Saturday, October 14, 2017

Favorite 3...Caroline things recently

A favorite three hasn't appeared for a while but here are a few things that Caroline is loving (and me too!)

Caroline has the most beautiful curls. I love her crazy hair. It's just perfect. However, brushing her hair is anything but a breeze. We've literally tried everything. I've asked people whose daughters have curly hair and they just usually say lots of detangler. We've tried all the store brands, switched shampoos and conditioners, and spent a small fortune on brush and combs that claim to be perfect for curly hair. A few mom bloggers had given some unsponsored love tp this detangler so I thought I would give it a try. Ummmm...this is the best stuff ever. We've been using it for about a week and a half and Caroline hair has been super easy to brush out. And it smells heavenly. We will be ordering this again and we are loving having tearless nights thanks to something that makes brushing hair more of a breeze.

Ben and I have our true crime podcasts and the other day while Caroline and I were crafting she asked to listen to something. But not music. So I turned on this stories podcast and she LOVES it. I love listening to it as well. The stories that are familiar are told with a twist and spin and the new ones are so intriguing. We talk about the stories and she asks to relisten to her favorites and sings the little songs and jingles they incorporate into each story. Podcasts for everyone!

Kwik Stix have my heart. Caroline created with these for hours and to be totally honest I am hooked too. My kind of art. They are kind of like glue sticks but are tempera paint instead and mess free. She has colored and colored and the sticks are still going. She's colored plates, paper, sticks and more and the color stays put. I just had to share these because they are so perfect and Caroline is obsessed.

Rose Garden

We loved visiting this park. Tyler is the Rose capital of the world so we've been waiting to go to the Rose Garden and I think we picked a great week because next week is the Rose Festival. I am just amazed that so many rose plants in one place can be kept alive. We have on in our front yard and I finally convinced Ben to trim it and now it is blossoming. But I'm positive if we had more than one our luck would run out quick!

Rows and rows and rows of roses were waiting for Caroline. She's obsessed with roses and I was super impressed that she didn't pick any. On the side of the garden that we entered the air was saturated with this lovely and sweet rose smell. It was heavenly. Caroline would run and smell. Run and smell. Run and smell. Then the other half of the garden smelled like fresh laid fertilizer hahaha! The pendulum swings fast and far in the opposite way. 

We met friends there and the kids just ran and explored. The pond was a hit and then at the end there was a huge green lawn that they just ran across. It was definitely warm but under the gazebo there it was so nice and we could watch the kiddos play. Perfect little playdate and Caroline is still talking about all of the roses.

So many roses.

There was a flower in every shade. I wish I grabbed a picture of the royal purple roses. They were so vibrant and bold.

Caroline found a baby to take care of.

Fishing...because that is what ponds are for!

This girl...the sweetest ever.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

We've had a few days that fall has totally teased us the past few weeks. We've busted out our jackets and long pants only to have sweltering heat again in a few days. However, the weather man says that fall is coming to East Texas and I am beyond excited for it! Our residents wives playgroup had a morning planned at Moore Farms and so we decided to go. It's Ben's first weekend off in a while (yes, he had one weekend off for mucking houses...but other than that it's been a longtime!). We spent the morning taking care of a few things around the house and before we knew it it was already 10:30. Ah! So we were late but decided to still go instead.

Also googlemaps took us a beautiful way along farms and homes that were on lots of land and then proceeded to direct us down an invisible road through a field. So we did a little navigation of our own...and by we...I mean Ben, because I am lost all of the time...and we made it. Such a perfect little farm. I loved that it was all one price instead of 5 dollars a pumpkin, 3 for a hayride, 2 for a petting all adds up. So with our tickets we got access to everything! Life in Texas I'll tell ya--it's the best.

After checking out all of the animals and the corn bins we heard the hayride coming back around and our friends hopped off and we hopped on. ha! So we got to see our friends for a little bit and mentally prepped ourselves for how hot it was going to be. Caroline LOVED each minute. The hayride was so exciting and two little girls sat right by her and they just chatted and squealed with each bump. I think ben and I are still sneezing from all of the dust and our shoes will never be the same.

We hopped out and did a few turns in the corn maze before Caroline decided it was pumpkin time. She's rather quick with her decisions--ha! and it was hot so we were totally ok with that. We gathered our three pumpkins and before we knew it the tractor was turning the corner and we hopped back on the trailer to take us to the front. Oh. Caroline I could do hayrides with her's worth the dust and sneezes.

Ben took Caroline back through the animal bard while I took the pumpkins to the car. We left with three pumpkins, dusty shoes, and pink cheeks but so excited about our day at the farm and the upcoming fall weather.

Baby chicks! Ben is such a good sport because I do not do animal smells. Caroline was in love with all of the animals.

We walked up to the most beautiful pumpkin dispaly. Orange. Dark Orange. Red orange. White. Pumpkins of every shape size and color.

Grinding corn! This was such a hit!

Hopping on the hayride!

Waiting with our pumpkins!

She's a pro!

Perfect day at the farm to get our pumpkins!

Today's the best day

We had such a fun day today and as I sat through going through pictures of today I couldn't help but smile AND hi-5 myself for all the pictures I took ha! But now that I'm posting this there really aren't that many.
Caroline hopped in the car and I hopped in the car. Then as I put the car in reverse I heard "Um....mama! I have no buckles" I totally didn't buckle her in haha. So I hopped out and got her all settled before we left.

We had some free time before the museum opened and Caroline is my favorite person to go to the dollar store with

I mean for a dollar these sunglasses are fabulous.

After this we stopped by the museum and stayed there longer than I expected. A new friend was there along with one of her friends. So our trio just chatted and we had the whole museum basically to ourselves. It was the most blissful combination of mom time and play time.

One of our friends has a son that goes to an elementary school right in front of our neighborhood...or behind....or to the side...I'm directionally challenged still. He was getting tested for asthma and asked to drop off her baby while she ran over to the school. Caroline took her job very seriously had played with Mckenzie and just loved her.

What a good sport that sweet Mckenzie girl is!

And isn't Caroline just floating on cloud nine?

Can you tell who took her to the store? DAD.
We had a few things to pick up at Target which turned into more than a few things when we go as a whole family (and Ben thinks I'm the expensive one ha!)

I feel like there were a few other things that we did but it was one of those full and busy days that left us tired but left our hearts so full of fun.

Still needing a pair of those glasses though. I think then my life will be complete!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

October is here

We love our little zoo! Caroline and I went Monday morning at 9:01--they open at 9:00 and we were the first ones there. After surviving conference we needed something out of the house! The animals were super active and up and about. The coolest thing was they were cleaning up the fox exhibit and the zookeeper was in there with the foxes! She said that the foxes didn't even pay attention to them. Caroline fed the giraffes and we went and did the wildbird walkabout---both of which were a hit.

Over the weekend there was a phonebook drive with free admission. There were over 13,000 people that went to the zoo and the bird guy said that the birds didn't eat at all on Sunday. Lucky for Caroline they were hungry Monday morning.

So much fun this girl is. One of my favorite pictures.

We stopped by Fresh and they had the most magnificent pumpkin display and the pumpkins were cheaper than walmart so we picked up one big pumpkin and two smalls ones. I'm hoping to collect a few more between now and Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Can we talk about QUIK STIKS? They are awesome! Caroline played with them and listened to the Stories podcast while I made dinner the other night and took care of a few chores. By the time I looked at my watch it had been over an hour! There's something therapeutic and fun about them! Total win for this artsy girl!

This week was a busy week but one of the most exciting things was NEW COUCHES! Before leaving Florida we debated moving our couches but decided too in case moving was more expensive than we planned (always is) but Labor day we caught a sale and got a new set! SO excited to not have our bums hit springs when we sit down! Feeling a little grown up.

Super excited!!! Caroline really loves the chair that she says is just her size. 

Ummmm...and it was time for a migraine. I woke up at 1:15 with my head pounding and was sick the entire night and morning. Caroline. Oh that sweet girl. She just played all day by herself an constantly checked up on me and let me sleep. She is golden that one. 

Dolls. Magformers. and More dolls. 

Blurry but Caroline setup a chair for her shopkins one night this week while watching Sarah and Duck. With her curly hair that has to be brushed out we are willing to reward for doing it with no tears or complaints. Curly hair. It's the best and the worst.

Ben took Caroline to Home Depot and came home with all sorts of stories. Caroline is always funny but somehow those two are the best of pals and Ben comes home with SUPER FUNNY stories of things that they do together. Thank goodness dad had a free minute this week.

A local family lost their son/soldier in Iraq this week and we found out that they live right down the road from us. The Bennett's let us know that the neighborhood was making an effort to put flags up over the weekend. It was so happy to see all of the flags and sad to remember the reason why. We borrowed some of the big boyscout flags from the Blaser's and had them out in our yard and Caroline just had to go see them Saturday morning. God bless that sweet family. I just can't imagine.

A craft a day keeps insanity away. We stamped the pumpkins with small apples and then added sticker eyes and curly cues and stems. Caroline loves seeing these happy pumpkins on the fridge.

This girl. The only person I'll craft for or with.

Caroline is such a funny eater and I've been worried about sending her to school hungry.  BUT she has taken to chocolate chip waffles and I melt some chocolate chips for her to dip her bites in and she LOVES it. A favorite quote this week was "I like chocolate donuts, chocolate chips, and chocolate waffles." It was one of the first things she told my mom when she came up Saturday night! That's my girl.

Now that grams is here I'm seriously chopped liver. Guess I'll actually have to fold some laundry since Caroline's partner in crime is here.

Darling girl. The primary program went so well. Caroline's part was "Jesus showed us the way to be baptized and how to show love for others" She said it so well and wiggled the entire time! Ben and I couldn't decide if it was easier to watch her up front being funny and wiggly or having her sit with us being funny and wiggly. She wore her star dress...we had seen it a long time ago and I stopped by gymboree and it was on sale for 10 dollars so I snatched it up. 

My mom brought all sorts of crafts for Caroline to do. Oh thank goodness Grams is close to come rescue us for a day or two. Ben looked at his calendar and realized that he's had 4 days off since the beginning of September and one was driving to Houston, two were mucking houses, and one was the fair. So really not much time off at all due to being on call. He's excited for a few days off coming up and not having back to back to back call weekends. We sure miss him!