Sunday, January 29, 2017

Picking Strawberries 2017

Strawberries season is in full swing and instead of waiting until the end of season we went earlier this year. Initially we went to pick sunflowers but once Caroline saw all of the bees swarming around I cut three flowers and we went back to trade in our clippers for a bucket.

Someone was suuuuuppper excited.

We ran to the strawberry fields and started picking. It smelled like strawberries outside--seriously wish I could bottle up that smell. I was really just helping Caroline find berries to pick but she ate strawberries at a much faster rate than she was picking them. So I ended up picking lots of berries. We would find the brightest ones we could find in a row, heart shaped berries, the biggest berry, the smallest berry. I got a lot more participation when it was turned into a scavenger hunt. 

And let't talk about this Florida weather. It has been perfection this week. So instead of strawberries being a melting experience it was so beautiful that we could have stayed all day. And eaten strawberries all day.

The berries are all gone now...they were so dang delicious! BUT we are enjoying the happiest sunflowers around...I could totally get used to having fresh cut sunflowers on my kitchen counter every week and picking strawberries too!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wetlands and Playing with Cousins

So we went to Disneyworld with Ben's whole family! And then on their last full day here we drove back to our house and went on an alligator hunt. It was pretty chilly and a little drizzly so we only spotted the eyes of one alligator but we saw plenty of fish. The kids had a great time walking the boardwalk together.

We came home and ordered pizza from one of the best pizza places ever. We get it every time my inlaw's come----so tradition? at least while we live here. The kiddos just played and played. Dress ups, house, you name it. Caroline totally loved having Joey and Lizzie here and still talks about them every day.

All of the pictures are in reverse order...but these cousins did not want to go to bed or the fun to end

Lizzie is the perfect baby doll

PLAY all day
Some how the girls got some fishing poles. No luck but lots of fun watching them walk around with their fishing poles

Monday, January 23, 2017

Bottle it up

Since we've had a slower than planned week and lots of big decisions up ahead that we've been thinking and talking about it's really made me already miss what we have right now. I really don't know what we are going to do when we don't live this close to the beach...I mean, other than vacation in Florida because we know where all the good beaches are. 

Ben's almost done with school and May seems like it's a day away and a whole year away at the same time. He wrapped up his masters project and is back on rotations after being "off" for interviews and working on his project since November. It was so nice to have him around even though he was flying and and driving to interviews. We didn't miss his medicine rotations at all.

Caroline is so much fun. I love THREE. There are plenty of threenager moments but we really have so much fun every day playing and I love having a little helper. Caroline is really....she is hilarious. She loves people. We got really used to having family around and she asks about cousins every day. 

I really wish I could just bottle this up right now. Life isn't perfect. But it's so good right now!

January Slow Down

What a week. Ben wrapped up his very last interview in Virginia and threw in doing cool things like you know, just going to Camp David. No big deal. And touring Gettysburg as well. Thanks to Kathy and Brandon for hosting him and sending him home with Barack Obama m&m's! Ben had the best time and enjoyed watching "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" in the presidents theater. It was the best way to start his week because it quickly went downhill (and then it got better) ha!

On the way home Ben got super sick on the airplane...we seem to have a thing...or I should say he...has a thing for getting sick on airplanes. Luckily Ben made it home just fine but had to miss his first day back on rotations because of what he thought was food poisoning.

Caroline and I had a fun weekend just us and having friends over to play. I did a "Great Toy Clean Out" hoping to simplify our toys and Caroline has played so much this week and the clean up can be done in five minutes. Thank goodness. Basically any toy with little parts I took out and I feel like I'm a little bit saner this week.

The Peterson's came over and we love them so. Caroline was not interested in Katie at all this time but did hold her ha! She told me "Katie needs to go to sleep so I can play." Lizzie, John, Joseph, and Caroline just had a blast and everyone was dressing up. It was wonderful and I missed Mary so much. So good to catch up and get back in the swing of things.

We went to the library and we missed it so much too. We are starting tot school up again this week? next week? whenever I want to basically and picked up some new books to read. My favorite this week that I am super obsessed with is "How to make an apple pie and see the world" the illustrations are to die for and the story and so fun.

Such a happy time and then it all ended because that food poisoning that Ben had, remember? Well, it wasn't food poisoning because Caroline and I ended up being sick all Wednesday night and Ben had to stay up and help us all night. It was awful! I never thought I could ever come close to running out of towels and blankets but turns out we almost did. We made it through barely. I still have piles of laundry but we really hope we can go another 3.5 years without a stomach virus...and we are incredibly grateful that it's been that long.

This year I really wanted less tv...we don't watch tv that often but that went out the window that week. And we are weaning Caroline off of eating popsicles all day (the only "fluid" she could handle) ha! She has been living the life.

We made it to Sunday. Ben had to work and we are trying to enjoy 1:00 church. I really enjoy the slow morning...we've been doing out nails, watching mormon messages, and just taking things slow. Caroline loves primary...I think...well, by the last 30 minutes of primary she is really done. She adores her teacher--and I adore her too! Apparently the first week of primary she told Janice that "I just want to go to my bedroom!" because she was so tired. AND one thing about Caroline is that her least favorite thing to do is sleep and her least favorite place is her bedroom. So she must have been pretty tired to want to go there. Oh, I got released from primary (hallelujah) in December so I have really been enjoying 2nd and 3rd hour of church more than ever before.
Anyways, we are happy to be home and looking forward to not coughing or puking this week...hope we make it! ha!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Decorating the Christmas tree

Putting up and picking up Christmas was easy this year at my house--we weren't there so we didn't do it! When we came back home and I had to pack away a few Halloween decorations that I had out. I seriously love decorating the Christmas tree and I knew that Caroline would be way into it this year. Instead of a tree my mom has multiple Christmas trees--so there's a forest of Christmas!

After the great garage clean out, my mom got rid of lots of Christmas stuff and consolidated it all. But she kept a lot of the things that I remember being out. Instead of pulling out all the ornaments my mom pulled out only ones that aren't breakable. Lots of them were things that she had made or family members and Ben got to hear lots of new stories...lucky Ben! Caroline had the time of her life in a Santa hat just expertly decorating and placing the ornaments. It was a perfect night setting up the Christmas tree and decorating is a lot more fun when there is a three year old involved!

Finding Fall!

While we were in Texas, Ben was in and out of town. One morning we didn't have any plans and if you know Ben, he really likes to go a do! So we hopped in the car and while we were on the highway we decided to go see the Houston Temple. It's seriously on the opposite side of Houston so it made for a nice long drive there...and we were ez tag-less so it was really long. It was a busy day at the temple and just walked around. It was so beautiful and Caroline is obsessed with seeing angel Moroni on top. While we walked around the grounds there were trees that had turned colors and leaves all over the ground. It was beautiful! Even flipping through pictures on my phone I can't get over the bright yellow leaves. We found a little pocket of fall between being too hot and too cold while we were there!