Monday, February 22, 2016

A-doh-able Valentine's Day

Ah! I am so behind. Sunday's I am just tuckered/pooped/worn out. That's the best way to put I am super behind on blogging! Throw in some teachery things I've been doing, a little girl who naps only some days, Disney trips, refinishing furniture...and blogging has kind of gotten pushed to the here I am...this is my catch-up attempt of many!!!

I never really thought much about Valentine's Day until after we got married. Ben proposed a few days before Valentine' that was my Valentine's surprise that year. But every year we've exchanged little gifts, cooked a yummy meals, and Ben has always gotten me flowers.

This year was amazing!!! I had been feeling like I was wearing the same three tops so Ben took me shopping and I also got a new skirt for church...which was exciting. Since I've been in Primary I feel like it's not worth super dressing up but that shouldn't be the case. So I'm working on that. Ben always gets me flowers at the beginning of the week so I can enjoy them and he can beat the rush. I also got my haircut at a real salon-- and I can't wait until I can do that again!

We went to Disney and met up with Jessica and her husband, Caroline had more surprises in store, and I made scones--which are apparently the best thing I bake...and since I don't bake any more Ben was one lucky Valentine to get them. I got to sleep in and take a nap.

We also had stake conference, the best Valentine Jesus could ever give me. It was so nice!!! ha! However, the week before in Primary the kids all got crazy heart glasses, we sang "LOVE" songs (songs that had the word love in them), and took a primary selfie---that was a great time.

Pretty flowers...the roses and the lilies bloomed through the week.

Disney selfie on the tram--Caroline was so so so excited! I've been really bad about taking pictures...I kind of hate bringing my camera to's a little more fun to enjoy it all and take it in.

Breakfast...wait, maybe I made scones later on...hmm...there were delicious TJ muffins then! Yogurt Lemon Poppyseed for the win!

Caroline's surprises. I think we were more excited about them than anything.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Throwback: Texas

There were so many moments that I caught on my phone that I don't want to forget from our trip! This is Texas. According to my phone haha!

Princess expert

My mom has a few of these big books--let's just say jumping on the bed has never been more fun!

Christmas heart melting moments

Breakfast with Santa!

Caroline loves the cradle! It's the best place to rest!

A Texas Trip isn't complete without a stop at the Children's Museum!

Hobby Lobby is just the best isn't it?

Hiding in the "jungle"

Caroline and a Cupcake

Texas Sunsets!

Watching Disney Jr. All day long at Grandma and Grandpa's!

She found one of the best hiding spots in the house!

Rice Krispies and my Grandma's actual vintage pyrex...yum!

Garlic will never be the same again!

The face everyone makes when Caroline drives.

My most favorite things we did...ZOO LIGHTS! The Houston Zoo knocked it out of the park!

Winnie. Seriously my favorite place to shop...without a toddler. I got make up, my favorite lemonade, a collection of bows, and left without losing Caroline!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

That Time We Went To Disneyworld

Whoo-hoo for Disneyworld.

Ben had a test and the night before we had joked about going to Disneyworld after.
And then Ben went and took his test and I decided...YOLO!!!
Let's go to DISNEYWORLD after Ben's test. 
I had the backpack packed and once Ben came home we got tickets and jetted off to Orlando!!!
Only after having to return to the house twice because of two thing I forgot to pack in the bag--one being my wallet! Eeks!

I took a few pictures but it was really crowded and I really just wanted to take it all in with Caroline.
Riding the tram to the train was so magical!!!
Riding the train was even more magical!!!
Once we walked into Magic Kingdom Caroline was completely mesmerized. She saw all of the princesses in the parade and was in heaven.

After the parade we went and got in line for "It's a Small World" was twenty minutes that turned into 40 but we entertained ourselves with selfies and talking about the ride. Caroline was so interested in everything. Afterwards we walked over to the new part of Fantasyland and it was sooo cool! Repunzels tower was amazing and Caroline liked watching other people ride rides. We jetted over to dinner by Splash Mountain and Caroline stood in the splash zone for so long that she was basically soaked and some random lady asked us how we snuck her on the ride because there is no way she is tall enough...haha. 

After dinner we knew Caroline was tired and that we needed to get on the road. HOWEVER, we really wanted her to meet a princess. So I went and got in line (first one) and Ben and Caroline walked around and saw another parade. 

Sleeping Beauty was amazing! She walked right up to Caroline and Caroline gave her a huge hug. It was so darling to see Caroline totally in awe. It was so so sweet. Caroline plays with her little people princesses all of the time...they are her friends! So it was really sweet to see her reaction to a "real" Sleep Beauty. Caroline has been talking about Disneyworld all week and wants to go back.


Anyways. We are excited! We are already meeting a friend and have our dates set to go back! It's so magical and even more so with Caroline!

We Shall Paint Instead.

In an attempt to get some Valentine's sent out we spent the other morning painting. I am not a crafter/intentional mess maker by nature and we always have the best time painting and making messes...I need to remember that when I think of everything I have to clean up. Because it's always worth the mess. To be honest, I would much rather clean up paint than do the dishes. Toilets. Or my new arch nemesis...folding laundry.

We shall paint instead!

Funny thing is, the night before I was talking with Caroline right after she got in bed about painting. She told me "Mama no paint on's sticky." We had painted her hand over Christmas and she did not enjoy it. So I asked her what she wanted to paint..."My belly. My hair." Awesome. We didn't get the belly but she had a pink streak in her hair the rest of the day.

We used clothespins and cottonballs. AND I loved it. It was easy to switch them out once they had too much paint and the clean up was a soaking or cleaning brushes. Plus Caroline really liked figuring out how the clothespins worked. I'm enjoying some fun colored clothespins until the next time :).


Also. I just dumped my iphone pictures. Thousands since I last backed it up at the beginning of December. I can't wait to go through them all and then figure out how to organize and blog about them :/.