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Hi there!

My name is Beth and this is our family blog. I like to chronicle our week and post about special, heart-warming, or fun happenings going on in our life. Also, I love pictures! I snap!snap!snap! all the time! The main reason why I have this blog is to capture the moments of our sweet Caroline. If you can't tell, she basically rules the roost and has us wrapped around her finger!

About Me.
I am a wife and mom...my favorite jobs! I am an only child and my mom and are really close (think Gilmore Girls). Ben and I got married in 2012, welcomed Caroline in 2013, and also started medical school. Ben does all of the hard work and I cheer him on. We currently live in South Florida and it is the best. We love the beach and we love visitors. I am a cougar (Go BYU! ) and a has-been teacher that loves to create things for other teachers in my spare time...when I'm not chasing after Caroline, hanging out with my main man, blogging, pinteresting, watching Grey's Anatomy, scanning old family photos, doing my church calling, and other important things in life.  I love reading, listening to music, shopping (suspended until after med school), park hopping, and cooking and baking--which leads to eating. And I'm a huge fan of anything Trader Joe's.

Anyways, welcome family and friends!

July 2014

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