Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Making this week count!

Ben's schedule is craaaazy right now. Well. He gets home around everyday around 1 or 2 which is awesome. But he's in bed around nine to wake up super early. When he gets home he is full of loooots of great stories but he's also super tired. This week I guess it really hit because we are eating off of paper plates and paper bowls because I'm so tired of handling all the dishes...all daaaaayyyy every dayyyyyy. I forgot how much it makes me happy to not be stuck doing dishes. It's just a little thing that makes life with a busytired husband a little easier. Plus it's nice to clear out all of the mismatched paper plates that we have. So silly but this has totally made my week go a little better.

Caroline and I finished up our last week of "The Little Blue Truck" tot school which was super fun. Her favorite activity was playing in "mud" and we continued to do that every day until I couldn't handle my kitchen smelling like chocolate--so we opted to give all of her animals bubbled baths. 

We hit the pool one morning and a lot of our neighborhood friends were there. I feel like summer is dwindling some days--with everyone starting school--and then I step outside. Summer is still going strong. Once all of this rain passes I am excited to spend some more qt at the pool and with my favorite swimmer!

With our new zoo passes we went to the zoo and checked it out. I totally forgot my zoo pass that had just been mailed to us but we got in nooo problem and then the water fountains were off and Caroline was totally bummed. However, she was fine strolling through the zoo and then we were about to leave and she said "water come back on please??!" and it 'magically' came back on. She splashed and had a ball. Totally made our day!

We had some new and old friends come over and play and that was super fun. There's a new family with a little girl that played with Caroline. Caroline was not into sharing all of her toys--rough--ha! But after a little bit they both warmed up and had a grand time. Baby Ray and Madeline also came over--and Caroline was such a big helper. She lovessss Ray and sends him snapchats--which are suuuper hilarious.

We've been clearing out closets and getting rid of lots of stuff that we just don't use or want to pack or don't want to unpack or don't want to move...and it feels soooo good! I worked in Caroline's closet and found a Mr. Potatohead with tons of parts and pieces and she was in HEAVEN. She played while I went through boxes (mostly pictures books...can't get rid of those!), consolidated, and sorted things. It was so fun to watch her play!!! AND capture some pretty magical pictures.

Target hasn't been a place we've been frequenting but Caroline got a giftcard for her birthday so we went shopping! She got a fun set of bristle blocks and they have been so loved since. She also picked out a little mini school bus...and come to find out that little toy was 7 bucks...7 whole dollars for a little silly bus! But I was at the self check out and was attempting to get out of the store asap so we just paid for it. That night I went back to return it and the cashier asked if it was broken. Well, no, it's just 7 dollars...for a little bus. And she looked at the bus and went "7 DOLLARS, for THIS?" and we both laughed about this dinky little school bus and it's crazy cost. Anyways, we got these really cool stacking bins that I have some plans for and Caroline has loved playing with them.

Saturday. Oh Saturday. There was a baptism for a sweet little boy in our Primary it was so sweet but because it started 45 minutes late we left right after and then I went to a baby brunch/shower that was so fun!!! And sweet. And simple. And just what a lot of us needed! Once I got home we realized that we couldn't find the most beloved Sleeping Beauty and went on a search. LUCKILY we found it Sunday in the nursery where Caroline had been playing. I could use another Saturday reallllll quick!

Sunday was CRAZY. Our primary has grown and we are prepping for the primary program. I taught the Sunbeams and we had tons of fun building friendship towers with jenga blocks and talking about how Jesus is our friend. I think my dream calling is hanging out with the sunbeams for forever. I tease Ben that after this I am retiring from presidency callings.Ha! But, I'm really not kidding. ha. There are sooo many sweet kids and we were out a lot of adults but some other sisters came in to help and Brother Lieber so we felt somewhat not as outnumbered. It was fun and I finally don't have a panic attack every Sunday or feel so overwhelmed--well, that might not be entirely true... ;) but we've come a long way from last year. Monday's are the perfect recovery days because it is so draining--in every way.

We are just chugging along and making it through a few rainy days that are in the forecast this week!!!

This is my favorite one!!!

Running errands

bristle block heaven

Wild picture--but this was a craaaaazy awesome day to have curly hair

Annnnd 10 years ago this is whhhhat was happening! Starting my freshman year at BYU!!! So crazy that time has flown by since then!

Deeeeeep in thought!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Recap of a busy week

After feeling like we were in a funk I super planned this week! And it was AWESOME! There were a lot of things that we didn't get done but a lot that we did accomplish and we had a ton of fun.

Monday we went to Quiet Waters and there were only little kids there because it was the first day of school. Caroline had an absolute blast and we had a discussion about "no tears" when it was time to leave and she didn't cry at all. If we are still here next June we are hitting this place up! Such a perfect splash park for little people.

TOT SCHOOL allllso started and I LOVE the new two week schedule. We started with "The Little Blue Truck" which is an already loved book but it's so fun to do all sorts of activities with it. Ben came home just in time and he loved tot schooling too! He was like "So basically, you just play and have fun?" haha. YES! We did some cutting with scissors practice, shooting marshmallows with these fun marshmallow poppers, and then playing in "mud" (cornstarch, water, and cocoa powder). Caroline loved the mud activity so much and it's pretty easy to make and clean up so we've played in mud every day. AND I got everything together for our next unit--I'm a week ahead! My mom is gathering the other books for her own library for a few books that we don't own. Seriously loving this time that we get to play and learn together!

Tuesday we went to the zoo! I was definitely not the biggest fan of the zoo when we first went--because of maaaajor miami withdrawls but we reallllly needed another activity close by to do. So we have zoo passes and the first day was fantastic. The passes are perfect for needing an outdoor activity and we saw the HUUUUUGE grizzly bear. It is still super hot so we spent some time looking at animals and then Caroline enjoyed the splash area. There was another little girl running around sitting on all of the water fountain things and Caroline got a real kick out of that and started doing it too. It was the goofiest and silliest thing.

Thursday Keri came over and we talked alll morning and Caroline just played. It was nice to chat about all sorts of things and a little bit of primary. She's such a go getter and I'm glad that she's a counselor annnnd my visiting teacher. We ran some errands once Ben got home and went to Green Cay and saw an alligator! Sometimes they aren't around but we saw one...which is always exciting.

Friday was a FAST day! Ben was home early and we spent some time doing little odds and ends around the house and we went to the park. Ben had grabbed pizza dough from publix which was divine and makes me want to never make pizza dough again. It was so good! Caroline made pizzas with us and then didn't eat hers! She's so funny...more about the process than the final product. Same with cookie dough. She loooooves making cookies but NEVER (really) eats one. Funny girl.

Saturday is a blur because we made it through Sunday. I had an earlier meeting, then church + primary, and then a presidency meeting. We rarely meet but when we do it's a long meeting but we have a lot of events coming up so the rest of the year the meetings aren't quite as long. The kids were super good today and there were no surprises so I call that win! Ben had Caroline basically the entire day plus he made dinner and let me just recuperate on the couch which was what I needed because I was exhausted. Caroline wore her new blue dress and it was super adorable--especially she spins. A busy week--Ben is good. I am good. and Caroline is...phenomenal! ha!

Caroline Mornings

Ben has the crayyyyyziest schedule right now. Basically because it's so early and I am not at all a morning person. I could never be a doctor because I don't do mornings. While the hours are weird we sometimes get to see him during the day which is a real treat!!!

I've really been missing my real camera so Caroline woke up the other morning and the light was pretty darn perfect so I snapped some shots of Caroline. In her favorite Nielsen Family Reunion shirt.
I am sad for the day when she no longer asks for 2 bars and 5 eggs or 5 bars and 2 eggs for breakfast. Stay my 3 year old forever please!!!

We got ready to head to the park and Ben called and he was 10 minutes away! (annnd he had picked up pizza dough for dinner...which was divine). He came with us to the park and Caroline just had the best time and I LOVE this photo with her feet straight out! Totally Caroline.

Just a fun and perfect morning!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

So Over It!

August. Every August something strikes our household. Here's our timeline. (just because and sorry!)

Like two days after my mom got here I woke up with a sinus infection. It was so bad and hurt really bad to even try to breathe. Not the worst one ever but seriously so LAME! Luckily, we had some antibiotics on hand. Ben took me to see Jason Bourne--which was SUPER good--and I brought in an entire box of tissues to make it through the date night! Haha! The things he does for me!

Caroline woke up crying Sunday night/Monday morning and because Ben had earlyish mornings my mom stayed up with Caroline because she wanted him to sleep. Ben is a super finnicky sleeper and once he is awake he can't go back to sleep. Around 6:30 I was up with her and she threw up and it was the saddest thing ever. She's never been sick like that before...just high temps or a cough but nothing else. It was soooo sad.

My mom left Wednesday and Caroline wasn't herself and Ben ran in the door puking. I don't know how he made the whole drive home without getting sick. He was totally white and it was awful. I took Caroline with me to drop my mom off at the airport. Ben called in to say he was sick everyone went to bed and then Caroline woke up covered in was so bad and I slept in the front room to listen in case she woke up but she never did. It was so sad! 

Ben and Caroline just slept the entire morning while I ran to the store to stock up, ran loads and loads of laundry, and cleaned like crazy since my two sick people were in one room. Thank goodness for a spare bedroom and being able to get a clean house--and a few naps!

Caroline is totally fine but Ben felt better today--he was hit so hard! He's never really been super sick like this (minuuuuus our LA Hospital stay). I just hope he's all rested up for this rotation!!! Anyways...two sick people. That are pretty darn cute. I have the best patients in the world ;)

Seriously so. SAD.

ALL better!!! HOORAY!!!

AND we are ready! Seriously SO excited about The Little Blue Truck and all of the fun stuff planned! With everyone sleeping I was able to get everything together! (all from simplylearningkids...someone asked if I made this--MAYBE before having Caroline when I was a total overachiever--but now--lol--I don't have time for that and I'd rather nap! And since I basically make things like this for older kids--it takes for.freaking.ever. (and that's an understatement) to get stuff like this together. So glad someone else does this amazing work! I was the coolest parent and pinterest mom before I had a kid ha! Sorry Caroline! You're worth it!)

We hit the pool for a little bit and then we all came home and cRASHED-the most excitement we had all week!

AND PIG TAILS while watching WEE SING. The 80's were the best! And kid shows I can tolerate anytime! I'm mad at Netflix (whhhhyyy??) for having cute-ish shows that say "I'm bored" because that's the one phrase that makes me come unglued and Caroline doesn't even know what it means! Anyways. Being sick is the worst and I'll eventually forgive netflix but so glad we are better!!!
So we are relishing in all the 80's kid show goodness until....forever!