Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ben's Birthday!

Ben is 29! We had a great time celebrating his birthday yesterday and Caroline might have been more excited about it than the birthday boy. My mom came up to watch Caroline so Ben and I could go out. We had some grand plans...Hot Air Balloon Festival. A friend recommended going to a hot air balloon festival in another town this weekend and we went to purchase tickets online to find that it's the last weekend in July 30th, not June 30th! Ha! So we will do that next month...because we can't miss that. That left us with time to swim and get dinner and not rush around. A went to FD Grill House which was SO GOOD. We also got Racquet and Jog shirts that everyone (literally. everyone has shirts from this local store) has and we are feeling totally like Tyler locals. 

This morning Ben and I went on a breakfast date to La Madeline and Home Depot---we are prepping to move into our house this week and we are SO EXCITED. Ben's parents got him a weedeater and blower for his birthday and he couldn't have been more tickled---he's loving all of his lawn gear. 

We had fun before and after birthday festivities showing my mom around Tyler! It was nice that she could come up here so quickly and when she left we knew that she would be back soon. LOVING being close to my mom and in the same state. 

Happy birthday Ben! I love you! And your birthday card says it all!

Loving the sidewalk chalk

Cookie Two Step was re released just in time for this guys birthday!

Candle arranger

I love the way Ben looks and Caroline and the way Caroline is looking at the cake and ice cream! ha!

Paper hats with Grams

We had a huge storm blow through today!

Someone was afraid of thunder so a big blanket was needed to adequately hide under

Umbrella chat!

Drawing pictures and then she put up her art gallery

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