Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our House Recently

I am so happy to be back. On the 4th of July I slammed my finger in our car door and I had our car key right beside it--so my find was smushed and sliced. Which was awful. Anyways, it's healed up ok but I haven't been able to feel the tip of my finger--it's been this super numb and tingling sensation and typing just wasn't the easiest thing ever. SO thank goodness for 10 working fingers!

I feel like our happening really follow what Ben is doing and he has been studying!!! He is taking STEP 2 and has been studying every day and night. And we needed a quiet place for him to study on the weekends and so he's been studying at church and keeping an eye on all of the pokemon go participants that stop by there ;). It's really the BEST place to study and to pray to do well on a test. Ha! He is taking it on Wednesday and we are so excited.

Before he was studying Ben did a rotation in a lot of the health departments and saw lots of gross things but liked being able to help people that were really in need. Some of the doctors were better teachers than others and some showed up 2 hours late and took 3 hours lunches. Thank goodness for wifi and being able to study. He is super looking forward to his upcoming PSYCH rotations. The next one he has to be in Miami at 5:30 in the morning so his night owl habits will have to change to adjust to a 3:30 wake up time. It's. All. Worth. It.

This week the best thing we did was go to a baseball game. Caroline sings all of the time--she would really rather us speak "musical" all day and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" is one of her favorites. We went to the game and then need a cool place so we went to Chick-fil-a and once every one was patient (again) and cooled off we went back after the sun had set. It was WONDERFUL and we want to go to another one. Caroline loved the atmosphere and who doesn't love a BAWWWWL Game?! (totally how she says it).

Our goal around our house has been to beat the heat. Geez it is hot and every one is frolicking to the beach but that just sounds so. hot. So we've been pooling it and playing inside. Caroline is  allllll about her SUPER letters now and points out letters everywhere we go. I've been on the hunt for new swimsuits--but on clearance--and we went to Kohl's and Caroline said "Mom! That's a K! That's an O! That's an H! That's an L! That's an S!" when we pulled in the parking lot.

How adorable is that?

So we are spelling. Also, this week my mom is coming!!! HOORAY! And Caroline's birthday is coming up and while we aren't doing anything super exciting other than taking her to Disneyworld when it's not a million degrees--ok--so we are doing something super exciting--the anticipation is building. She is ready for her birthday and has enjoyed a few parties recently too. Anyways, we can't wait to celebrate CAROLINE.

I've been working a lot on teachery things and got over some mom guilt that I had about working while Caroline was awake. There are just somethings that I have to work on during the day. I read this blog that another freelancing mom wrote and it made me feel a lot better because I spend TONS of time with Caroline so it's totally ok for her to chill on the ipad while I work during the day. So she colors and watches youtube videos while I work upstairs and it's been the best thing ever. I've gotten a lot done and she gets some independent play time.

I guess the most exciting thing is that Ben got an away rotation in Houston!!! We weren't really looking to sign up for one but the opportunity presented itself so we took it. I won't be heartbroken if we don't match in Texas (well, maybe a little) because it is so up in the air but it is something I/we would really really really love. But I'm still up for an adventure too! So who knows but we are excited for the away rotation.

Or maybe the fact the Caroline has been rocking her potty training--that's something else exciting. We didn't have any accidents this week and she goes to the bathroom when she has to go. I haven't changed a poopy diaper in weeks and it has been soooo nice. At fist she was terrified of the toilet but after some major bribing it's now one of her favorite places! So hooray for potty training. 

Making animal hats

I ordered a top from a little boutique off of instagram that I really liked. I've ordered a few before that didn't fit right but this one was perfect! And 13 bucks!

Hiding Caroline

And this. Just because I love sleeping Ben pictures.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th Of July!

We had the best 4th of July!!! It was a packed day and I'm still exhausted from it all--or at least that's what I'm telling myself. We had a ward breakfast at 8 ( early) and Caroline played and played with friends. 

Then we came home and packed up for the beach. We met Bobby and Whitney at Delray and staked out a good spot. The guys would go and swim and we would play with Caroline and then we would switch and swim out. Then the sand got SUPER hot so we packed up and came home and took 4th of July naps--except for Caroline! We took her on a car ride and she finally fell asleep.

We had a blast again this year at the Lieber's. Caroline met a new little friend, ran around with the big kids, and the Peterson's were there so she loved that our neighborfriends were there as well. Bobby and Whitney bought all sorts of fireworks and all of the kids loved the parachute ones! Caroline would chase after them. We watched some of the guys blow up lots of fireworks and Caroline was in awe! She calls fireworks "star wars rebels" (ha!) and kept asking for more. 

It was a beautiful and fun day! We love the 4th of July, all of the fun, and playing with my camera--it has been too long!

Quick Catch

Yay!!! A new week! This week wasn't too very exciting. We stuck close to home and did lots of fun things at home. We aren't tot schooling....currently. I'm planning our future tot schools for now and with family coming into town soon we are gearing up for that.

We splashed in puddles, baked a few things including some delicious raspberry streusel coffee cakes. Caroline loved placing the raspberries into each cupcake. We ran races and played dress up. Nothing too exciting.

The pool! It has been a life saver for us! And Caroline could easily stay all day. Between that, playing all day, and Barnes and Noble we are try to stay cool!