Sunday, February 26, 2017

Perfect Saturday

I just have to say that the past few weeks have been so nice schedule wise for Ben. He's been on a psych rotation that he LOVES and Friday was his last day. He brought in bagels and then ended up bringing them home which I was not sad about at all! AND he got permission to go back and work in April and May when his schedule is lighter and after he has officially graduated. I think we are both suffering from senior-itis but now that his big projects and super busy rotations are out of the way we definitely feel less pressure. We didn't know we'd ever make it to this point because it always seemed so far away. BUT IT'S HERE!!!

HOWEVER our match list was submitted this week and now we are just waiting impatiently for MARCH 17th so we can find out where we will be for the next four years. We've gotten lots of questions about when and where we are moving and we don't know!!! I feel like we've both been trying to distract each other from thinking about it because we are so anxious (not really nervous) to find out so we can start planning.

What all of this has to do with Saturday....pretty much here's our perfect Saturday.

We went to the Lake Worth Chalk Festival and it was so cool. I just kept thinking about Mary Poppins and how cool it would be to jump into one of the scenes. Everyone was just getting started but it was fun to see everyone working was really cool. They painted the road, chalk lined their squares and got started. Some big companies sponsored chalk artists to do really big murals. Talk about amazing and super talented.

Kharin and Abby were there so it was a fun surprise to see friends. We walked around, Caroline got ice cream, and she got to color. There were sections for kids to get chalk and color...Caroline was all about that. She was very focused on creating the best chalk drawing. She was covered in chalk so Ben ran to CVS for baby wipes and water (it was hot!) and we wiped her down before heading to the car.

Afterwards we came home and was hot. That afternoon we jumped in the car to go to a new playground we found and when we got there it was PACKED! Caroline had fallen asleep so we opted to keep driving and Ben took us to an awesome park. I feel like we've been going up to Wellington a lot recently (to get library books) and this park is just another excuse for us to head up there again.

The park had an ocean theme, several slides, lots of swings, and lots of little places to explore. Caroline was in HEAVEN and just ran and ran and ran. When it was time to go she told us
"No way! I do not want to go home!" Ha! So Ben carried her out of the park upside down.

It was late and by the time we got home Caroline would be tired so we tried a new place for dinner. We went to PDQ...we've never lived by one and wanted to try this one. It was really good...the salad I got was delicious. It was a perfect treat to end the day. We made it home and Caroline said "I am ready to go to bed!". We never hear those words and we are pretty positive it's because it was such a fast and fun filled day.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Three Favorite...Make-upish Things

Another thing that I love is makeup. I love reading about beauty products and watching people talk about them on instastories. A LOT. It's totally my favorite guilty pleasure. are three favorite things that I love...from Ulta (use a coupon and go when it's on sale).

I got this for Christmas and I have totally been loving it. So has Ben. I mentioned something about how clear his skin had been (I'm super weird) and he said "it's because of that great facewash stuff you have that I've been using." Ahaha. I wasn't planning on sharing that but I ended up sharing with him. AND then he tried the moisturizer and really loves it. It's a matte moisturizer and doesn't make our skin feel oily (and it dries fast). So maybe this should be Ben's favorite thing...because it is!

So I've never been able to use eyeliner--I'd always attempted with different pencils and brush things but something about eyeballs just freaks me out. Until this pen eye liner thing. I was watching an instastories about the best drugstore eyeliner and I decided to try this one. I wasn't able to fund it at a drugstore or Target but did find it at Ulta. It's fantastic and I really love wearing eye liner now. It's easy and if there's ever a mistake it comes off super easily...but still stays put all day...I have no idea how. BUT it's fantastic.

Ah! This is my favoritefavorite. Over Christmas I got one tube of this lipstick and I am totally hooked! I got a matte tube and was so pleased I got another color--which never happens. It stays in place and doesn't dry out my lips like my other matte lipsticks. ANNND they are hard to find and a splurge but totally worth it. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Big E and Nana's

This is a definite throwback. When we were in Texas we went up and visited Ben's Great Uncle and Aunt in Tyler. It was a blast and Caroline had the best time. We arrived and Evan pulled out their 4-wheeler and Caroline loved playing in their sand box. 

Evan told us everything about Tyler! It's a great place and it was fun to drive through the old parts of town with brick paved roads and see lots of old homes. Caroline just cared about all of the toys and the pantry filled with unlimited treats...and that there were two people doting on her the entire time...that were not her parents. 

Evan raises cockroaches and sells them to people who have bearded dragons so we got to see all of his experiments and all of the bugs! It was really cool...and creepy crawly---because...bugs. 

We decorated gingerbread houses and I never really decorated them growing up and all of the adults got really into decorating Caroline's house. She definitely helped but we were really more enthused about it than she was.

We loved our visit and learning all about Tyler! We can't wait to go back again!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Painting Valentine's

This year---it only took three years--I was kind of on the ball and we sent out Valentine's. We used our slow Sunday mornings to paint them and then addressed them later on in the week. I just love giving her paint and a paint brush and watching her go with her fun imagination. Thank goodness for Target Dollar Spot...they had blank cards and all sorts of stickers--I think that was the part of the process that Caroline enjoyed the most! Caroline picked everything out herself and did a fabulous job making her cards. In her words she loves "shopping for holidays!". It was simple and I kept a few (a handprint and painting) for her keepsake box and sent the rest to grandparents and her primary teacher.

Rainy last!

Ben and I were JUST talking about how it hadn't rained in a little while...and then we saw some rain in the forecast and we knew someone would be excited. Caroline had her rain boots by the stairs so she could get them on in a hurry. It was pretty windy and the rain was coming down pretty hard so she had to wait until the afternoon to go out and splash in the rain. Ben went out with her and they weren't gone for too long because it was chilly outside. She found a few good puddles and splashed before they came in. This morning she was pointing out all of the puddles still standing...ready to splash again!