Monday, June 20, 2016

TIME flies even when it RAINS

The theme of the week of RAIN! and SWIMMING! And celebrating!

It rained all week. Every day in the evening and we suffered from severe cabin fever. This week has so far been a lot better. We went to the pool every morning but getting out in the afternoon was impossible. We did catch some cool lightening shows in our bedroom. We opened up the blinds and turned off all of the lights and just looked at the lightening. ONE good things about all the rainrainrain.

We have been making friends like nobodies business at the pool and it is awesome. We have found friends that live at the pool too and like to play. Caroline is fearless in the pool and loves to float and have her princesses in the pool. :P

The best part of the week was celebrated Father's Day. I made yummy peanut butter and chocolate cooks, put in a roast Saturday night that literally was the most delicious roast ever, and made mashed potatoes and brussell sprouts. We've bascially been eating veggies and quinoa the last few weeks so all of this was a treat. Caroline provided Ben with lots of parenting moments at church so HAPPY FATHER's Day! And we just love BEN. It was awesome and hilarious.

Speaking of church, Caroline just struggles. She's tired and hungry and just isn't loving nursery at the moment. So we are hoping she gets out of this phase soon.

I've been awful at taking pictures so our week looks pretty sparse. Lots of movies. Making snacks and treats, cleaning, mess making, and all the things that living with a toddler and med school student entail.

We did get to go and see RAY - our friends (Madeline and Andrew) new little boy. AND he was so cute. Caroline was completely smitten with him and held and sang songs to him. At first she was not so sure and DID not like me holding him but then she quickly warmed up and was the sweetest little mama. It was so funny holding a little piece of heaven. It made our MONDAY!

Ben had a test this week--for some reasons we tricked ourselves into thinking tests were all over. NOPE. Indeed, they are not. AND one of Ben's classmates was getting rid of an awesome table that we snatched up. Ben is going to refinish it for me and it will be come my desk. The table that I currently have I LOVE because it is so big and then I don't like it for the same reason. The table still has plenty of room but isn't as big and fits in a little nook that we have in the guest bedroom/office. Luckily we can pop the legs off and store it for the next move. So out with the new ikea table and in with the solid wood soon to be redone table. I'm excited and Ben loves a good project.

Anyways! That's our week!

Starbuck's date!


Watching youtube and the rain.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Things Recently!

Ah! Primary and blogging and teachery things have kind of taken over our regular family blogging time. We've been busy! Ben wrapped up his THIRD YEAR of med school last Friday and started FOURTH YEAR on Monday. It feels so good! We have a long road of training and interviews ahead of us but we feel like we can sense a light at the end of one tunnel! So progress!

It has been raining like CRAZY. Every afternoon we've been slammed with a storm so we've been watching lots of Netflix and painting and playing. Caroline talks nonstop and loves to cook and other pretend play which has been lots of fun. I'll take all of the Princess Balls, Tea Parties, and Dinner's I can get from that girl! She's also been really into cooking and helping which always turns into a big mess but it's really cute how involved she is. We made banana muffins last week and she poured and stirred everything--she just didn't crack the eggs ;) I'm going to sad when she is three because two has been SO MUCH FUN. I could do it again!

WE are really enjoying our new neighbors! They have a little boy who is 12 days younger than Caroline--play mate match made in heaven. AND they are so agreeable and just chase and color chalk and play so well. So hooray for awesome neighbors.

Last Sunday our power went out--and so did about 8 of our neighbors--so we finally all met each other. It was really fun having the power out haha! There was a mini bike parade that went up and down our sidewalk. It turned out that a big electrical box thing went out so they brought in all sorts of big trucks to replace it. After talking to the FPL people we found out that had it happened the next day (the same day a tropical storm was coming to west FL) it would have taken over 8 hours just to have someone come out and look at it. CRAZY! and Counting out blessings on that one.

A few mornings this week we snuck to the pool before the rain and we have met so many little friends. It is so nice to finally meet more mom's!!! With kids the same age. It's been really refreshing and made me love living here a little more. ha!

Primary is going well and I am feeling SO much less overwhelmed by everything. Instead of having like 10 fires going...there's only one or two. Which is super nice!!! We have a new chorister and she is so awesome and is getting the kids caught up and ready for the primary program. I'm no longer crying every Sunday--so that's a win. My new counselor calls me and asks me what she can do to help me--it is such a relief! And she is fabulous and funny. We've got a great team going and it's nice to have my counselors be not just church friends but friendfriends too!

We've really been watching a lot of netflix recently and movies on Friday nights. I am loving our date night tradition. This week was our anniversary so we did date night on Thursday. Yay for four years!
We watched Zootopia and a few Bones episodes. We also made cashew chicken which was out of this world amazing. I never think that yummy asian food at home is possible but it is! We also have chicken friend quinoa in our dinner rotation--it is out of this world. And we had the missionaries over tonight and had Cafe Rio. YUM. Other than that we really have been hitting the quinoa and veggies hard around our house. Especially brussell sprouts--our--well probably my absolute favorite.

Potty training is on our horizon. Caroline has been taking her diaper off. I'm not sure how I feel about it but Ben is all about it. SO. Hopefully that all works out for us!

It's been so long that I've loading pictures onto my phone that it will probably take half the night! :/ So I'll add those later!

Blowing bubbles. We can do this for hours!

Cooking dinner

Carrots. The trick for cooperative grocery shopping! Who knew?!

We love having the pool to ourselves

Church has been #struggle. Our schedules have been really different so we are spending some quality time in the hall.

"Painting" zucchini before Ben grilled it.

We love our library

Caroline's breakfast feast

Watching a morning show

One morning she jumped right back in bed. She is my child after all!

She can eat chips all day
Ah and I don't want to forget this! One day this week we were driving and Caroline said "DAD! Lookout! There's a car coming!" Just what Ben needed. Someone else telling him how to drive! Ha! We couldn't stop laughing!

Cashew chicken--with all the cashews I could dream of. Shoots is still my favorite of all time but this was divine!

Puddle jumper!

Sunday selfies