Friday, October 28, 2016


Ahhhh! How did I get to 29! Some days I just don't know how I am almost 30...which I'm excited for that! Two weeks ago I went to get my flu shot and had to show my id because neither the tech or the pharmacist believed I was over 18. Ha! So weird. This year was a good one and celebrations low key...compared to last year.

Ben flew out to Tuscon for an interview there so we celebrated with dinner the night before. We planned to go to the beach but it has been so windy here the past few days we opted for the zoo. Ben got me a new camera lens so I was able to test it out on Caroline when she cooperated. You know how cooperative 3 year olds are. A lot of the animals weren't out but we did see the tiger. We grabbed pubsubs (publix subs) and came home. Ben napped and then I snuck in my birthday nap (ha! yes...and it's the only thing I asked for!) before he had to head to the airport.

Madeline and Ray stopped by and Mary did later on in the evening. So many calls, texts, and fb messages totally made my day! I stayed up taking care of a few projects and watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy. 

And I haven't uploaded pictures from my phone in 2 months--so needless to say it is taking a while right now to get everything downloaded! No other way I'd like to turn 29!

Not wanting to participate in picture taking. Take that fall photos!

Stripey caterpillar in the butterfly garden

Trying to catch a butterfly

LOOOVING my new Alton Brown cookbook and dreaming of this grilled cheese--grilled cheese ha!

Every one had to do what I said on my birthday--especially Ben! ha!

Publix cookie! 

We ran out of popsicles and flushable wipes--because someone is very particular--and had to do a Walmart run!

Crazy wind with my crazy girl

Caroline wanted me to take her picture while she stood right there--silly girl

Hurricane Can't Catch Me!

With the hurricane that was supposed to land right smack dab at our house we decided to pack up, board up, and head out! Our friend Andrew came over and helped Ben put up all of the hurricane shutters--which was quite a job because they had no clue how to put the tin shutters on. Once they got it figured out our house looked like a dungeon in no time! We moved in our grill and slide and our house just seemed so sad all closed up.

Luckily we had so much water! Ben had stocked up before we came back from Utah and during the week he made a run to Sam's Club and got lots and lots of water! We packed up water, our important papers binder, laptops, Caroline, and snacks and headed out to Arcadia, Florida. Literally the middle of Trump nation, orange groves, and cows.

The ride there Ben insisted that Caroline was totally ok to not be in a pull up...but after passing some cows there was a lingering smell that just didn't go away. She totally pooped! Ah! Poor girl! She was so nervous and worried! So I feel really bad for whomever mows the grass by a certain mile marker because there was NO WAY we were going to be able to take her mess with us! Ha! Oh well! Lesson learned.

Our friends the Barrett's were worried about the condo so they came and joined us. Totally Caroline's dream come true to sleep in the same room as baby Ray for 2 nights! The first night it was just us but the Barrett's joined us and we stocked up on games and Taco Bell and watched the weather channel all day.

The night before our stake president had asked everyone at 6:00 to pray that they hurricane missed our area--it was really miraculous to watch it move farther north and not hit us. AND such a relief. We were so so grateful that we didn't have to clean up after a hurricane. That night we drove to some bigger city close by and went to Culver's and watched the most beautiful sunset on the drive. Caroline did so well! She's a finnicky sleeper sometimes and sleeping in a room with 5 other people had me a little worried but she did so so so well!

The day after the storm we decided to go on a little adventure and went to Siesta Key. It was super cloudy and windy but, my, oh, my that sand sugar soft and fabulous! Caroline rolled around in the sand like it was going out of style. She loved it. Totally on our list to do again when their isn't a hurricane and crazy wind! We got pubsubs that night and played qwirkel with two babies that really needed to go to bed but instead we just had fun!

Early the next day we packed up and headed home..we all stopped at Zaxby's for lunch because none of us had been and Ben's brothers are obsessed with it. By that time I was totallllllly burned out on food so I can't say it was my favorite and I was anxious to get home to see if we had lost power at all.

ANNND of course we didn't lose power but we totally learned how to prepare and leave for a hurricane--not that we want to do it again but it was a fun test run. What turned out as an evacuation turned into a fun little trip with our friends! It was so nice to hang out with Madeline, Andrew, and Ray!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A few Utah Favorites

Utah! I really miss how beautiful and full of seasons you are! It was so nice to visit Ben's parents (without in-law's ever!). Caroline enjoyed having a house full of people to play with, two puppies, one cat, and a backyard. Some morning she ran out in her pj's because she was so excited to play on Neil and Cathy's little playground. Lots of love and fun was soaked up during the 10 days we were there.

Teasing Polly

You see that little girl? I love her! Flower jacket. Flower leggings. It doesn't get any cuter!

Exploring the airforce museum

Getting ready to jump!jump!

We love Emma! And pumpkin patches--even if they are full of mosquitoes--it made for a memorable trip!

Walking up the temple stairs

"Mama! We have to find the key!" Caroline was very concerned about the door being locked.

We found an awesome park (Layton Park)! Merry-go-rounds is where all of the fun is at! Caroline was spinning and spinning all morning.

Priceless smiles!

And then granny hopped on and it was even more fun! 

Disney in the Fall

Ah! Life has gotten so busy and all I want to do is sit down and go through pictures and blog--but things have been so gogogo that there hasn't been any time. So instead of starting where I ended off-here's our most recent adventure! Even though there will probably be two posts on it..

My mom flew in and we went to Disneyworld to celebrate my birthday! It was such a blast and a trip that was fun and well-planned but also let some room in to relax. We stayed in a Love Bug themed part of one of the Disney Resorts and it could not have been more perfect. There were tools, tools, and more tools!

We spent some time at Disney Springs--it's totally changed. We did Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom. We had plans to go to Epcot but nixed them for a morning of swimming and resting. We really planned a less is more trip and other than using our fast passes everything else was up in the air.

The best thing we did was a character breakfast with Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger. Totally fun and Caroline's smiles were priceless--and I also super loved the Crystal Palace...such a neat little place. Definitely something we would do again in a heart beat when we plan Disney!

Look at all of those tools!

Caroline hit the jackpot...all of the cast members were offering her cards and pins throughout the day

Grams was ready to enter!

Picture time! We got to meet Pluto and Goofy!

After waiting in line the characters took a break and boy was Caroline ready to greet them

Probably one of my favorite pictures ever.

Pooh was the best! 

Hugs for Piglet

Showing off her spoon

It's a Mickey waffle!

LOVELOVELOVE. She could not get enough of tigger.

After breakfast we watched the Friendship show that had started while we were eating breakfast--it's seriously the cutest! Last time we went to see it the show was cut short because of rain. So glad we got to see it. And I can't get enough of that cute little girl.