Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Quick Trip Utah!

This past Friday I flew out to Utah for Aubrey's wedding! She Ben's cousin but since she set Ben and I up--I just had to go!!! 

It was so weird flying by myself. I kept feeling like I was forgetting something because I wasn't traveling with Caroline. After finding 12 ways to not get to DFW I made it there and boarded the plane just fine. We were all set and ready togo when they decided to change the flight crew so we sat for an hour while they went through their checklists and it was SO HOT! 

After we took off we got to the gate only 20 minutes late and then I went to get my rental car. I stayed at Albert and Alison's and helped setup the wedding dinner. The backyard was stunning!!! So pretty and it was fun to see everyone there. Two girl's, kara and katelynn were there husbandless too..and McCall so we had lots of fun...and being kidless for a night was also so relaxing! We all ended up staying the night and getting ready early in the am for Aubrey's sealing at 7:40 am. 

The morning of was perfect and she got lots of pictures around the temple. Afterwards I went to Orson Gygi...this super cool kitchen store in Salt Lake and spent some of my Christmas money from last year (ha!) on some kitchen goodies and this darling apron for Caroline.

Neil and Cathy just flew back from Hawaii so I stopped by there for a little bit to see them and rearrange my suitcases...and load up our macadamia nuts and Caroline's Hawaii shirt. Then I headed to the airport and hopped on a plane for a 2 hour carride back home. I finished two books on this trip--and that never happens!!!

I got home just in time to kiss my birthday girl and have her surprise me when I walked in the door. It was the sweetest welcome home and major PROPS to Ben for making this 23 hour trip to Utah possible! 

Ah! This sweet Lydia girl! So glad I got to see her (and Megan and Bryant)

Roommates, Friends, Cousins!

So pretty! Aubrey seriously looked like a Barbie with her long blonde hair. Ah! She and Sam are such an awesome couple!

SO MANY AWESOME kitchen gadgets.

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