Sunday, July 2, 2017

Favorite 3...Things Recently

The Dance

So scrolling through instagram I found this girl who did all sorts of fun and dances for exercise. And then she came out with a video. I just knew that it would be expensive like all the beachbody ones but it ends up her video was only 20 bucks and she's coming out with more. I look forward to doing this every day and Caroline even joins in. What I SUPER love about it is that she doesn't talk...haha! When I'm doing work out videos it's so hard for me to watch and listen and move and not die ha!-- that's a lot of multi tasking. This one is just full of fun music. It's definitely taken practice but I know allllll of the dances and it's seriously So. Much. Fun. It's called The Dance by Amanda Kloots.

Up and Vanished

I never thought that I would be a podcast junkie but I totally (kinda) am! I'm blaming it on Ben because of a few podcasts we LOVE to listen to together but I've also found a few of my own. We are totally committed to listening to Up and Vanished. It's a true crime podcast and breaks in the case---including two guys that have been indicted--are happening RIGHT NOW. The first few episodes are a little dramatic but once Payne (the host) finds his groove the podcast is SO awesome as the story unfolds. We also really like the new sister podcast Sworn too. Another one we love is How I Built This by NPR. Totally fascinating and I have to recommend listening to the episode about how the Power Rangers came to be and go from there. Anyways. But if anyone is listening to Up and Vanished I'd love to chat about it!

My new camera

A few weeks ago Ben brought in an amazon box and said to open it. Totally shocked and surprised to find a new camera body. My sweet Nikon was 7!!!! years old and was just a basic DSLR camera. It's been basically everywhere with me...multiple moves, trips, disney, school...We had talked about Christmas about getting a new camera body (I feel like I'm getting to an age where there aren't that many things that I really want or need ha! and I have such a hard time coming up with something)  for me but I wasn't really ready to commit and just really wanted to keep on busting out pictures with my old nikon. However, Research Ben had been looking up cameras for months and found a deal on a camera body for newer and two steps up camera. I was totally shocked, surprised, and so excited. I felt like I had been in kind of a camera funk---but now I am totally reenergized and so excited to shoot things in low light because have the ISO and the SHUTTER SPEED to do it. My cousin Jill also has the same camera so it's been fun to text about awesome things that I've found and have some one equally and nerdily excited as me (totally get that not everyone is into cameras). I've been watching some youtube videos to get a hang of some of the new and upgraded features and how to work them. This is a learning curve I'm totally pumped about. Once we get all moved in and my desktop setup I'll be able to get more pictures posted and play some more!

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