Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Too Hot for Summer!

Ben had a random Friday off so we decided to go Disney--our absolute last trip until August or September. It was so HOT. We went to Magic Kingdom to eat at "Be Our Guest" and it was so hot we could feel the hothot heat from the asphalt through our shoes. Annual passes have ruined us because I refuse to go when it's hot and crowded! Be Our Guest was OK--we were there for lunch and I want to try dinner there. It was a lot of waiting in lines for subpar food--apparently breakfast and dinner are the times to go. And they grey stuff is delicious but it is like the size of a mini-cupcake--which is lame. So it really didn't impress us. Which was a bummer.

Caroline was super tired from still not being all the way better so we hopped over to Animal Kingdom and it was awesome! Less busy and lots of Caroline things to do. She loved the Safari and we went to Rafiki's land/island (I can't remember the name) and Caroline loved the train ride and petting the animals. She was also a huge fan of Rafiki and made Ben meet him as well. It was super funny because she dragged him back in line. The camera people thought it was super sweet. She also met Chip and Dale whom she adores because of all of the "Mickey Mouse Merry Christmas" we've been watching...in MAY :/. Not our favorite but definitely hers.

We were planning on leaving but our Safari tour guide recommended the Lion King show while we were waiting of a huge cow to get out of the road so we went and caught the last show. IT was amazing and Caroline still talks about it. It was a SHOW. Stunts, fire, knife throwing, dancing...and LOTS of music. Right up her alley. We left while we were all still happy (well, Caroline wasn't melting) and can't wait to go back--when it isn't 90 degrees!!!

Sad Sick Caroline

Mother's Day Sunday Caroline was acting really funny...just very lethargic and cuddly. And she's not really either of those things ever so we knew she wasn't feeling well. The next day she woke up with a high temp and slept almost the entire day...which also never happens. We were bums basically the entire week. It was so nice to get some sweet snuggles in. At one point she was just crying "mama help me" and it was absolutely heart-wrenching!!! Ben and I joke that she doesn't ever really cry anymore--just toddler whining haha--so hearing her be so sad just pulled at my mama heart. It took her the entire week to get back to normal--which we are so grateful for!

Memorial Day Weekend

It feels like summer!!! It is summer but for some reason ((probably because Ben wraps up his third year of medical school...light and chaos at the end of the tunnel)) it really feels like summer. Like we are getting close to finishing something. Ben opted to not study this week end because of the Monday holiday and having another day off so we went to the National Cemetery here in South Florida. I had never been to one before! It was such a neat and humbling place to explore. Because of forecasted rain we went on Saturday and even though the flags weren't all out it was still so fascinating! Caroline walked around and said thank you! It was touching and really sweet that she did that. Then she discovered rocks and was really just into playing with those. It was a pretty morning--we beat the rain--and cool way to say thank you to those that have fought for our freedom.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Disney Date

 With my mom in town we decided that a Disney Date was in order to so somethings that we never got to do with Caroline. It was a much needed Date Day and we had a blast! I really loved Star Tours...I had never ridden that one before and it was AWESOME being a part of The Force Awakens.

Ever since I was little I've always wanted to see the Indiana Jones stunt show and it did not disappoint!!! At all! The fire and action were so cool and I can't wait to watch it again some day. Indiana Jones never gets old!

Ben and I are really nerdy and have started to super research all things Disney. Our favorite blog is the Disney Tourist Blog for our research. Pinterest had told us that this carrot cake cookie was one of the best snacks in Hollywood Studios--it sure was. We ate about half because it was so big and rich. It was really really really good though!

Epcot I think will always be my favorite park--there's just a different feel to it and I'm glad we went during the Garden Festival. It was also super rainy so we were packing our Academy ponchos around in case it decided to downpour. Ben was a good sport and we went and did the ride in the Epcot ball which was kind of a snooze but I had always been curious!

The lion king!

Everyone raves about the schoolbread from Norway and honestly it was not that good at all. It was like an unfried donut with cream filling and there was a weird spice to it. So we were kind of bummed about that. 

I totally forgot to take a picture of our dinner that we split but it was phenomenal!!! We went to Morocco...Cafe Tangerine and it was DELICIOUS. We got shaved chicken and lamb, hummus and pitas, couscous, and a salad. It was divine and the perfect park food because it wasn't too heavy of a meal. I dreammmming of going back there again it was so so yummy. And since I love eating in France that is saying a lot!

Oh what fun! It was the best adventure and we loved getting to ride Space Mountain and Rockin' Roller Coaster but it wasn't the same without Caroline. I think we were equally exhausted from all of the fun. And then we came home to the sweetest little girl! 

Disney With Grams!!

 We had such a good time with Gram's at Disneyworld. We went up expecting to just stay one night but stayed two instead---and it was such a wonderful thing. Caroline was in heaven the entire time and it was really fun to explore more parts of the parks.

We stayed at a Disney resort and I always forget how well Disney plans out their hotels. It was quiet and perfect for us to sleep or rest before hitting the ground running. There were cute play areas from Disney movies that we explored on the morning before we left--a huge version of Andy's Room was a hit! Caroline loved jumping from checker to checker.

I was a little worried about Caroline sleeping in the hotel room but she slept in bed with me and did amazing. She would wiggle and wiggle and wiggle and then all of a sudden be asleep. It was too funny!

However, my mom was the problem sleeper! I was up until midnight because she was snoring so loudly, so I went to the lobby to find they didn't have earplugs so I went to some random walmart in the middle of the night. Lo and behold it was the Walmart of all Walmarts full of Disney souvenirs and really nice. A lot of parents were there stocking up on surprises for their kids instead of paying for them at the park--GENIUS. Also we had lost Sweeping Dootie (Sleeping Beauty) which is the one thing that Caroline is really attached too so I picked up another Little People Sleeping Beauty so we could happily make it through the day. I got back about 1:15 in the morning and crashed and slept so well.

The biggest treat (other than having Gram's with us) was doing a character breakfast. It was amazing and it was really nice to not have to wait in line to meet the characters. Instead, they came to us while we were eating breakfast. Caroline was in heaven meeting Doc McStuffins, Jake, Sophia, and Handy Manny. Handy Manny was the last one we saw (or next to last) and the one Caroline was most enthusiastic about and she's never seen Handy Manny hahahaha. She was in awe of the other characters and loved watching them dance when they were doing a Disney Junior show.

Caroline loves Star Wars so we hopped over to watch a Jedi training and then the Frozen sing-a-long. It was definitely a little too old for Caroline but she was mesmerized by the singing. And the bubbles. It was a hilarious looking around at all the dad's that were there belting out "Let it Go!" in a public place. AND air conditioned was another thing we were excited about.

We rode lots of rides...Peter Pan for the first time which we loved, waited in a much too long line for Arial, and Caroline was really naughty so she watched me ride Dumbo- ha! We did the teacups and discovered that Gaston's Tavern really is the best place to catch a snack--they sell hummus and carrots which is Caroline's favorite thing to eat. And I'm still convinced that the cinnamon roll and lafeu's brew are the best treats in the park.

We had a blast with Gram's and can't wait to go again!!!