Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Enjoying the slow days!

We are moving not this weekend but the next into our house. SO EXCITED to make this new place of ours feel like home. I will definitely be forever thankful that we've had a place to stay and family to show us around town. It's been nice to have somewhat of a grace period--I don't think we get too many of those in life!

Evan and Karen live in a cute home nestled in the trees. Frogs talk all night, fireflies are out blinking, bats are hanging under their deck (eating the pesky mosquitoes), deer tiptoe around, racoons race across the driveway when we get home from late night drives, and bug...all the bugs! We love it all and we will miss it when we aren't right here! We've had pretty much the best neighbors just a few steps away.

I've also said I didn't really want a pool. Well that's all a lie now! After living with a pool 20 steps's the best thing ever and even better when it's a super hot day. Is it bad that we go swimming twice a day? If that's wrong I don't want to be right!

Since Caroline wakes up before the sun she's happy to help wake up all of the birds in the trees

"Look mama! I made a C!"

All of that chalk is being put to good use. I love most of the brighter colors have been used. 

Rolly Polly love!

Being a ninja! We went through lots of toilet paper this afternoon. And it had to cover her eyes. Goof.

Also Caroline got ahold of my phone at some point today and all of these gems just make me smile. Her selfie game is onpoint...except when it's pictures of the ceiling. LOVE this little girl.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summertime and Staying Busy

Caroline is SO MUCH fun. She always has been but this summer she has been wanting to craft, play, and we try to do a little bit of that each day.
Caroline is OBSESSED with her letters and asked for a school book (adorable right?). Expo markers are very SPECIAL and Caroline loves working on her letters...or super letters. A few weeks ago I was writing some thank you notes and Caroline said she wanted to write a letter. I gave her a card and she wrote every letter that she could...she's pretty sharp!

Last week the forecast was looking pretty gloomy so we went to Michael's and picked up some pipe cleaners and beads. Caroline has crafted a few one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

We went to a shaded park that is pretty much the best thing ever. And there were lots of other kids there--so friends for Caroline. I love that there were levels to the playground and that kids could slide down to the lower COOL!

With all of this rainy weather we needed to get Caroline a new rain jacket...the zipper on her other one just disintegrated. But happiness is a new purple rain jacket. Don't worry, after we got her a new jacket it's hardly rained ha! But we are ready for when it does.

We brought a few toys with us and some of them I've saved up in our closet. Someone was super excited to see Mr. Potatohead again.

Sticker creations---eye balls where the cheeks go...whatevs kiddo!

Splash pad day. Caroline had been up super late the night before (and up earlyearly) so she would splash and then come sit by me for a little bit...and then splash some more. There was a little school there and they were so sweet to make sure that Caroline got turns by the water buckets and squirt guns. That was so nice! Afterwards we came home and relaxed...because late nights and early morning are hard work for everyone.

Pudding Pie

For Father's day my mom's side of the family got together at my grandparents house. We were assigned to bring dessert...which I agreed too and THEN realized that most of our stuff is in storage. EEEEks! We are temporarily living with Ben's uncle in his pool house/mother in law house. It has been PERFECT but we didn't want to bring a lot with us into our little temporary house so we've been cooking (and not baking at all) just simple things.

So after some brainstorming I decided to make a banana pudding pie and Caroline helped me house. We had to make whipped cream...without the kitchenaid...which was WORK. Caroline helped "Whip da cream!" as she called it, assemble the pie, and even clean up. AND she was so proud of her dessert that she made!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Blueberries with Caroline

Words really can't express how happy I am that we are back in Texas! I am determined to explore and do lots of fun always so this week we went and picked blueberries--it's the best time of year to pick them! Caroline wakes up before the sun so we hopped in the car and headed a few windy roads and quick turns to a little town called Edom. Everyone was so friendly and there were lots of families out picking blueberries---buckets of blueberries! I guess I was cautious after paying an arm and a leg picking strawberries but we got a half a bucket for only $4!!! Caroline keeps asking to go back and for only four dollars I am totally ok with that!

So excited to pick blueberries! AND she was so excited to get her very own bucket.

Caroline sang and talked the entire time...and was very specific about the blueberries she picked

Check out those heavenly pies! Talk about so tempting. In the shop were jars of jellies, honeys, tomatoes, blueberries, and blackberries. Tables of deliciousness.

After we picked Caroline spent over an hour playing in the sandbox. When it was time to go she said "Mama, I need a shower". Her face was back and sand was car will never recover.

The blueberries are so so so good and we have a gallon bag in our freezer full of them. But will I have any help eating them? Probably not. I asked Caroline if she would eat a blueberry and she giggled and said "Oh no, mother, I never eat blueberries!" ha! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Day in Waco!

***Hi friends! Our blog will be going private soon-ish so if you would like to keep reading email me at***

Today is Ben's first day of residency!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Last week we were spending lots of time in the pool and we were also finishing up somethings that we wanted to do around our new city before Ben started. I mentioned that I'd like to take him to the Dr. Pepper Factory in Waco before he jumped into residency. And its also pretty convenient that the Silo's are a block we made a day out of it!

Dr. Pepper factory the original factory! We didn't realize how old the company was or that a tornado destroyed it in the early 1900's. And there were all sorts of signs saying how good it was for your bowels. Ben felt all sorts of justified.

Listening to a kids science presentation

Dr. Pepper Race Car track...easily Caroline's favorite part of the museum.

Watching her cars race

I loved all of the old ads and paintings that had Dr. Pepper and it's other brands in them. So interesting how things have changed in advertising between then and now.

Looking at all of the factory parts. I should have snapped a picture but there was a deep well in the factory that was capped in the 1920's because it wasn't safe and then it was reopened (with safety measures) for the museum.

Old coke machines...beacuse we are back in the land of coke (thank goodness for no more soda or pop!)

I loved all the vintage signs

Look at the delivery how things have changed!

Loved this street view of downtown Waco when it all began!

After the Dr. Pepper museum we went to the Silo's!!! It was HOT. So I recommend not going when it's hot. There were also tour buses of old people--we just can't escape them haha! Unlike The Merc there are no limits as to how many people can shop in it's super crowded. AND prices are all over the place and like The Merc just about everything can be found online. Everything was displayed so pretty that it made buying everything super tempting.

After going through the store we went outside and there were big Jenga sets, cornhole, and the swings. Caroline loved those! Foodtrucks were all about a fun atmosphere. The gardens at the Silo's were so cute--Joanna and Chip know their stuff! 

I think everyone needs a swing like this!

Cute little garden

The seed shop is right by there--now there was a line for that!

Before we left we did stop at the bakery and it was totally worth the wait. We picked up some cupcakes (peach pie cupcake was like heaven), a cookie, and a cranberry orange biscuit (contemplating if this was better than a cupcake because it was so good). AND because it was hot we also got a bag full of waters for the drive back to Tyler.

I can't wait to visit in the fall. So Silo's are like Disneyworld for adults. Just trade out Mickey and Minnie for Chip and Joanna, the waters were only 1.50 instead of 4.00, but there was a serious need for DOLE WHIPS to beat the heat. And cupcakes...I won't ever forget those cupcakes.