Sunday, July 30, 2017

This week: Crafting, Balloon Festival, and Backyard Fun

I feel like we've had a busy and happy week! Caroline is almost four which is crazy and so wonderful. She's simply the best and we can't wait to celebrate her this week!

We of course were all hit with some cold/sinus infection combo stuff which was kind of a bummer to start off our week. On the docket was lots of sleep and slow days. Tuesday we got out and went to parks and by Wednesday we were all better. The sniffles were gone! Thank goodness.

Thursday we ventured to Costco. An hour and a half away. We did a big trip and stocked our pantry and freezer full of staples. It was a long night topped off with In and Out and watching the sunset on our way home. There's nothing like a Texas sunset. Ben and I have been listening to the Steve Jobs biography and what a fascinating and polarizing individual...and what would we all do without our iphones and macs?

Friday we ran lots of errands and Caroline--who woke up way too early--was a trooper through it all. Then she took a 2 hour nap which totally helped her out! Ben and I had big plans for Friday night and Caroline needed to not be a grump because they were late night plans.

Longview hosts an Air Balloon Race one weekend each year and at night there are balloon glows. Ben's program coordinator told him all about it and we knew it was something we really wanted to see. We got there around dusk and people were rolling out their balloons. After the star spangled banner all of the fires lit up on the balloons and they began to blow them up. I have no clue the terminology to use to describe it all but it was incredible.

Throughout the night they would do countdowns and all of the balloons would glow at once. It was magical and everything a balloon glow should entail. Caroline kept asking to go made an impression on her and I could totally go back again too! So next year we will be there!

Saturday we woke up and did some major house work. Ben mowed, edged (which hadn't been done in a long time!), and trimmed the bushes. Caroline and I worked inside and then helped Ben pick up some of the yardwork stuff. We were done by 10:30 but totally exhausted from three hours of work and our string of late nights. The day ended with Caroline playing the water sprinklers and the hose in the backyard before sunset. We LOVE our backyard!

Today Ben spoke in church and I taught Gospel Doctrine...I really love my calling right now! Our ward is seriously the best and I am so SO SO SO glad that we ended up where we did. A lot of people are coming back from summer vacation and it's looking like there are lots of kids Caroline's age to play with!

The past two weeks I've started doing pick up toys around 4:00-4:30ish and Caroline watches Creative Galaxy while I cook dinner. It has made such a huge difference in our home. She willingly picks up. Usually after dinner we go swim, to a park, run an errand, go on a drive, so there's not much playing and if there is it is quick clean up.

Also Ben snagged a roomba on Prime day. I don't know if this is embarrassing because I'm a brat or funny...probably a mix. When we moved into our house Ben bought two books I put in the amazon cart and said "happy house!" (or housewarming gift). I told him that books don't qualify but I was so happy to get some new books to read. I was thinking along the lines of a new paper towel holder (tossed ours before we moved) or another set of bowls ( I really need another) or front door mat. So while Matt was here we got a package and I opened it up and literally could not believe it. This roomba has been the best thing ever.

In church today the bishop asked what are things that we can do to make our homes feel peaceful, invite the spirit, and be orderly...and I teased to Ben that he should say "get a roomba" lol. We were laughing but in all honesty it the best thing ever. We are all fascinated with it and I am totally in love.

I keep saying I have just a few more boxes left and then I'm done unpacking. BUT I really think this is it. We had some empty boxes in the office and those are going out to the garage on Monday. All that's left are boxes with a nativity in it and DVD's (that I am tempted to chuck because we only stream now). It's so nice to feel so settled and like we are at home.

That's all we have been up too and now we are gearing up to celebrate our favorite--soon to be--four year old!

Sometimes she just wears herself out!

We collected a ladybug and a cicada shell

So then we watched all sorts of cool bug cartoons to learn more about them!

Ladybug crafts!

Googly eyes!

We tested out all of the Costco couches!

Hot Air Balloon festival!

Character balloons and classic balloons

So in love with this playroom. I can't wait to get some happy pictures up on the wall

Backyard fun!

Headed to church

Totally worn out from church!

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