Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Red Hat Week

I feel like we have been cramming in ALL the CHRISTMAS this week. Ben starts some CRAZYtown shifts in the next few weeks and we don't really know what it's going to look like so we have been trying to get in some traditions and to do list things checked off of our list.

Safety first even for the dishwasher pods.

Caroline is so funny. This week she told me "I don't really like toys" and you know what? THAT IS SO TRUE. There are certain things that she always plays with but for the most part her "play" is coloring, painting, dancing, and making. Anything where she is creating and doing. And sometimes she reads and I love catching her reading pictures. We were at Target and she went down the book aisle and called out "I'm just going to wook at books for a minute...or five!!!" 

Snuggles with dad.

Dr.s Office yet again. Caroline had some sort of bite on her inner thigh that kept swelling and growing so we took her to get it checked out. By that point it had the diameter of a baseball...but it wasn't hurting her. The dr. gave us a medicine that took the swelling away immediately...so much for all the benedryl! And the silly speeches Caroline gave us while she was on benedryl...SO FUNNY. Anyways the bite has completely cleared up. Thank goodness! And super thankful for doctors that keep squeezing us in!

Emmie invited us over for a playdate at their new home! Oh it was lovely to get to chat and let the kids play. We hadn't seen Zara in a while and Caroline just loves playing with her.

We had a RS activity at Karen and Evan's house. There was the fanciest hot chocolate bar and the most beautiful spread of cookies. One sister in the ward makes the prettiest stained glass sugar cookies and I wish I grabbed a picture of them. She was telling everyone how she makes them like it was making a PB&J. We all want to learn from her! It was a lot of fun and Karen had these really cool chimes that we used to play Christmas carols. It was SO FUNNY trying to get everything timed right. So glad I was able to go.

Caroline's wake up faces are the best. She's been jumping in bed with me each morning after Ben leaves for work.

We got our nativity up and Caroline was so into it...and talks about it all the time! Love this little helper of mine!

I took NO PICTURES of our MOPS table party but we went to Kellie's beautiful home and made crafts. Does anyone else struggle when they go to a fabulous house and wanting to take pictures but then not wanting to take pictures? It was seriously so beautiful. Oh. And there was a fabulous breakfast spread and the sweetest dog. She pulled some rosemary from her garden and some of us made wreaths...they smell so divine. Such a fun morning with friends. My MOPS groups is seriously the best thing ever.

More cookie decorating at Emmie's

We met Ben at work and had lunch! Caroline was over the moon to visit him at work again. They have the best chicken salad sandwiches too!

Caroline decorated envelopes and I put two dollars in each one. Ben has been taping the envelopes up on the vending machines in the ER. Having been in the hospital with Ben for 5 days over Christmas I know it's seriously the CRAPPIEST thing ever. I still remember literally breaking down in tears at McDonald's on Christmas day because I wanted breakfast but the doctor didn't show up and there was a long line so I didn't make it to the front until it was 5 minutes past the time they served breakfast. The poor worker was like---I will personally get you a breakfast biscuit! ha! Anyways, it's seriously the worst. Hoping these envelopes bring some cheer to those stuck in the hospital. I'm a huge fan of how they were decorated.

We didn't get snow this week but everyone else did! We facetimed my mom and this was the view from her front porch! What a sight!

How she keeps her shoes on for school I have nO idea--they come off as soon as she climbs in the car. Silly girl.

My favorite kitchen helper.

The now famous red hat. 

Bubble bath and a show. Now that the tv is up in our room SOMETIMES Caroline gets a bath and she gets to watch a movie too. What a life.

We ran a lot of errands on Saturday! After hopping to three stores Caroline asked to go to the library. Since we are outside of city limits we are kind of library-less. So we hopped into Barnes and Noble and made it to story time. It was the perfect little story time. We also found something that we had been wanting to get for Caroline for half off of all the prices we had seen other places--never happens at Barnes and Noble right? Ben went to buy it and the price come up that was MUCH more expensive. However, they honored the price! That was exciting! Now I really think we are done shopping.

We also went to Chili's after to celebrate Caroline's fabulous pre-k report card! It's her favorite place to eat and we had a coupon so Ben and I decided to take Caroline out. Totally fun and it was nice to not do dishes ;) She loves loves loves school so it was a fun way to celebrate.

I really should call this the red hat series. Caroline loves this fun beanie.

Ben raked leaves and Caroline just loved this pile. After a long while he talked her out of the pile and went over it with the mower. 

We ended the night with hot chocolate and admiring a really small amount of Christmas lights we put outside...Caroline was SUPER excited about that.


Sunday night we made cookies! I usually dread sugar cookies but instead of rolling the dough out on flour this year we did it in 1/3 batches and rolled it between wax paper. BEST THING EVER. It made it way less messy and the cleanup was a breeze. Caroline did a lot of the work and it was fun to watch her be so involved. She's a great little baker. She loved sorting through all of the Christmas cookie cutters and deciding which cookies she would make...in a pattern, of course. It was a fun Christmas night that we ended watching the Santa Claus...which was way funnier than I remember it. Ben and I hadn't seen it in years but I remember seeing it in them movie theater and thinking how magical it was back then. Caroline loved it too!

Also shoutout to Ben who has made so many grocery runs this week because I've forgotten THE MAIN ingredient. Think Cafe Rio---I thought a frozen pack of hot dog buns was a frozen pork loin until I pulled it out...so disappointed!
Frosting....I grabbed everything at the store but the powdered sugar.
Some major fails on my part but major saves by Ben.

This girl. I could just eat her up. She's so fun.

Getting Christmas setup! I told Ben that I really should have been an elf! It's fun getting all sorts of surprises wrapped up and under the tree. Caroline already knows which presents are hers. So excited to continue to celebrate all month!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Onward and Upward and Christmas

So we started off the week rough but then things looked up and we had a weekend full of parties and fun. It's Sunday night and Ben and I have been in bed watching since 8:30. We are simply exhausted. Major props to Ben who works a busy week and then drove us to Dallas and hopped up early this morning to head to work. I don't know how he does it--and he doesn't know how I do it so it all works out! ha! Even though residency is busy we are really loving this sweet time in life. It's a mix of working hard and playing hard.

So many snuggles this week. I wish I could have bottled them all up. Each morning after Ben left Caroline would make her way to our room and sleep until 8 or 9! So nice! ha! We were up  a lot in the night with her coughing so it was more like catching up than sleeping in. Then afternoons were filled with #alltheshows and any snack that Caroline would eat---which wasn't much. 

I ran to Michael's to pick up a few things for a Christmas project for Caroline and their craft sets were 70% off...and those are the best craft sets! They keep Caroline busy and are just right for her to do--not too hard. We worked on some ornament garland on Friday for over an hour. She was so meticulous and totally into her patterns. Proud mama moment when we got this hung across our mantle. 

Always by my side...This was from Thursday I think and as soon as Ben got home I said "I can't be touched for the next hour!" ha! All that sick and snuggle time caught up to me--and once Caroline had a little more energy it was her jumping all over the place and all over me in an effort. I was touched out. But after an hour I was fine. 

Jess sent out a text with all sorts of small town Christmas activities that were happening. WE went to the Children's Park where there were TONS of people, s'mores, carolers around a Christmas tree, hot chocolate, and our friends! Caroline saw some classmates and she got to play with Cameron and Claire---who she calls her cousins.

Roasting smores. We shut the party down! It was a fun little gathering of residents that were off and residents wives.

One of my favorite moments on Friday was Caroline waking up to 4 small presents under the tree. She woke up and her eyes lit up when she saw the packages and said "It's Christmas! Santa has come!" It just made me think about how small those presents were and how they were all the magic that she needed. We always set out to not do big Christmas but I think we feel we need to give her ALL THE MAGIC...but the magic of Christmas doesn't have to be big. Anyways, it was just really really sweet.

Caroline opened up cousin Christmas cards, PJ's!, and two books. One was more Christ centered and the other more fun...and we all love this year's new books to add to our collection. Humphrey's First Christmas and The Jolly Postman (Christmas) are hits around out home!

Even with not much of a voice, Ben is the best book reader.

Seriously...this girl is everything. 

Had to wake this angel up to make it to our ward Christmas party!!! Luckily I took her in her pj's and other parents toted their kids along in pjs too.

Ben was at work and I was so surprised that there were kids tables! BRILLIANT. So I actually got to talk to a few people rather than entertaining Caroline because she was at a table that filled up with friends...and they had The Grinch playing. It was perfect. Probably my favorite Christmas party in a long time!

And Santa (dentist in real life) showed up and handed out candy canes to the kids...Caroline was definitely skeptical of him but it was really funny to see her reaction and how other kids reacted too.

Seriously tried so hard to get a picture of her---but she kept leaning farther and farther away.

Caroline got a package from NYC from Granny and Bampa! This Statue of Liberty crown was a hit!

Caroline also got a new pen! She got paper and attached it to a clipboard. Then she was walking around the house putting x's and checks on a paper apparently grading my work. Then she goes "Mom, it's not looking so good for you" bahahahahaha...so funny.


So I am actually not that wild about Dr. Seuss...like the Grinch is SO LONG. So we've never read it to her and we've never showed her the cartoon. Probably this year we could make it through the whole book. She was really taken with the story after the Christmas party and drew a picture of the grinch and his dog Max. I thought it was a pretty darn good picture for Caroline drawing it in the car.

That hand---so cute!

After the church party and Ben had work we hopped in the car and drove to Dallas for Kara's 3rd birthday...and Moana was there! So fun! Caroline got her face painted and a tattoo. Ben wen to Costco and picked up a few necessities...those tortillas an that salsa can't be beat! And contemplated buying a pallet of brown bars for Caroline. It was the perfect little party and we are so glad to be close enough we can come to family get togethers!

Kara was dressed up as Moana and opened up a gift that had this necklace--but she already had one. So Tammy handed it to Caroline and said "Happy Birthday!" hahaha! Caroline was THRILLED and she has talked about wearing her necklace all day. She's even said she's taking it to school which I said was a no go. The response "Mom. This is not a toy! It's a necklace! It belongs to Moana and is the heart of Te Fiti!" lol! Wish me luck!

Building with Empire State building candy blocks before devotional!