Sunday, April 9, 2017


I guess the FINALFINALFINAL countdown will be when Ben is finished with residency in FOUR YEARS but this week we finally hit the end of medical school--at least rotation and test wise! No more SHELF tests (aka mini step 1's)! So it was a big week for our little family that went fast but also really slow because we were so excited for FRIDAY!

We did lots of drawing and painting this week! Caroline can now open the paint containers so until we move and I find a better spot for them we are just painting ALL the time. 


Sugar Sands Park finally opened after being closed for a 6 month renovation for almost two years ;) Mary told me it was open and that she went but said "it's not a park for mom's with multiple children" and after we went again I thought "it's not a park for single children" is SO BIG and TALL and there's so much to do that it's hard to keep an eye on Caroline.. I love that I can now walk up the levels rather than slinking through the ramps and low ceilings. It was fun to go back and see the changes. Caroline has been begging everyday to go back to the park. Since it's a one of a kind park, I guess I can brave it a few more times...and Ben is off so maybe I'll just send them together. Bahaha

I can't remember what day it was. Probably Tuesday. Ben was working and I decided Chick-fil-a was what we were having for dinner. We went to the one with the playplace and Caroline had a blast playing with two other girls that kind of adopted her. They were asking her all sorts of questions and thought it was funny when Caroline didn't know the answer so they would come and ask me. 

Seriously Target. We have too much fun there together!

We were just doin' a little science this week!

Ben came home with stickers from the ER. What a treat. Finishing med school and getting stickers.

After painting Caroline's hair had this pink and purple glow so we washed it out and then she was so cozy watching cartoons on our bed.

We hit the park with Ben and went to the science center and he rode the carousel with Caroline.

Trying on a new dress!

She helped me decorate. But Caroline was really upset that I was putter "her letters" on the wall.

Celebrating by not cooking and going to Texas Roadhouse!


So so so happy that daddy was home and done.

Looking at puppies. Caroline has a soft spot for puppies. And so does Ben.

Shopping at Costco! Caroline loved sitting on the paper towels and then used a stack of paper to put her feet up!

Caroline has really soft spot for cats and Ben really doesn't atall. This description said that the cat especially liked people with beards (random) and my mom offered to pay the adoption fee so we could get Ben the perfect cat! We had fun teasing him...all through texting with my mom.

DSW sells kids shoes now. Smartest thing ever. I've always wondered why they didn't. Caroline tried on this pair of shoes and I sent this picture to my mom. We had already left the store but went back and picked up these cute Caroline shoes.

We needed a park and this one popped up in Delray. I can't tell you how many times I've looked for parks and I'd never seen this one. Another family was there and they said it was a hidden gem and that it never pops up on google. It was perfect for Caroline and shaded with big trees that reminded me of Miami. Just a beautiful day!

Our hearts are full and happy and we are already so sad to have to say goodbye to some of the best friends ever in a few weeks and our little home that we love so much. Gah! It's just a funny stage in life where we are happy to move onto the next adventure but we are really going to miss all of the people that made the adventure worth it. 

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  1. Yay!!! Congrats on the huge milestone! -- Tons of work for all members of the family, and you guys DID IT! Yay! :) Good luck with the upcoming move!