Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A few days with Matt

Matt is headed out on his mission next week and his doing a littler farewell tour to see the nieces and nephews he flew in Sunday night and we made a little road trip out of picking him up in Dallas. He was our second guest (or first? or second? my mom will forever be visiting us a lot). Caroline was ECSTATIC to see Matt. I just have to say it was so nice to have someone to take out the trash and move stuff for me...and play with Caroline. I think every mom could use a visit from a helpful teenager to play with their kids at least once a week! One can dream!

Monday was SUPER hot. Matt slept in and woke up and played with Caroline. He helped move somethings around the house and collapse all of our moving boxes in the garage. We went swimming at Evan and Karen's house. Their grandkids were there so Caroline had some playmates. Caroline caught frogs and Evan also showed off his bugs. AND I couldn't send him to Ecuador without his favorite meal that I make--so we had biscuits and gravy! It's been a while since I've made that. Caroline helped so it was especially delicious.

We stayed up late so Tuesday morning we slowly got ready and made our way to the museum. Caroline was giddy and giggly the whole way there and shouted "Hooray!" as soon as we saw the museum. We took turns playing with Caroline and watching her play. Another set of eyes was super helpful since Caroline can't contain her excitement or stay in one place for too long. She's a busy girl. 

Afterwards we stopped at a BBQ place and it was DIVINE. Matt requested some real deal Texas BBQ and after a several recommendations and Stanley's being at the top list we decided to try it out. It was a definitely a hole in the wall kind of place but we will have to go back sans crazy worn out threenager. 

Matt packed up and we took the backroads to the Tyler Airport which of course is the cutest airport. It's so little and had the best pickup and drop off area. As soon as Matt got out of the car and went into the airport Caroline said "I miss Mimi already". Ecuador is getting one hard working guy that loves the Lord. So glad we got a few days with Matt/Mimi!

Children's museum for all ages

Block building

A little grocery shopping

A little dining

To outer space we go!

Caroline and Mimi

Total favorites these two

Fort building and bridge building

Walking her princesses across the bridge.

Hooray! We love Matt!

Seriously the best few days!

Fourth of July 2017

I totally forgot to go through and post some of my favorite pictures from the 4th of July. Well, they are probably our only pictures because we were having lots of fun and I totally forgot to pull my camera out a lot. Ben took a nap and Caroline and I came and snapped these at the front of Evan's house by the flags that Boy Scouts put out. I LOVE the 4th of July. There's something about it that just makes my heart swell with happiness and it's just a day full of patriotism, gratitude, and all things good. I go back and forth wishing there were more days like 4th of July but then knowing that they wouldn't be as meaningful. So I'll take my 4th of July once a year and LOVE it.

It looks as thought Caroline's outfit was planned out...but after 4 years of not really getting new clothes for holidays I told Ben I'm married to a doctor now so Caroline is getting a new outfit that is red white and blue. So we hopped into gymboree and picked her outfit up the morning of. I know that I'm not well planned out so we will enjoy this holiday coordinated outfit while we can.

We saw fireworks the night before. The neighbors put on a great show and Caroline got to light a lantern like in Tangled. So totally magical.

The evening of the 4th we went to the Wilson's home. Lots of people from our ward were invited and it was nice to mix and mingle and meet new people. Caroline got to swim with lots of friends and even though it was hot we made new friends. AND there was actual bbq...which after years of letdown Utah "bbq's" (I'd insert a billion eye roll emoji's and thumbs down ones as well if I could) that consisted of hot dogs and hamburgers it's nice to be back in the land of brisket, pork, deer meat, and more! And I have to add Southern Hospitality as well because we have decided there is no way that we are leaving that! Life is better in Texas ;)

Anyways here are pictures of our cute girl. Caroline makes everything better.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Unpack Fast!

So if it seems like we love living in Texas...it's because we do! My mom came up and helped us unpack and get all settled. Really she played with Caroline so I could get everything unpacked and organized. We are feeling more settled than ever before and making our home really feel like home.

Caroline spent the whole week glued to my mom's hip. She even camped out during rest time and slumber partied in the same room with my mom. At first my mom remarked that our extra bedroom was bigger--and then she said "it gets small really fast when Caroline brings in her pillow bed, books, and animals". So the guest room got really cozy, we shall call it.

So our back porch was like Lord of the WASPS. They were everywhere and would attack if we came close. $40 dollars of wasp spray later they were back. We contacted our management company and within 45 minutes the wasps were gone and taken care of. Never taking fantastic service for granted and we are definitely adjusting well to people taking care of business the way it should be! Hooray for a backyard that is waspless.

We got a washer and dryer! AND I'm a smidge too short to read all the socks at the bottom. But when I can wash huge loads without a problem and dry them no problem...it's an easy fix. Washer and dryer bliss! When we moved in we were surprised with a vintage set from the 80's that belonged with the house. However, we asked three times double checking that the fridge stayed with the house (typical in tyler to buy your own with a house) and the washer and dryer were going. So our management quickly made sure that they were taken care of so our washer and dryer could be moved in.  

Haven't used the tub yet because Caroline beat me to it. Perfect little reading nook with a pillow and blanket!

Craft time! Caroline made windsocks, flowers, kits, and all sorts of things. She's one serious crafter.


This sky keeps showing off and blowing me away. There is nothing prettier than a Texas sunset.

Caroline's favorite animal in the WHOLE world is a zebra and her favorite color EVER is purple. So if she could be anything...it would be a purple zebra. She loved making her own paper plate animals with grams.

Water color time

I really want to nap on a bed full of warm laundry too.

Our play room is setup and back in action. Many a forts have been built and many a picnic has been devoured. We've played princesses and cooking. Seriously can't wait to love this space and play in it more and more.

We met our sweet neighbors and Caroline got bit by tonnnns of ants so she takes care of her ant bites by herself. 

After mowing Ben was experimenting with the sprinklers making our evening pretty much the best ever.

We tried out a new place called The Jalepeno Tree and it was awesome..biggest corndog ever!

We watched the storm clouds rolling in

Taste testing licorice from world market was our Friday night activity...the Australians know their licorice!

We all went to Michael's and left my mom there...so random and funny! These two love each other so much!
Can't help but laugh at how sweet this is and how tired Caroline was today because Grams totally wore her out.

And twuuuuuuue wuuuuuuuv because Ben has been hanging things up.
And he gave me an intense church history lesson for my lesson tomorrow.
AND he totally loves residency.

So happy husband. Happy Caroline. Happy house. Our life is pretty dang good right now!

Family Pictures 2017

Hooray for family pictures! We had pictures taken with Ben's family while we were in Utah at the end of May/beginning of June. LOVE how these turned out and all of the people in them. If only we could keep Caroline 3 for forever...she is so darling and the center of our world.