Sunday, May 7, 2017

Favorite 3...Moving and Grooving

Ah! So this week is the weeeeeeek. Lots of things going on and we are alllllmost done packing. Which is exciting. But we are down to the last few things and cleaning. Since we know we are moving a few more times in our lifetime I just wanted to put out into the universe my favorite moving/packing/cleaning tips.

Cleaning grout!
This is not my original genius. Whitney told me what to do and she got the information from Sister Wilson...who is just all genius. Even though I feel like I am pretty diligent with cleaning floors I noticed in the high traffic areas that the grout was black and it super bugged me. So the tip is to get a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and just run it along the grout and let it sit for about 30 minutes and then wipe it up. I have a stack of rags that I used and once they were full of bleach liquid I tossed them into a pile and grabbed a fresh rag and just washed them all when I was done. It's too much work to rinse them and it destroys your skin. So don't do that. Ha. I did steam my floor twice afterwards. It also works on tile grout in the bathroom too and since theres no scrubbing involved--it's a winner!

Labelling boxes & Christmas tree bags
This tip should come with a warning if you are having your ward move you in because people think  you are organized and then you will get called as primary president. BUT it works like a charm. Each room/area in our home has it's own color of masking tape. I tape the boxes and maybe write down a few things that are in them or if it's fragile...but usually I don't. I made "a key" or signs with the tape and room area for each room that we place at the entrance when people are moving in our boxes and a sign in each room on the wall where we want the boxes placed. When we moved twice two years ago I did not have anyone ask me "Where does this go?" and we were all moved in within 30 minutes with our boxes not crazy all over the place. I still have people in our ward that comment about it and we are about to move again. haha. It made unpacking ourselves so much easier.

At Christmas time I try and collect a few tarp material christmas tree bags. There usually like 12 or 13 bucks at Target--but I get them for cheaper during Christmas clearance. I hateeeee the smell of box...especially on clean linens, pillows, bedding. So I just throw these in Christmas tree bags. AND they are huge!!! We are also packing Caroline's toys in another bag! They are some of the first things we need--making beds, showering, kitchen towels...and toys. So it's nice that they are packed in a way that they are easy to find. They are so big I just keep Caroline's toys in their bins and they surprisingly don't get very no mess to sort through when we unpack.

Paper and Plastic
The paper plates and bowls and plastic silverware stage has begun! Tomorrow we are saran wrapping our silverware in their organizer and calling the kitchen packed. We are leaving out a pan and calling it done! This moving stash goes into a plastic container so it's ready for when we move into our new place...whenever that might be! Right now we are interested in finding out if it's easier to buy a house in Tyler than renting in Miami. ha!

So. Those are my tips...if I can even call them that...and I just really hope I remember these for future moves!