Saturday, April 15, 2017

Favorite 3...things I'll miss about our house!

The packing has begun! Well...more like the decluttering and a little packing. I can't tell you how grateful I am that we have a little bit on time to really sort through things. We did a big goodwill run this week and it felt so good to pass somethings along that we didn't need anymore or I had zero desire to pack. I sent my last box of classroom library books to goodwill. I donated 90% of my library when were in Miami and other than picture books that we use the rest was donated (mainly chapter books). 5 years ago there was no way that I was parting with my books (a teachers library is a treasure!!!) but it's funny how times have changed and we are so much lighter because of it.

With family coming into town a little before graduation we want pretty much everything squared away so we can enjoy that time and clean (we've been working on this too--my oven is soooo clean now...ha!). Caroline was asleep one afternoon so we moved her toys into the kitchen/dining area and her playroom became the box area so we can keep things organized and load the truck easily. She was not happy with us and told us "this just is not fair!" and "you need to stop doing that" because she thought we packed up her toys. She was so happy to find them just around the corner. Her reaction was PRICELESS and so funny.

Anyways, just as we have been packing up and looking at houses in Tyler I've been thinking about how this house has easily been the favorite place we've lived (I mean, it wasn't built in 1890 and we have dog-less neighbors) and has been the biggest blessing to us...especially because we really needed a home.

The kitchen! I think angels sang when we did a walk through and I saw the kitchen. ALL of the cabinets and even a small...very small...pantry was such a big surprise! My friend Mary came over shortly after we moved in and all we did was talk about how wonderful the cabinets were...she lived right around the corner and her excitement over the having kitchen storage was mutual. We've hosted several dinners, football games, and basketball games and its been so much fun to entertain in. It's been a favorite spot of mine. If only I could count the hours of painting and coloring we've done...such a perfect spot for us.

Perfect hiding place.

Sneaking puppy chow

As we've been looking at houses I am already missing this play area for Caroline. It's technically the formal dining room but just about everyone with kids uses it as a playroom. I've rearranged this area at least ten times and I have LOVED that there is a designated area for least a designated storage area. We've played lots of princess castle, kitchen, and read lots of books. Ah! Loved going through old pictures while organizing photos.

Now, we've been using the area as a dining area. Caroline get's a kick of out of it. I've had a few projects take over the kitchen table the past few days so it's nice that we've still had a table...even though it is Caroline sized.

Space and size. We don't know where we will end up but being in this home has been perfect. I have loved all of the light and the windows. Opening up the big front window and back patio sliding doors and just watching and listening to the rain is something that we've loved doing. It's also made for great photos ha! This little home housed 13 people when my in-laws visited...whether it was comfortable or not is another thing...but we all fit! 

I don't know if we will make it to the pool! it has been so cold this year...but hopefully before we leave we can jump in!

What a fun place. I'll miss the palm trees, pool friends, and mail walks too! Ah! Such a good place for our family!

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  1. Isn't it funny how attached we get to places?? I have such fond memories at each of our places we've lived and I get sentimental thinking about them. Even that crappy house in Provo! It's where I became a mom and spent so much time with baby Bradley...never want to step foot in there again, but it will always have a soft spot. :) Sounds like your current place is so great! Hopefully you can find another good fit for you.