Sunday, March 27, 2016

Better Hop To It!

EASTER. There's something about it that is so special and EXCITING. We bummed out on decorating eggs and in case you ever want to know when you truly over hardboil an egg--they explode. So maybe next year. Our ward had a picnic and Caroline loved hunting for eggs and got a whole basket full. She woke up to a few out door/artsy surprises (shopping my stash of Target clearance items was the best...a basket that cost mayyybe 10 dollars for the win!), we had a yummy breakfast and then a small Easter feast.

Church was wonderful and we had a huge primary. LIKE HUGE. And we had new families move in and we were joking with Brother Lieber that Primary has dibs on all of the parents for callings. There are some new callings we are getting really soon so I am super EXCITED about because it's about TIME. 

AND a huge shout out to Ben. He's just dealt with a lot of crap the past few weeks. I think PED wards have been the least favorite two weeks of our year and I think it was just a little bit better than step studying. It was early long days and he (and his classmates) got yelled at for everything. LIKE EVERYTHING. I felt so bad for him and getting caught in the middle between doctors and nurses and just in general trying to learn the ropes! Apparently, watching every episode of Grey's Anatomy has to application to real life hospitals :). Also, Caroline stepped in dog poop and he cleaned it off of her shoe today...saving the Easter Dress Day! So I'm really thankful for him just pushing through these past few weeks that were so lame and also for cleaning up dog poo...because I really can't handle animal poop. 

We libraried a lot this week! AND I finished three books! Whoo-hoo! The first one was a complete BUST! Return to editor and write a better story kind of blah...and I'm a pretty generous critic. The other two books were awesome. "Crossover" was fantastic and seriously a tear-jerker...completely loved it. And "Crenshaw" which was absolutely darling and real. All children's lit and it felt good to jump in! 

Caroline is just a ball and a hoot and sings twinkle twinkle all the time. We love her to pieces!

We're really into shapes

Homemade Banana Pudding

Easter spoils!


Tot School was kind of everywhere this week. I had a migraine that was like two days of me on the couch and Caroline doing whatever...and my house showed it. I felt awful about the amount of screen time she got but then quickly got over it because Ben's family will be here this week and...a little bit of a lot of screen time won't hurt!

Typing away after watching the big kid down the row

I woke up and straightened my hair. I've basically given up on it in Florida. HOWEVER Caroline told me that I looked like a beautiful Rapunzel princess so maybe I'll attempt it more often. Ha!  

I pulled out a crate of books on my headache day and she went to town reading. 

LOVED THIS DAY. Ben came home and we had dinner and then I suggested just going to the beach. So we did it! It was a little chilly but Caroline had a blast. Springing forward isn't the worst thing after all.

There are no words to describe how much this girl loves the beach. Sometimes I am ready to never live in Florida for the rest of my life and then we go to the beach and I never want to leave!

Laika Love!

Caroline who does not nap

Easter egg hunt!

Tasting her bunny cookies! hehe

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fast Track!

This week was good. Well. It was okay. We still haven't adjusted to the hour change. Well, I've totally adjusted to Caroline waking up around 8:30 ish but I haven't adjusted my bedtime--1:30 was early for me this week! Ben has been working PEDS and wakes up at 4 and is gone until 4 or 5. It makes for a long day with studying on top of that.

BUT we made it through the week. This next week we are eating off of paper plates and either dining on leftovers or cereal...and maybe crock potting it. So I'm excited about my plan.

We went to the library and picked up a few cars, boats, trains, and planes books since we focused on transportation this week (which was fun!). I finished up a big project that I had been working on and I'm almost finished with another. I'm trying to get things to a point that I can pause while Ben's family is here next week. Caroline has been the most helpful picture taker ever. I also got a jury duty summons which was exciting...for criminal court. Obviously, I can't go but I was a little excited that I got picked for something...even if it was jury duty ha!

We grilled and moved patio chairs to our back porch and Caroline had a ball playing and splashing with the hose. The weather has been perfect so we are trying to soak it all up before we can't walk outside without sweating. We also washed the cars this week and Caroline enjoyed participating in that too. She's quite the helper. AND we hit up a few parks this week and I just decided I had to forget about our favorite Miami parks and act like these parks were the I was so much happier to pack up the car. Some days I am just not over Miami and how much fun we had there.

Other than Caroline singing a twinkle twinkle little star solo in church it's been a pretty low key week. We are doing spring things so if you follow me on instagram--you'll see the theme. We are also gearing up to have Ben's family come. Love this little family of mine and exciting about this week...and the next week...that's all!

She jumped right on in. This bin has been a huge hit--the cottonballs were a bust. So black beans and split a funnel and measuring cups.

I did this cutesy activity that lasted one minute and then we put on fingernails...aka rigatoni.

My service was not fast she served herself.

My area and perimeter loving SOUL has been put into this thing and I hope there's at least one crazy teacher that would use this. The bands are pretty cool and I know my kids would have LOVED them when I was teaching. Especially my math haters. SO I'M REPORTING ON THIS BECAUSE IT LITERALLY TOOK EVERYTHING OUT OF ME. So I'm working on some awesome science stuff now because I'm math-ed out!

The bust sensory bin.

Library love.

this shape train was a huge huge huge HIT. So I'm going to make a name and number one this week. Maybe. 

Car painting. These dollar store cars are the BEST.

Have all the ipad time you want kiddo!

Our house this week. A MESS

this was fun.

Spring prep for this week. With way more flowers that I didn't intend to buy

selfie time!


washing cars

Target dollar spot has the best felt easter shapes. Caroline already loves these. Worked on this while we watched SPOTLIGHT. Such a well done film and easy to see why it won the Oscar.

A culmination of our week.

Friday, March 18, 2016

This morning

This morning Caroline asked for some "nummy pop!" (rice krispies) and I quickly got her a bowl and got her settled at the table with her menagerie. Ben had a late night and I was exhausted from working on a few projects so we skipped dishes and they were just piled up in the sink

It only took a few minutes to load the dishwasher but I was so focused on the dishes (and waking up) that I missed Caroline grabbing the cereal box and pouring her own. And then she kept pouring.

After the box was empty, she sat the box down and began feeding her animals and also scooping handfuls back in the box saying "just putting it back, mama." 

Love this independent girl, the messes she makes, and everything else.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yay for Sunday!

It's been a good good day! Busy but good! And I'm glad to have some downtime to blog! This week was a busy one and we had lots of things on our to do list so we could make it through a crazy test week! For Tot School this week we did grocery shopping. It was so much FUN. 

(1) Ice cream scoop game (Target dollar spot) and it was so fun! We did lots of matching and building ice cream cones. (2) Trader Joe's...Caroline got her own cart and she did a little shopping...well, just carrots, bars, bananas. (3) Black bean and split pea bin. This was a HIT and much easier to clean up than flour. (4) Dot paints. THIS is a new must do each week. It's painting-ish with out the mess. (5) mini grocery store. Caroline shopped and dropped at home. (6) COUNTING PIE. Between some printer drama the matching cards didn't get printed but she did lots of sorting and playing with it. (7) Fruit stamping. Next time I'll go with clemetines, lemons, and limes. The apples and oranges were too big so it turned into finger painting which isn't so bad. (8) Successful Costco trip! (the trips happen but her behavior isn't always successful...ha! (9) LOVING the bin!

Highlights were getting a new microwave after a few weeks without one. Since popcorn is basically a food group we were #struggling. We went to Disney and I prepped for next weeks theme (and by prep I did a quick 3 dollar dollar store run and printed a few things...boom! done!). We also spent a morning at Barnes and Noble playing and looking at books. 

For the first time in a long time I got a really bad headache! It's been a while but it really threw off our groove for a day. But the week was fast and we are happy to see Ben this weekend! :)