Sunday, October 25, 2015

Oh to be TWO

Do you ever have weeks when you are like "THIS IS MY LIFE!!! AND it's AWESOME!!!"??? I guess because things have been really stressful and crazy it was so nice to have a week that was full of fun. Also I LOVE having a two year old! Caroline is so much fun and I can't get over how big she is and how verbal she is. Alllll the personality is coming out and I love it!

We made cookies for FHE this week and Caroline was all about it. She loves measuring and mixing and being in the middle of the action. The oven is one of her favorite places to check out her reflection and make faces...and when there is anything in there she loves to watch it.

Some days were spent at home doing some fun activities but we did venture out to a park and Caroline tested out her tricycle and we just watched her enjoying running up and down the little hills. Being two is a lot of fun.

Our office/guest room has been crazy with stuff since we moved in so one morning I emptied the closest and started over from scratch. I was able to fit everything in with plenty of room left over--that was so nice! So now my mom can come this week--WE ARE ALL SOOO EXCITED.

The most exciting thing was our fridge quit working this week. We did a little bit of phone call tag before everything got fixed but it all worked out! Our freezer became our fridge and our sweet neighbors housed the things that needed to stay frozen.

Friday Ben was supposed to have a cool surgery so he went early to study and then the surgery was pushed back, then they checked the board and it was canceled! C and I hit a park just after a school got there and then we went home and were going to go to the museum with Ben and the museum was closed! Poor girl---all of our plans were falling through.

We went to Joseph's birthday party at the park this week and it was perfect! C and I got there early to play because the fridge reapirman was coming but we played and were able to see lots of friends! Mary had a "volcano" experiment and the kids all loved it. It was a nice mix up from regular things.

The Primary Program is over and it went so well. I've already decided that I'm writing the next program in January and have a list of songs that I want to meet with the chorister about. We were all a little stressed being thrown in at the last minute but it was amazing. AND the ward blew us away with the compliment cards that we handed out. The kids LOVED them. I came home and took a long nap which was DELICIOUS. Now for Trunk-or-Treat. I went to the dollar store and got everything for the volunteers that are running the now for costumes!!!

What a beautiful sight!

Caroline loves tools and kept herself occupied by fixing allll sorts of things for me while I was clearning out and organizing!


During the Primary Program Ben took Caroline to the Nature Center where the big building was open and she could color!

C insisted that her picture be hung up like the other kids

She LOVES shoes and walking about in my shoes. AND I love it too. Ben said "I guess I better start saving my money now!"

Caroline put her own shoes on! I've been waiting so patiently for when she would put them on on the wrong feet! LOVE.

Monday, October 19, 2015


This past week was a good one!

We got our steal of a deal diaper and wipes order from Amazon in this huge BOX and Caroline went to town coloring it. Also, I drew the triangle and she drew the firetail and she told me "Mama, It's a rocket!" She's right! It is a ROCKET.

Caroline has become the pickiest dresser recently. Here is her "Cinderella dress". One of like 3 outfits she deems acceptable to wear.

It's not Grey's Anatomy but check out the surgeon...I mean medical school student! haha

Repunzel comes with us every where. EVERYWHERE.

We met up with a friend from home--Yesenia, her husband and Luke! Luke and Caroline got a long fantastically! It was fun to meet up and let our babies play!

Caroline's last dance class went like this. She wasn't feeling to well so she laid on the floor for about 15 minutes and then we went home. Poor girl! We both had allergy and cold stuff going back and forth between us!

 Yup! There's hardly any room for her bur she loves her animals, blankets, and books!

We spent one morning just coloring and talking and then cleaning! 

It's hard to tell but Caroline requested BLUE nails and RED toes. Ahhh! It was a dream come true and we had a fun morning doing nails and toes

We went to the awesome donut shop Saturday and went to Loggerhead to see the turtles. 

Sleepy Ben.

And then a tired Caroline. She took his blanket...or he took hers...and it was hilarious.

Finally getting a few things up on the walls! Ben also drilled a hole into our entertainment center to get all the sound, cable, and all the jazz. So we are a little more together!

 Discovering that  there's a light switch in the fridge!

I totally spaced story time and Caroline wasn't feeling 100% so we played at Barnes and Noble and watched Inside Out!