Friday, March 3, 2017

Favorite 3...Podcasts

One of my favorite things to do is listen to podcasts. I love learning and sometimes I don't have as much time as I would like to sit down and read a book, peruse blogs, watch youtube, or take a class. Ben got me hooked on podcasts. I was once determined to not like podcasts but we really have gotten hooked on sports radio--so I got used to people talking and listening...and then came the podcasts. I have several that I listen too. Some are binge listens, others I wait for each episode, and some I listen too and then take a break from. Here are some of my favorite podcasts!


I love Sawbones. This is the first podcast I tolerated and then I became hooked. On our drives up to disney or when my mom is in town we listen to this in the car. It's a husband and wife duo. The wife is a doctor and the husband is a geek and asks all the questions. They look at the history of medicine and it is super interesting and entertaining. I have a huuuuuge appreciation for modern medicine because of this podcast. It's not really gross...unless you are listening to one about like gross things...haha... It's funny and interesting and has the coolest theme song. So give it a listen.


This is a new podcast but I really love anything Alison does. She's funny and witty and I just can't help but laugh every time I listen to her. We really need more women who are appropriately funny (ha!) and strong. The last episode I listened to I was crying...her guest was a woman who had five years to live and all the things that mattered and didn't matter when you know your time is limited. It's fun, quick, and perfect for when I'm out on a walk.


This is like "Are you afraid of the dark?" for adults but probably less scary. It dives into mysterious events and presents all of the accounts. It's pretty interesting and the host is a fabulous story teller. Ben loves mystery and crime episodes so with history thrown in he found it super appealing. The first episode we listened to was really weird. "On the Farm", " The Big Chill", and "Seeing Double" were some interesting stories that we enjoyed. A of the topics we had already heard about on another podcast so it was really cool to hear the story again with more information. It is a little creepy and weird but doesn't keep me up at night...I just love thinking about some of the stories.

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