Sunday, November 29, 2015

ALLLLmost December!

The biggest thing about this week is that Ben is done with SURGERY rotations. He's been doing some anesthesia stuff that he's pretty interested in and will continue to do that for a few weeks. But his alarm no longer has to go off at 4:05 :) how nice. 

Caroline is just a hoot. Kari brought her dog Laika (like-uh) over and Caroline had a BLAST. Laika was so well behaved and so fun to play with. We had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch and it was a delicious. Lunch is the hardest meal for me but when people come over it's fun to fix things. It was a great start to our week.

Monday night I also had a presidency meeting, it didn't quite turn out as planned but Savanna and I got some things planned since it was the only time that we all could meet. Meanwhile, Ben and Caroline went on a drive and instead of getting ice cream they came home with a real Christmas tree. OH BOY. I've never had a real tree but for right now I really like it. Our home smells so Christmas-y--and since it is so no cold outside, it is really nice! Caroline mainly likes to undecorate the tree which I don't mind at all. Just a fun little thing to get us in the Christmas spirit.

Tuesday. Hmmm...we ran errands and collected food for our Thanksgiving feast!  That's all that I remember ha! AND Wednesday I decided to get everything made for Thanksgiving. Nothing too eventful and it was Ben's last day. 

Thanksgiving was glorious! We had so much fun. We played all morning and gathered stuff for the drive down to Miami. Just like last year we joined the Hadley's for Thanksgiving. IT was so much FUN and we loved seeing all of our Miami friends. Caroline played the entire time and only had one bite of food...the "blue stuff"...aka JELLO!!! No worries, she at a bag of popcorn and a bar on the way home. What a feast. Caroline played the entire time with some princess dolls and just had a ball. Ben and I enjoyed conversing with other adults...#parenthood.

Friday we went to see the Good Dinosaur...which was a flop of an experience. Caroline didn't watch the movie at all and half way through Ben took her home. I LOVED it and I am so glad Disney made another dinosaur movie. It wasn't like the trailers but it was a sweet story. Can't wait for Ben to see it because he won't let me tell him about it. 

BOWS. Caroline will now wear bows. Her bangs finally got long enough that she now tolerates and I think...enjoys wearing bows. It has been a fun week of doing hair and letting her pick out her little hair accessories. She's such a cooperative Barbie doll. 

We did end up doing a little birthday shopping. I really wanted to sign up for a lightroom class but the one that I wanted to take isn't being offered anymore--so that was a bummer. BUT I got a new fitbit instead. I'm excited to get back on track with walking and exercising...this has beeeeen a year and I'm excited to have my sweet little tracker again. We snagged Aladdin for 9 bucks and I'm excited to open it up as a Christmas gift in a few weeks! We also got Caroline's LAST Christmas gift. We've been collecting and planned on just doing something small but we caught a deal on something that she is going to LOOOVe and we couldn't pass it up. 

We spent Saturday morning at this awesome little park...Caroline played while I walked. We went to Walmart for fruit snacks and water and then to Barnes and Noble because there was a bad wreck and bad traffic by our house making it hard to get home. 

Today was probably my favorite primary day ever. Everything fell into place when I was a little worried because I was going to be the only one there. The kids LOVED sharing time--we played a "sharing time game show service" game and oh it was just fabulous. We sang Christmas songs and wiggled and just had fun. This afternoon we had a mini Thanksgivingish meal- pork, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and rolls. I love Thanksgiving food and now I don't have to cook for the next few days. WIN!

Anyways. It's a week. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

PLOWING through

This has been a busy and pretty good week. Ben just finished his 7th day of 10 days working straight. It's kind of not been fun for him...but he's gotten to see and do lots of doctor-y things and was with a really good resident. He not only learned things but a day or two he got out early (like at 7...which is relative. I've been really impressed with how disciplined he's been about going to bed early...and he really has to be to make it through the day.

We were talking this week about how this year has been so much better than last year. Ben is a lot happier---he doesn't do sitting, studying, and testing all to well--he has to MOVE. But while this year has been busy he feels like he's learning and progressing...rather than just sitting in a classroom and doing classwork. So, third year hasn't been too bad and we are really thankful for that. It's had it share of craziness but it's been really really really nice. 

Caroline and I stayed busy all week. We've had excursions or playdates every day because #survival. I rearranged Caroline's play area and Ben surprised me by rearranging our living room. We are gearing up for the holidays and are excited to spend it with our Miami friends--we really can't wait. My mom's birthday was this week so we made a bday sign, took lots of pictures, and my mom insisted Caroline celebrate with a cookie. So she enjoyed my strawberries and cream frap while I enjoyed her sugar cookie. That girl.

This weekend was so much fun. Kenzi came up with her boys and we met up at Gumbo Limbo. Caroline adored playing with Luke and Liam. Saturday we drove down to Miami and I went to a friend's diaper shower. SO. MUCH. FUN. Caroline stayed at Kenzi's house which was nice so I could talk with with other friends. The drive wasn't too bad (minus 45 minutes of sitting on the freeway because of a wreck on the way back) and Caroline handled the car like a pro. Not that we will make the trip frequently but it was really fun to go down.

Finally, we were able to get Caroline's flu shot this week and it was sad as always but she handled it like a champ. Church went over by like 20 minutes today and she was dancing in the aisles...that's your signal speakers. I had a major headache, was flying solo, and Mikee told me to just leave her alone--so she danced and rolled around and I don't feel guilty about it at all. Feed your souls and get some entertainment---it's what sacrament meeting is all about, right? Caroline has been singing more, counting, and singing her abc's and I LOVE IT. We have a fun little cd that we've been listening too and it's made errand running and car time a lot more fun for her.

Anyways, sorry this is random. My brain is kind of fried and I'm pretty darn tired from things. I haven't pulled out my big camera in a while and it really makes me sad. SO maybe this week? I hope so--I miss it!

I was featured this week on the main page of TPT...pretty exciting!

28 pounds of pure sweetness and love!

Sometimes we just hangout in the Christmas section of Target.

All the chocolate!

I call this the $200,000 art project. Ben had to do an artistic project for school...VOILA.

We get groove books in and Caroline loves looking through them. If you want a cheaper alternative to chatbooks (we get those as well, I just send groovebooks to my grandparents every month so they can see Caroline grow up!). AND yes we do chatbooks. It's part of my i-haven't-made-caroline-a-baby-book guilt and i-didn't-know-a-photographer-for-newborn-pictures guilt too. So for the rest of her life I'll probably shell out tons of money on pictures. Sorry Caroline! You've got -- THIS BLOG. 

So we went to this dance studio for an open gym/playtime thing. Can't say I loved it--it was really small and farther away that I anticipated. But Caroline had a blast.

Every time primary frustrates me I rearrange. Also, after 3 months of doing activity days the whole presidency was too busy this month to do it so we didn't do it and the bishop all of a sudden was worried about activity days. #activitydayshelp #ineedapianist #ohineedaconsistentnurseryleaderinjanuary #thanks. I feel like I've been so nice that now I'm just not. And now that I've said "no" to things people actually listen when I need help! 

Loving Rosie Revere Engineer!

Happy Birthday Grams!

Breakfast with the animals!

Soap boxes are caroline's new favorite thing.

Glorious park!


Ben had a morning in West Palm, a meeting in Boca, and then more hospital things in West Palm. He had an hour in between and stopped home for a quick catnap.  

These Miami babies!

Dad's shoes! 

Sipping fake hot chocolate

Turtle excitement!

Wild and crazy at 8:30 pm. Party animals.

She told me she was sleeping...with her eyes open...yeah right!

This girl loves cereal!