened to get to the meeting 45 minutes early! ha! So we missed the last 45 minutes but we call that a success around our house!

I need to post pictures of our life. I am behind and I dearly dearly miss my blog! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Birthday WEEK!

CAROLINE is now TWO. Oh my goodness. We had the best week. I hope she enjoyed her birthday and much as I did! We had so much fun celebrating all week. Mom flew in on Monday and I went and got her at the airport. Ben stayed home with Caroline and put her to bed while we went and got groceries for the week at Wal-mart.

In the morning, Caroline woke up to Grams which was the best early birthday surprise! We played around the house and went to a Hobby Lobby that was way too far away. BUT it was brand new so it was fun to shop and gather a few things for the birthday girl. That afternoon we also went to The Boys which is the super cool market place and my mom LOVED it. So many fresh fruits and veggies and they let you try things. Ben met us there and helped with Caroline since it a small and crowded market. We got the most delicious guac and salsa there. I'm still dreaming about it.

The first thing the birthday girl requested on her birthday was to "Eat Cake!" and LUCKILY Ben had gone to Dunkin' Donuts for us and she had "cake" aka donuts for breakfast. Mmmm...dewishus! We packed up and went to the schoolhouse and PLAYED and PLAYED and PLAYED. Caroline had so much fun. Ben was working at the VA and then travelling to another hospital so we met him for lunch at Habit Burger. It was super busy but Caroline was charming everyone and my mom was so impressed that she actually ate her food. We came home and had naps! After we played Doc McStuffin's or as Caroline says "STUFFINS!!!" but with probably ten more exclamation points. WE had cupcakes and Caroline thoroughly enjoyed her birthday. The next morning she asked for cake again and was singing "birthday toooo youuuuu" while she was eating her eggs and yogurt.

We opened two gifts in the morning and two in the afternoon. We played with them and opted to open gifts the day after for more birthday fun. We didn't do anything too big because we got her a pass to the school museum. So Ben and I collected some fun coloring pads and art supplies. She LOVED it. My mom is the master clothes bargain shopper and Caroline has enough clothes to last her for years. And I could probably never do laundry. So it's a winwin! Caroline has a few other presents that we are waiting to open and use until we move. So until then we are doing lots of art projects, paint, and dressups thanks to Grams! Caroline has a big surprise coming from Granny and Bampa! I can hardly wait!

Thursday I met with my counselor and we planned the entire primary program and it feels so good. We also went through some of the closet but there is more to see and throw out than we had time for. I still have to type up the program but it is going to be great! Just no one can move or move-in ha! I did lots of primary. It's seriously a part time job or more--or at least it was this week. We also spent the morning at Barnes and Noble...air conditioned fun!

Friday was just this awful day. I was super overwhelmed because not only was I new in the ward when I was called (aka--I knew like 20 people...max) but there was no one called in the nursery, I lost  a counselor, a secretary, a teacher, and chorister--and there was no one in nursery(my biggest trial!!! no one wants to be in nursery)...and a teacher was out of town for a few weeks and there was another class that didn't have a teacher at all. I was on the phone from 8:30-2:00 straight trying to get subs and stuff figured out. It was awful and I had other things going on during the week and was DREADING this so bad. Some positions have been filled (now) but I was so incredibly frustrated. I really hate phone calls and asking for things. I'd rather just not. ha!  LUCKILY my counselor and I have decided to trade things we don't like...she hates computers and I hate phone calls so we have been helping each other out. BUT still. That was so much time on the phone. Plus moving and HOA's and speaking in sacrament, and planning Sharing Time was just too much. I'm so glad my mom was here because between phone calls I was just crying because of all the time I had spent this week and the week before on Primary. BUT I did get a lot of stuff done and a lady in the ward made me a list of people who have callings, are inactive and don't call, and people who don't have callings and might be good in primary. BLESS HER. I think things just were already jumbles to begin with so now they are coming together which is so so nice and I am so thankful for. Keeping my fingers crossed for less jumbles.

Saturday Ben had to work but he got off early. Our Stake was having a party to celebrate it's one year anniversary so we went. There was an hour and a half fireside and we knew Caroline wasn't going to have any of that so we went for the last thirty minutes and grabbed dinner and chatted with friends. I talked to a bishopric member who volunteered his wife to substitute and he told me I had a nursery leader and I was so relieved because Friday I could have quit! ha! We seriously have the sweetest nursery leader and she is fantastic and Caroline gives her hugs and kisses and she's wonderful. AND she knows people to recruit to work in nursery. AND things are coming together.

Ben also got a calling. Whoo hoo! And I think we are both going to be busy but that's okay. When things aren't overwhelming they are fun. Well, they are always fun but I don't like being in charge ha. Caroline was just darling all week and the sweetest little girl. She's the biggest and sweetest tender hearted mess I know.

She found the chocolate and chucked it in the basket...ha! We didn't buy it but there were several bars that she threw in.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Packing again!

Ah! This week has been even crazier and we quit eating ice cream because it wasn't making anything better ;) haha. It's a loooong story that can be told pretty short but we are moving again! Basically there were some places that we found we covered in mold because of some water damage and our landlord halfway fixed them. Like legitimate mold--not bleach it (most household molds just need this), not fridge mold, not shower legit mold. The week before I was 6 inches from being electrocuted (just google what 240 volts of electricity will do to ya!) and that led to people coming out to check out the house (because I basically lost my mind!) and our landlord claiming he knew nothing about the things that were going wrong. Well, he sent me the home report and everything was in there and that he had signed that he read it. BAZINGA. EVERYTHING and things he claimed to have fixed actually weren't or were just done halfway.

So he wanted me to find contractors and skip mold remediation (which is legally required by the state of Florida...I've done my research on everything...see!?!) and I literally lost my brain because of the insanity of it all (lack of due diligence, undisclosed mold, a signed report that he was aware of everything)! Plus it's not my job! It's his. So cut to the chase it was financially easier for him to let us out of our lease with everything refunded than it is for him to legitimately fix things. I also learned this week that it is a lot easier to get out of a lease than I thought and that people do it all the time. What?!  He offered to fix everything in two weeks but we have decided to jump off of the sinking ship with our money rather than stick around for a year and lose it all. We've gotten several phone calls asking us to stay and what to do to remedy the situation and for us to stay and promising repairs but we are DONE. And we don't really believe him and we have a toddler. And we have a toddler.

It's funny how when things are so crazy that others really seem to fall into place. I got major callings filled this I just have a few more. No one wants to be in nursery so I'm now taking applications for that--I kid, I kid. Lots of quiet moments trying to get that sorted out. My secretary was also taken from primary so it's me and the 1st Counselor running the show. Whoo-hoo. I'm hoping everything gets sorted out before we lose steam. And once I do get a second counselor and a secretary it will feel like I am on vacation...but still the primary that possible? BUT the AMAZING AMAZING part is I have the BEST Chorister and Pianist ever. Like EVER. AND the even better thing is we have the sweetest kiddos. I told my mother in law today that all the problems we have are with the adults! Ha! Just have to get them in order because the kiddos are amazing. Like I can't get over how amazing they are.

Continuing onto...where are we going to live next. So we called our realtor whom we love and I had been talking to him about this whole thing. Tuesday we went and looked at two places--one was filled with cats and we weren't too jazzed about the parking situation and they wanted a nonrefundable deposit somewhere between a thousand and two thousand dollars within 48 hours. We skipped on that! People are insane. We found a place that we LOVED and then were super bummed when we got home to find out that it had an offer and there was a 99% chance that it was gone.

BUT then remember how things fall into place?! Another place in the same townhome area opened up and we were the first to see it and our offer was accepted! HALLeFREAKINGluja. And it was cheaper and in a better location than the second. So we are super excited and moving kind of jazzes me up because I get rid of stuff. It's kind of exciting.

My mom is also coming in town this week to celebrate CAROLINE's BIRTHDAY! How is she two? I still don't know. After a crazy last week we are ready to party and let loose and have some fun! We opted out of a party this year because of moving and deciding to move again (even though we didn't know when we decided). I'd rather go do something! But then I'll also so, but I'd rather throw a party. Anyways, the timing all works out. AND her presents are already wrapped and I can't wait for her to open presents. Caroline's nursery leader asked her "What you are going to do for your birthday?" and she said "EAT CAKE!". So we will have to eat cake!

Caroline really loved the museum and pool time this week. She knows when we are at the museum that we are going to see the "COW!" and she screams and claps when we park. A funny this week was we got to wal-mart and parked and she exclaimed "sishies, turtles, YAY!" and held her arms up like she was on a rollercoaster. I don't really have very many plans and our schedule really is whatever we want to do, so we skipped Walmart and went to Gumbo Limbo. There were tons of mosquitoes and field trip groups (not sure which one is worse ha!) but she had the best time and we said good bye to a turtle that was being released because it was all better.

Saturday we went to the Sandoway House and it was ok. Caroline loved it but the shark "tank" they boasted to have was really an below ground swimming pool the converted into a shark "tank" complete with stairs to just swim on in. I kid you not. It was all fenced in--gotta mention that--but seriously?!?! It made us laugh so much. Ben and I joked that our admission was kind of a rip off but since Caroline had a grand time it was worth it for us and it really wasn't much at all to begin with.

Ben had to work today which was kind of a bummer. This whole working all the time thing has made me realize that all mom's need a Saturday every once in a while--meaning a non-Sunday with their spouse home for a few hours. I love having Ben go to church with us and his help, and the fact that church is important makes it hard when he is not with us. BUT Sunday's go by so fast for me and I'm surrounded by people and Caroline is busy, but on Saturday's I feel so lonely when he is at work. Also it's so hard to run errands and things so I'm having to really plan and schedule accordingly. Also,  I'm working on filling our Saturday's with lots of things when it's just me and Caroline.

She didn't want to sit on Ben's shoulders!

I seriously love this story time. They sing. They Wiggle. Read abbreviated books to keep toddlers entertained. WINNER.

She woke up so so sad from a nap. And the fist thing she said was "Bampa! Doggies! Princesses!" This girl loves her Bampa

We spent HOURS doing this this week. I'll take it. And this girl can basically count to ten!

New house!


We are not fans of Office Depot and their lines!

Getting my primary organization on!

We also played with glowsticks a lot this week and became princesses.

She told Ben "Daddy! Sit!" ha! Please has been in her vocabulary for months but she has got her daddy wrapped around her fingers!


We just had to sit and read.


Today I could hear Caroline but couldn't find her...she had hidden herself in the primary room podium! It's a fantastic hiding spot!

I'm so glad my child can outline...not so glad it's the tile grout of the house we are moving out of! ha! I spent my Sunday night cleaning this up!