Saturday, June 10, 2017

Home is Where...

We were so excited to see signs for Parade of Homes when we moved here because we LOVED Parade of Homes when we did it in Utah County a few years ago. While most of the homes are definitely just a dream it was fun to see all of the new features and bonuses that different builders had to offer. Also we got to see more of the area around Tyler and around Lake Palestine which was so so gorgeous. While lake life is far from civilization it's kind of fun to toy with the idea of living out by the water.

I have to say that Caroline was the best little house looker we could have hoped for. She loved finding the showers and stepping into her time machines. Everyone thought she was so cute and she was really curious and good at discovering little nooks and secret doors in the homes. AND every garage was echo tested. Meaning that she opened the door to the garage and yodeled by going "yodalaaaaaheeeeeehoooooo" every house.

Huge closets with tons of built ins
Helloooooo dreamy pantry.
By far the biggest house that we saw and there was a man cave building full of tv's. The things that man dreams are made of.
I wished I took more pictures of this house. Gorsous and I loved the built ins.
Totally loving the decorations in this kitchen
Caroline was all about the pentagon floor ((even though its really a hexagon)

Laundry rooms with crazy tile were all the rage. Not sure how I feel about it but it was definitely fun to see.
Crazy carpet!
Chalkboards are still a thing! This chalkboard was HUGE.
This was a fun home with an office that closed with two barn doors at an angle.
This laundry room was awesome...and the extra fridge inside--aka diabetes fridge---basically working its way onto the "must have" list of a home we have someday.
Home looking over Lake Palentine
Caroline was ready to move in
Teepee just calling her name
A room in one of our favorite houses. The layout was awesome...two living areas, a movie room, and a guest room outside.
This bed! I love how funky and fun this is!
Car lift--in the about the ultimate man garage.
One lake house had a room of queen size bunk about the ultimate slumber party
Some fun built-ins
Not all of the houses were staged but Caroline found this marshmallow fluff...I'm sure it's an expensive one too!

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