Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Caroline has discovered that she love cereal. Especially Special K. Well, we ran out and since it is her cereal of choice (aka the only food she will eat for breakfast) we went to the store. I had teased Ben before that Lucky Charms weren't allowed. Well, I wasn't kidding but I was joking. But not. Anyways, we go down the cereal aisle and this girl found herself a sweet box of LUCKY Charms.

And since they were BOGO lucky Ben got Star Wars Lucky Charms. Everyone in this house is just lucky. lucky. lucky.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


This week was so so so much better. Not that a lot changed but it was a lot calmer and we just didn't have as many rollercoasters. Which means this week will be full of them but it was a much needed break. Caroline has been HILARIOUS. She is super verbal and is spouting out all of these sentences and huge words that have us ROLLING. There's just something about a toddler talking.

Ben has also has a super low key week. I know it won't last long so we have really taken advantage of having him home a lot. When we moved in a lot of things got thrown in closets and we cleared out and organized one--it felt so good. Ben would probably disagree but cleaning, organizing, and decluttering make me giddy. We've had tons of fun this week and we are going to miss him when the hardcore part of surgery starts.

The BEACH has been our main destination this week. We went twice. It's high tide and the waves have been HUGE. We've found lots of seashells though and jumping in the waves is really fun. Plus there is nothing better than kissing salty toddler cheeks. It's the best thing in the world.

One day this week Caroline just STRUGGLED. She was a grump all day. I took full advantage and documented the entire day in all of its glory. Just nothing made her happy ha! We're all entitled to a grumpy day here and there and she took full advantage. 

Dance classes and the museum made our week and because of the Jewish holiday it was pretty empty which was kind of cool. We met the Peterson's there one day and Caroline played so well for such a long time. She took a good nap Thursday as opposed to any other day during the week! Ha!

Primary is better I was up working on a lot of things plus plans for nursery because we couldn't find a sub and then people showed up happy and totally willing to help. LOVE that. Since people scatter when you say anything about nursery. I went in and had fun. When Caroline wasn't spinning she was hitting or pulling hair. Ha. So basically a terror and is a typical two year old learning to share. At least she's darling. Yes?! YES.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Buttermilk Syrup, Sweet, and Snarky.

This week was sweet! Ben had off a few days because of the Jewish holiday and his surgeons schedule was kind of messed up. One day it was raining and the doctor just decided to not go in! AWESOME. We got so much done this week and it was just the best. Also. I've decided that I love buttermilk syrup. I'm in this phase---well for like 4 years--of not being able to handle anything just makes me sick--the smell, the taste (not pregnant) ha! I just can't handle it. We made waffles and pancakes and buttermilk syrup has made my life. Also, I'm in a bit of snarky mood so feel free to just move along if you, ya know, can't handle it!

I had two huge headaches this week (thanks primary! ha!) and so we are now the owners of Cinderella and Tangled. Anything to help me make it through those headache days. I think we've watched Cinderella five times in small bits and is so magical and I love it. Also Tangled. I love it more than Frozen and I really love that Caroline does too. I think it's so funny and Caroline and I sing all of the songs together. So thank you Disney for helping me through my headaches this week (and your welcome...because we already owned Tangled I just can't handle our dvd player somedays). #winning #parenting #awesomemedschoolwife

We played a lot this week. Paint. Color. Markers. Messes. After Ben stayed home on Friday he was quite befuddled with all the messes we had to clean up--and it was just a fraction of what normally happens. Ha! I felt really appreciated and Ben was asleep my 9 now he knows why I'm like dying at 10 pm when we are still watching Person of Interest---which is probably the first show that I can't. stop. watching. It is so good and brilliant (thanks Nick and Becky) and I've lost a lot of sleep over it. Painting and Appreciation. What a week.

Since we were all up and ready for adventure we went to this cool science center. We also rode the carousel five times and Caroline didn't want to leave. We also went to these super cool botanical gardens...I say cool because the were the right size and five dollars! Caroline loved walking around the pond. Saturday night we were all excited to go to a new park but then the whole thing was a splash pad and we weren't I'm hoping to hit that park up this week. BUT then we went to our new favorite park and Ben agreed--it's the best park ever.

The highlight this week was Caroline's dance class, or the antics she pulled without dancing. She's the youngest in the class and twirled to her hearts delight. It was darling and I know this week she will catch on even more. She was also a big mess during the whole thing and I blame Ben getting donuts for breakfast. ha! Whether it's true or not, despite all her craziness, she was absolutely adorable and it took serious restraint to not blow up instagram over all the cuteness. #sorrynotsorry

 Primary is a work in progess and two of our three teachers weren't there today and the subs were only for the second hour (thanks Ben;). It could have been a disaster but with the schedule change I really felt we needed--lots of wiggle time--made a huge difference. LIKE they were so pacified compared to last week. So we are going to stick with it. I was also pretty flustered after getting news that callings that were taken away weren't getting filled even though I had been promised they would. AND I spent so much time finding subs and switching classes with a sweet member who had an awful week too--so much guilt there but she will literally do anything for us which I love--and then a 6:30 am meeting that everyone who could sub had to be at. AH. So much venting. Basically I just didn't want to go to church today. AT. ALL. Because I just felt completely used and useless with my calling. So much has been getting in the way of just getting to Primary and having fun and teaching and LOVING those sweet sweet kids and the amazing teachers we have.

Anyways, Ben got one of his friends to come in and sit in the class he was subbing and his lesson was awesome. The sunbeams were well taken care of. No one from the other ward dropped their toddlers off in nursery thanks to our bishopric bouncer. The kids were fabulous. AND after a meeting I offered to be the secretary, the activity day leader, and a teacher...but they would have to release me...I was told that the callings will be hopefully taken care of and that those callings needed to be done by someone else. VALIDATION for all the time I've put in the past 6 weeks. The kids are the easy part--it's the adults and all the "politics" that are involved. It's for the birds. Just give me all the callings that were taken away so I can have a life without doing a million things + migraines. AND so I can enjoy what I LOVE MOST OF ALL.

I have no idea why she is crying...two year old probs.

Wearing her favorite dress and listening to the princess song. Prior to purchasing Tangled.

This was the coolest sand

Bad hair don't care--recovering from a humongo headache

I can't get over this face...or any of her faces. 

Bumming around in mom and dad's bedroom watching cartoons

All the baby turtles. Seriously so adorable.

Someone told me today...Caroline is always so happy. Well, we all have our moments.


I'm all about weird funky flowers and spotted leaves---there were so many cool plants!

She looks 5 to me here...I love it and hate it.

Pro painter---paper and furniture. 

Our pyro--she is obsessed with fire--partly because it's like a birthday cake. Which she of course was attempting to blow out.

Church today. After this fit Caroline came into Sacraments and said "Mama. Caroline is SAD." and I said "Me too. I've been here since 6:30....AM". Too much church for us girls. Ha!