Saturday, June 24, 2017

Blueberries with Caroline

Words really can't express how happy I am that we are back in Texas! I am determined to explore and do lots of fun always so this week we went and picked blueberries--it's the best time of year to pick them! Caroline wakes up before the sun so we hopped in the car and headed a few windy roads and quick turns to a little town called Edom. Everyone was so friendly and there were lots of families out picking blueberries---buckets of blueberries! I guess I was cautious after paying an arm and a leg picking strawberries but we got a half a bucket for only $4!!! Caroline keeps asking to go back and for only four dollars I am totally ok with that!

So excited to pick blueberries! AND she was so excited to get her very own bucket.

Caroline sang and talked the entire time...and was very specific about the blueberries she picked

Check out those heavenly pies! Talk about so tempting. In the shop were jars of jellies, honeys, tomatoes, blueberries, and blackberries. Tables of deliciousness.

After we picked Caroline spent over an hour playing in the sandbox. When it was time to go she said "Mama, I need a shower". Her face was back and sand was car will never recover.

The blueberries are so so so good and we have a gallon bag in our freezer full of them. But will I have any help eating them? Probably not. I asked Caroline if she would eat a blueberry and she giggled and said "Oh no, mother, I never eat blueberries!" ha! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Day in Waco!

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Today is Ben's first day of residency!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Last week we were spending lots of time in the pool and we were also finishing up somethings that we wanted to do around our new city before Ben started. I mentioned that I'd like to take him to the Dr. Pepper Factory in Waco before he jumped into residency. And its also pretty convenient that the Silo's are a block we made a day out of it!

Dr. Pepper factory the original factory! We didn't realize how old the company was or that a tornado destroyed it in the early 1900's. And there were all sorts of signs saying how good it was for your bowels. Ben felt all sorts of justified.

Listening to a kids science presentation

Dr. Pepper Race Car track...easily Caroline's favorite part of the museum.

Watching her cars race

I loved all of the old ads and paintings that had Dr. Pepper and it's other brands in them. So interesting how things have changed in advertising between then and now.

Looking at all of the factory parts. I should have snapped a picture but there was a deep well in the factory that was capped in the 1920's because it wasn't safe and then it was reopened (with safety measures) for the museum.

Old coke machines...beacuse we are back in the land of coke (thank goodness for no more soda or pop!)

I loved all the vintage signs

Look at the delivery how things have changed!

Loved this street view of downtown Waco when it all began!

After the Dr. Pepper museum we went to the Silo's!!! It was HOT. So I recommend not going when it's hot. There were also tour buses of old people--we just can't escape them haha! Unlike The Merc there are no limits as to how many people can shop in it's super crowded. AND prices are all over the place and like The Merc just about everything can be found online. Everything was displayed so pretty that it made buying everything super tempting.

After going through the store we went outside and there were big Jenga sets, cornhole, and the swings. Caroline loved those! Foodtrucks were all about a fun atmosphere. The gardens at the Silo's were so cute--Joanna and Chip know their stuff! 

I think everyone needs a swing like this!

Cute little garden

The seed shop is right by there--now there was a line for that!

Before we left we did stop at the bakery and it was totally worth the wait. We picked up some cupcakes (peach pie cupcake was like heaven), a cookie, and a cranberry orange biscuit (contemplating if this was better than a cupcake because it was so good). AND because it was hot we also got a bag full of waters for the drive back to Tyler.

I can't wait to visit in the fall. So Silo's are like Disneyworld for adults. Just trade out Mickey and Minnie for Chip and Joanna, the waters were only 1.50 instead of 4.00, but there was a serious need for DOLE WHIPS to beat the heat. And cupcakes...I won't ever forget those cupcakes.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Chalk the Block

We are quickly adjusting to living with more room! Caroline has tons of room that she can just run around and she doesn't have to worry about dog poop in the grass--basically a whole new world because she's never been able to walk in grass hahaha. 

Evan and Karen have a super long driveway and little parking area by their garage that is prime real estate for playing with chalk. Ben found a big box of chalk on sale and already is has been worth every penny. Caroline's little caddy container is perfect and she totes it around and we find a spot in the shade to color. Ben's had some modules to work on before residency starts and I've had a few projects so we switch off coloring outside. It's not too baf in the shade. 

But there's one person that loves it the most...Caroline.

Home is Where...

We were so excited to see signs for Parade of Homes when we moved here because we LOVED Parade of Homes when we did it in Utah County a few years ago. While most of the homes are definitely just a dream it was fun to see all of the new features and bonuses that different builders had to offer. Also we got to see more of the area around Tyler and around Lake Palestine which was so so gorgeous. While lake life is far from civilization it's kind of fun to toy with the idea of living out by the water.

I have to say that Caroline was the best little house looker we could have hoped for. She loved finding the showers and stepping into her time machines. Everyone thought she was so cute and she was really curious and good at discovering little nooks and secret doors in the homes. AND every garage was echo tested. Meaning that she opened the door to the garage and yodeled by going "yodalaaaaaheeeeeehoooooo" every house.

Huge closets with tons of built ins
Helloooooo dreamy pantry.
By far the biggest house that we saw and there was a man cave building full of tv's. The things that man dreams are made of.
I wished I took more pictures of this house. Gorsous and I loved the built ins.
Totally loving the decorations in this kitchen
Caroline was all about the pentagon floor ((even though its really a hexagon)

Laundry rooms with crazy tile were all the rage. Not sure how I feel about it but it was definitely fun to see.
Crazy carpet!
Chalkboards are still a thing! This chalkboard was HUGE.
This was a fun home with an office that closed with two barn doors at an angle.
This laundry room was awesome...and the extra fridge inside--aka diabetes fridge---basically working its way onto the "must have" list of a home we have someday.
Home looking over Lake Palentine
Caroline was ready to move in
Teepee just calling her name
A room in one of our favorite houses. The layout was awesome...two living areas, a movie room, and a guest room outside.
This bed! I love how funky and fun this is!
Car lift--in the about the ultimate man garage.
One lake house had a room of queen size bunk about the ultimate slumber party
Some fun built-ins
Not all of the houses were staged but Caroline found this marshmallow fluff...I'm sure it's an expensive one too!