Sunday, April 3, 2016

Just Beachin' It

We just had the BEST week ever. Well, every week is the best week ever BUT this one was exceptional. Ben's parents came in Monday morning just in time to enjoy our roasty toasty house because our AC went out. Luckily it got fixed that that day but they were beat from the red eye and were spread out napping with the repairman came. After that we played with snapchat a little and then went to the beach. We also grabbed ice cream which was super delicious.

We stocked up at Target Tuesday morning on some fun things. Ben had a half day off so we went to Lion Country Safari and it started to POUR! Animals were still out and about and the only thing we missed out on was the splash pad. 

The rest of the week we hit the BEACH...which was the best part! We hopped to a different one on a blustery afternoon in Boca and then went to one of our favorite beaches over and over. We got boogie boards--and that makes the beach even more fun. We swam way out and would ride the waves back in. 

We of course we and saw the turtles and went to the Everglades where there was a HUGE crocodile just handing out in the water. Caroline enjoyed having an audience that she has wrapped around her finger. It was a week that completely flew by and we are so glad that they were able to come!

^^^Photos from our first day at the beach. The waves were so calm and we just played and played and played!

^^^Everglades day! It's so craze that the everglades is just a grassy river basically and there are all sorts of crazy plants and animals!

^^^Last beach day that was so much fun! The waves were a little rougher and all Caroline wanted to do was play in the sand and the big kids only wanted to play in the waves. Perfect morning at the beach before conference.

So happy Mimi was finally HERE!

Watching shows while Granny slept

Caroline was very entertained by the repair guy!

^^^ Probably should have done an entire post on how much Caroline now love snap chat---and she is super good at posing!

^^^Caroloine was clearly not wanting to get in her carseat and Emma was happy to have a backseat buddy.

^^^The rain couldn't stop us from having fun or playing drums!

^^^Along with playing Five Crowns most of us (not ME!) sampled weird drinks like PB&J, Cookie Dough, Maple Bacon, and Kitty Piddle. (they all smelled awful)

^^^A morning at the beach and conference wore everyone out!

We had the best time and miss Cathy, Neil, Matt, and Emma already! Caroline walking around the house saying "MATT! Where are you?" "Find EMMA!!!" she loves them so much!