Friday, March 17, 2017


We matched and we are headed to TEXAS!!!
Ben will begin PSYCH Residency at the University of Texas in Tyler starting this SUMMER!
WE are so so so so so excited about our next ADVENTURE!

A few blogposts back I caught up on our Texas adventures and one of them was about visiting Tyler.
We loved Tyler when we visited and the more we thought about what we wanted in a residency program and in a place to live we kept coming back to Tyler. I instantly felt at home because it reminded me of my grandparent's with the tall trees and hilly roads and it has a small town feel but still has a Target ;) AND Ben was super excited to interview because it's part of the UT system because several of the faculty are from they knew him! He had a great interview and wanted to bring us to Tyler so we went up! 

Easily it climbed it's way to the top of our list and Ben has been searching for houses (just to get an idea of what's available) since January because we were so convinced it was the place for us. There were other programs that we loved but we always talk about Tyler. So we are thrilled.

Match Day was lots of fun. We are pretty low key people but opted to participate in he schools Match Day. We ran into friends and it was so exciting to see where Ben's classmates open up and announce where they were matched. We were totally at the end of the program and once Ben read his match was hustled out of Miami to beat Friday/St.Patrick's Day/Beginning of Spring Break traffic. We are soooo glad we went and got the surprise of finding out where we matched.

After a lunch/dinner at Cheesecake Factory--Caroline kind of dictates where we go because #corndogsandfries--and a stop to pick up a million dollar balloon for being the best three year old ever we made it home. And we are so so so happy to be headed to Tyler!

Hooray! We are so happy to have matched!

This balloon is equal in price to two half gallons of blue bell. ha! 

Keeping it real on match day

So pleased!

A bag of snacks and tricks!

It was a little loud at the beginning but towards the end as people left it was significantly quieter ha!

My girl!

Daddy and his girl!

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