Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kaylee, Caroline, and Kara Time

Just had to post some more pictures of these sweet girls playing together.

Cousin pals

Kara kills me every time with her sweet innocent face! 

Cousins are everything!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Making Summer Last!

Round 2 of this post! I got all the pictures uploaded the first time and they were super blurry so I decided just to forget it all and start over!

Ah! Preschool is looming on our horizon...looming isn't quite the word because Caroline is SO EXCITED about it. We have a paper chain that we made and she talks about it every day. When the day finally arrives I know that she is going to be a little ball of excitement.

When I left for Utah my mom was going to leave the Saturday of the wedding to go back home. Ben had the day off so he could take care of Caroline but my mom ended up getting when I got home she was still here. We were so glad that she got better and that we got to play a little before she left.

WE LOVE OUR BACKYARD. I really just want to shout it from the rooftops. We have a little porch that has a ceiling fan so it's actually pleasant to sit out and watch Caroline play. Plus we get some gorgeous sunset views. WE LOVE OUR BACKYARD.

We went up to my grandparents and fixed their ipad and did some crafts. Nothing is better than their front porch swing, the big driveway, or the fun areas to scooter in. So happy that we were able to go down and spend the night. Caroline is still talking about our sleepover that we had at their house.


We've had some awesome rainy days, thunderstorms, and lightening shows (lighting up our house at night!) which have made outdoorsy things kind of tricky. But we had a morning of sunshine so we hit the park!

This girl! She wanted to swing but there were huge puddles under the big swings...she definitely too small for these now!

We went to the Whitehouse Splash pad and had a grand time. Totally confused by their "no beverages" policy which includes bottles of a water bottle with ice that I prepped at our house. I looked at the guy like he had five heads and just brought my water bottle in. It's 97 degrees in Texas dude and obviously you've never walked a toddler from the edge of the parking lot to the splash pad. Ben and I were joking about what beverages are formula is a bottle? breast milk...or would you have to pump and leave it at the gate? Cannot stop laughing about that silly rule...and how there were people with coolers of food and drinks. Apparently he's a stickler for the rules but the other people that work at the splash pad don't care...and they shouldn't! Hahaha!

We tried out the Twisted Root Burger Co. and it was such a fun place. Caroline was not a fan of their nuggets so Ben went up to get her a side of bacon (Caroline LOVES bacon) and they gave him an entire basket of bacon for free. Still can't stop laughing about that.

We also stopped by Gymboree to just look and Caroline fell in love with these shoes...I mean I fell in love with them too...and I'm sure Ben did as well ;). We did just as grandma said and got her a cute outfit for school too. She is tickled with her new kicks.

Tammy, Kaylee, and Kara came to visit and the girls just played and played. Next time we will totally leave the house but it was impossible to stop them from playing. Also, Kaylee organized all of the playroom before she left and she collected all the dollhouses pieces which have been all over the place for EVER...even before we moved. Bless her!

Loving our playgroup and making new friends! We went to a pancake breakfast get together and Caroline just loved playing and couldn't be stopped to take a picture...story of my life nowadays...too busy for pictures :)

The most exciting thing THIS week was Caroline getting a bike! We've had money set aside but were waiting until we were in our house. We went to academy and got Caroline a bike. She pedaled around the store and cruised up to the cash register.

We went to some trails and pulled out her bike and helmet and she rode around. Ah! She is so big.

It makes her look so much older...that pink, purple, and green bike of hers!
We are looking forward to lots of bike time!

Another splash pad trip--and we are going again this week--so lots of fun! We met Emmie and Leslie there and watched the kiddos all play together. Totally wears Caroline out. We went swimming last night as she slept in a little bit today after a full day of play.

We made chicken and biscuits for the missionaries who ended up not being able to come bc of car trouble and staying in another area....luckily they make the most delicious leftovers ever. I had to bust out the new mermaid apron and it kept all of the flour off of Caroline.

Anyways...lots of irons in the fire, residency is busy, life is good, Caroline is our world, and we are so so so happy to be closer to family.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Caroline is FOUR and we had the best day celebrating #cantgetenoughcaroline!!! Because we really can't get enough of her!
She requested a rainbow cake---so we went with a rainbow theme! She woke up to a table of rainbows to color, markers, and rainbow packages to unwrap!

THE rainbow cake! After picking up ben's birthday cake in June she could not stop talking about a rainbow cake she saw at Brookshire' we rolled with it. Next year I'll bake cakes but this is the year to buy them...apparently! ha!

We opened presents throughout the day and she waited an extra day to get her big present from us---a playhouse for the backyard!

Can't believe she is four

((more bday pics are coming...!!!))

Quick Trip Utah!

This past Friday I flew out to Utah for Aubrey's wedding! She Ben's cousin but since she set Ben and I up--I just had to go!!! 

It was so weird flying by myself. I kept feeling like I was forgetting something because I wasn't traveling with Caroline. After finding 12 ways to not get to DFW I made it there and boarded the plane just fine. We were all set and ready togo when they decided to change the flight crew so we sat for an hour while they went through their checklists and it was SO HOT! 

After we took off we got to the gate only 20 minutes late and then I went to get my rental car. I stayed at Albert and Alison's and helped setup the wedding dinner. The backyard was stunning!!! So pretty and it was fun to see everyone there. Two girl's, kara and katelynn were there husbandless too..and McCall so we had lots of fun...and being kidless for a night was also so relaxing! We all ended up staying the night and getting ready early in the am for Aubrey's sealing at 7:40 am. 

The morning of was perfect and she got lots of pictures around the temple. Afterwards I went to Orson Gygi...this super cool kitchen store in Salt Lake and spent some of my Christmas money from last year (ha!) on some kitchen goodies and this darling apron for Caroline.

Neil and Cathy just flew back from Hawaii so I stopped by there for a little bit to see them and rearrange my suitcases...and load up our macadamia nuts and Caroline's Hawaii shirt. Then I headed to the airport and hopped on a plane for a 2 hour carride back home. I finished two books on this trip--and that never happens!!!

I got home just in time to kiss my birthday girl and have her surprise me when I walked in the door. It was the sweetest welcome home and major PROPS to Ben for making this 23 hour trip to Utah possible! 

Ah! This sweet Lydia girl! So glad I got to see her (and Megan and Bryant)

Roommates, Friends, Cousins!

So pretty! Aubrey seriously looked like a Barbie with her long blonde hair. Ah! She and Sam are such an awesome couple!

SO MANY AWESOME kitchen gadgets.