Sunday, March 5, 2017

A little more time

What a week. It has definitely felt like a huuuuuuge exhale. Ben has been going down to Miami three days a week but is usually home around noon so we've had a lot of family time together...which has been so nice. His days of school and work all day and studying at night are winding down for the time being--I know in residency his hours will be similar to what we've experienced but this season of medical school has been one of my favorites.

Our Saturday's we really have Ben. We don't have to loan him to the library for the entire day or even the entire morning. We've been doing all of these family things all together and I just feel so grateful for Ben and our little family.  It is really nice to have this little hiatus after almost four years of medical school and gearing up for residency.

I've also noticed I've taken fewer pictures because I don't have to text him about all sorts of things Caroline is doing or that we are doing because he has been home. So, I am sad about the shortage of pictures but not at all complaining because I am soooo glad that Ben's load is a little lighter.

We spent the first part of the week at parks and water coloring--that's Caroline's favorite activity this week. She collects supplies for ALL of us to sit down a water color together. Talk about relaxing...I think I am quickly getting addicted to water coloring. And Ben is quite the watercolorist too. Ha!

Thursday we decided to hop up to Disney. Caroline wakes up pretty early so I gathered snacks and water bottles the night before and we swooped them into our backpack on our way out the door. We got to the park around 10 which was perfect and walked right up to meet Snow White! Last year when we first got our passes we could never catch her and Caroline loved meeting another princess that also had curly hair.

We rode plenty of rides and watched a few shows. The day ended with the Festival of Fantasy parade and hit the road. The only downer of the day was getting stopped on the turnpike for an hour because of some monster truck rally that clogged the roads around Yeehaw Junction. Not even kidding about the exit name. For a long and busy day we were feeling really good but that extra hour in the car was really hard. Needless to say we were really really glad to make it home.

Today I woke up with some weird sinus and nose stuff which has been really lame but Ben took Caroline to church so I could sleep--juuuuust the best. Caroline had her best day ever in primary and got some chocolate after church. A little extrinsic motivation did the trick! We are looking forward to this week and getting another week closer to match day.

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